Heralds' Titles in An Tir

Kingdom Staff Heralds' Titles

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Principal Herald

Black Lion Principal Herald An Tir Principal Herald. Administrative chief in charge of the An Tir College of Heralds. Reports to Kingdom and Laurel Sovereign of Arms.

Administration/Special Projects

Black Stag Herald Extraordinary Kingdom Staff position; has commented on External Letters of Intent of other kingdoms, and assists Black Lion as needed. (The title of "Black Stag Herald Extraordinary" was given to Dame Zenobia Naphtali in 2004 for her many years of service to the College of Arms.)
Couronne Rouge Herald Maintainer of the Roll of Arms.
Demi-Lion Herald Reporting and Contingency Deputy to Black Lion.
Pursestrings Pursuivant Financial officer of the An Tir College of Heralds, responsible for the checking account. (Position was known as Argent Scroll from 1989-2004.)
Queue Forchée Pursuivant Contingency Deputy to Black Lion.
Silver Rose Herald Inlands Reporting Deputy to Black Lion.


Dexter Gauntlet Herald Keeper of the An Tir Order of Precedence. Maintains a database of all awards given in the Kingdom, and is responsible for making updates as awards are given out and as information is received.
Lion's Sword Herald Maintains the Kingdom Ceremonial.
Pomegranate Herald Extraordinary Kingdom Staff position; general responsibilities include Crown liaison, Crown Tourney processional, protocol and etiquette, and special projects as Black Lion may direct.
Sable Sable Herald Chief Scribe of An Tir; the primary point of contact for the large body of artists who decorate the scrolls given out in court.

Court/Voice/Field Heraldry

Löwenmähne Herald Tournament/Field activities at Crown events.
Mano d'Oro Herald Court heraldry trainer and liaison.
Sable Mountain Herald Kingdom Court Herald; primarily in charge of handling all court duties (or arranging for someone to handle them) at Royal Courts for Crown events.
Town Crier Pursuivant Town Cries/Event Crying; is responsible for carrying out roving herald cries at Crown events.

Heraldic Education

Argent Scroll Herald Education herald; responsible for organizing the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium, and for the fostering of heraldic education in the kingdom. (Position was known as Black Stag Herald from 1992-2004.)
Blue Anchor Herald Web minister and lists moderator for the An Tir College of Heralds.
Ounce Herald New branch liaison and new branch herald support.


Æstel Herald In charge of the Kingdom's library of resources, and assists in researching names and devices. Often responsible for setting up a consult table at Crown Events.
Boar Pursuivant Lions Blood deputy; in charge of producing the Internal Letter of Intent.
Lions Blood Herald Kingdom submissions handler; accepts and compiles heraldic submissions, distributes the Internal Letter of Intent, gathers commentary from the Kingdom's consulting heralds, rules on whether to send the submission on to Laurel Sovereign of Arms or return for further work, generates the External Letter of Intent, and handles notifying submitters of Acceptance or Return of their submissions.
Sinister Gauntlet Herald Lions Blood deputy.

Branch Heralds' Titles

Titles in italics in the tables below are not yet registered with the College of Arms.

Branch Heralds' Titles (in the Central Kingdom area)

Basilisk Pursuivant Barony of Wastekeep
Be Wayre Pursuivant Barony of Glymm Mere
Bealidh Pursuivant Barony of Blatha an Oir
Golden Dragon Pursuivant Barony of Dragon's Laire
Gorges Pursuivant Barony of Aquaterra
Mountains Pursuivant Barony of Three Mountains
Red Tree Pursuivant Barony of Madrone
Red Trident Pursuivant Barony of Stromgard
Three Oaks Pursuivant Barony of Wealdsmere
White Dragon Pursuivant Barony of Dragon's Mist

Principality of the Summits

Bleu Grael Herald Principality of the Summits
Golden Bear Pursuivant Barony of Adiantum
Hazel Leaf Pursuivant Barony of Terra Pomaria

Principality of Tir Rígh

Silver Yale Herald Principality of Tir Rígh
Coquille Pursuivant Barony of Seagirt
Sable Loat Pursuivant Barony of Lions Gate