An Tir College of Heralds: Links to Other Heraldic Information

The Academy of St. Gabriel, Non-SCA group that researches historical names and armory. They count many SCA folk in their membership.

Basic Heraldry Books, a bibliography from the Academy of St. Gabriel

Badger's Heraldry Page, compilation of sites and original research from our current Black Lion.

The Complete SCA Ordinary and Armorial

Die Miniaturen der Manesseschen Liederhandschrift und andere Bildquellen (in German)
Codex Manesse, a Minnesinger book including many of their arms, from Germany dated to the early 1300's.

French/English/other languages blazon translator. It includes an 'atlas' (bunch of pictures) which can be helpful if you are looking at something and don't know what it is called in the blazon of any language. (post-period pix, but hey, it's free, why complain? :-)) --Zenobia

SCA Heraldry Page including Laurel Home Page and the Laurel Education Page,
Excellent library of SCA heraldic material; including articles on Blazonry, SCA Heraldic Practices, and articles for Constructing Medieval Names.

The Zurich Wappenrolle, LOTS of graphics, slow loads, and worth every _second_ of the wait. --Teceangl

"A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry" by James Parker. Pictures!

A Grammar of Blazonry, or Master Bruce's Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Blazon

Period Style: An Introduction by Master Da'ud ibn Auda

De Bello Armoram by Rouland Carre, Palimpsest  (An armorial conflict tutorial.)

The Philosophical Roots of Heraldic Design by Viscountess Hilary of Serendip

Keeper Postings from the antir-heralds List (not completely ported over to new template --Rafaella, Nov. 2003)

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