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Putting Together an An Tir Heraldic Symposium, by Dame Zenobia Naphtali, et al. (1999)

Articles from Symposium courses

YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT??? or Doing Court Heraldry Without Having a Nervous Breakdown, by Natasha Orionova Zateeva (as taught at Kingdom Heraldic Symposium, A.S. 33): HTML, RTF, DOC

Heralds in History in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, by Leslie A. Schweitzer (writing as Dame Zenobia Naphtali, O.L., O.P.) [2002]

Armorial Exemplars, as debuted at Kingdom Heraldic Symposium 2003.

Consulting Techniques by Senhora Rafaella d'Allemtejo. (ATKHS 2003)

Patterns for Heraldic Regalia put together by Mistress Kateline MacFarlane for her Regalia class. (1999)