Tracking Submissions Online

If you like, you can track the progress of your submission online. You do this by watching the An Tir Internal Letter of Intent (IL) page.

Your submission will first appear under "New Submissions" in the IL published immediately after the month in which the paperwork was submitted and complete. When this happens, the submission is going out to the heralds for comment. You'll see the submission again about three months later under "Results of the Lions Blood Meeting" when a decision has been made to either return it to you or send it on to Laurel in the Letter of Intent (LoI).

Then, watch for it to appear at the Society level in the Letters of Acceptance and Return (LoAR) page at

You won't see it specifically listed, but you can watch for when the An Tir LoI is scheduled for comment (the schedule for this is mentioned in each LoAR), and you will see the Laurel decision on your submission when it appears a couple months later in the LoAR.

Follow a sample submission through the process:

Bran mac Conchobair submitted a device in 2002 which was eventually returned. He decided to resubmit a redesigned device for a second try. The resubmission was created and given to Lions Blood Herald (probably in August or September 2003) and appeared in the September 2003 IL. (Scroll down to the New Submissions to see it.)

The comments were collected and reviewed at the November 2003 Lions Blood meeting, and you can see the results in the December IL. Bran's device was sent to Laurel on the November Letter of Intent (LoI).

An Tir's LoI to Laurel was dated November 25, 2003 and the first deadline for comment by the Society heralds was set for January 2004, and the deadline for responses to the comments was set for February. Laurel would make the decision at a meeting in March.

Sure enough, Bran's device is listed in the March 2004 Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR). This letter was published June 23, so in June Bran was able to see the results of his submission online. It was about nine months from the day Bran mailed in his forms, to the day the LoAR was published with his registration.

— Wenyeva, based on a post to the antir-heralds mailing list by "Elizabeth, a dabbling herald"