An Tir College of Heralds: Populace Badge and Flag (Ensign)

New Populace Badge and Populace Flag for An Tir!

A new badge and a new flag have been registered by the College of Arms for use by the entire populace of An Tir. (Note: these new items do not replace the previous populace badge. You can use that one too, if you like.)

A Flag or "Ensign"

Checky Or and argent, a dexter tierce sable.

Notes: The overall shape of the flag is square or slightly taller than wide. The black (sable) band (tierce) on the left (dexter) is 1/4 to 1/3 of the whole width of the flag, and the checkerboard (checky) is at least three squares across and four down. The gold/yellow (Or) and silver/white (argent) should start with a gold/yellow squre in the top left corner.

This ensign was specifically designed to be easy to sew.

Do not put the populace badge (the lion's head) or any other badge on the ensign.

An Tir Populace Ensign

The picture to the left shows the front of the ensign.

ensign front and back

The back of the ensign is a mirror image of the front. The black band is always next to the flagpole.

The ensign may be adapted to a triangular pennon shape where appropriate (for the head of a lance, as a small flag on top of a pavilion, etc). Do not use the ensign as a design for a tabard, to be painted on a box, or as anything other than a flag.

A Badge

(Fieldless) A lion's head erased contourny sable.

Notes: On no particular background (Fieldless), a black (sable) lion's head (uh, a lion's head) with furry bits hanging down at the end of the neck (erased) looking to the right (contourny). As with most heraldic critters, the details of the lion's features can be different colours from the one in the blazon. In this case, his teeth are white, and his eye and tongue are red.

An Tir Populace Badge

Suggestions for use:

Use it as a badge to indicate your allegiance. A standard (a particular kind of heraldic flag) has a special place for badges of allegiance -- this badge would be quite appropriate there. Do not put the badge on the ensign.

Some examples of the populace badge in use:

The populace badge on a hanging pouch.

Other Heraldic Lion Heads:

Alternate version of a lion headAlternate version of a lion head

For more information on badges, see What is an S.C.A. Heraldic Badge.