Documentation Standards
The Honourable Drogo the Forgetful

What will be required is the title, author, page number, a reference to the entry/area of the page where the documentation is located, and an explanation of why this is appropriate documentation. For example, the name Ingram is on a Yorks Poll Tax in 1379 and is found on page 162 of The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names (3rd Edition) by E.G. Withycomb. In case the documentation and the explanation are confusing, further explanation may be requested from the submitter.

For references not on the list: Please provide photocopied documentation of the appropriate page(s). Highlighting the pertinant part of the reference page is highly recommended. In addition, have the submitter write the book name, author, copyright date, and publisher of the documentation. Failure to provide clear and adequate documentation may be grounds for return.


It may seem strange, but elements of devices sometimes need documentation. If a charge is unusual then there may not be a similar shape/version of that item known to be period and it needs to be documented. Photocopied documentation of the appropriate page(s) and the book name, author, copyright date, and publisher of the reference must be provided. Highlighting the pertinant part of the reference page is highly recommended.

Citations Only Booklist

No photocopies will be necessary for names documented from the following reference list.

Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland (New York: The New York Public Library, 1989).

Bruce Draconis of Mistholme and Akagwa Yoshio. A Pictoral Dictionary of Heraldry as Used in the S.C.A. (1992, 2nd ed.)

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Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles. The Art of Heraldry (London: Bloomsbury Books, 1986)

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Morgan, T.J. and Prys Morgan. Welsh Surnames (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1985)

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Reaney, P.H. A Dictionary of British Surnames (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1958) You must cite edition!

Rothery, Guy Cadogan. Concise Encyclopedia of Heraldry (London: Bracken Books, 1985)

SCA Armorial and Ordinary, through Ninth Update.

Searle, William George. Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum (Cambridge: University Press, 1897).

Woolf, Henry Bosley. the Old Germanic Prinicpals of Name-Giving (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1939)

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