Heralds in An Tir: Heraldic Mailing Lists

An Tir Heralds (ATH) Mailing List

The antir-heralds list is open to anyone interested in An Tirian Heraldic matters.

Conversation generally consists of brainstorming individual name or armory problems, and discussions of general heraldic practices.

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ATH Mailing List Guidelines:

The list was originally created by Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood (E.B.), so we use a subset of E.B.'s Guide to Good Email Manners as our guiding policy:

Guidelines for posting heraldic consultation messages:

Most SCA heraldic discussion lists (not just An Tir) get a fair amount of heraldic consultation traffic and it helps with discussion threading and list archive searching if each consult-type email contains only one item (name or device or badge). At the very least, consult emails should have subject lines with some level of specificity, and not just "Consult help" or "Another conflict check" as that doesn't help folks thread or archive effectively.

It's good to keep name and device emails for the same person separate because the individual discussions can get involved, but note in the device or badge email that it's for "[proposed name]" in case there's some combination of name/armory difficulty that might arise (i.e., presumption).

In the long run, you'll better serve your consultees by placing each consult item into a separate email.

[Let's be blunt, DON'T put all 12 of your "consult night" requests into one big email... separate them out so folks with different levels of knowledge and expertise can pick and chose. We're all busy people, be considerate and make it easier for others to help you help your consultees.]

Some examples of good subject lines...

Don't forget names need conflict checking too!

At the height of consult season, the above guidelines can make a big difference on the list. Your attention to these guidelines is much appreciated.

Principality of the Summits Heralds Mailing List

List Address: summits-heralds@antir.sca.org
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Principality of Tir Righ Heralds Mailing List

List address: collegeofheralds@tirrigh.org
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An Tir Internal Letter by Email List

A list has been created for receiving the An Tir Internal Letter by email. Please be aware that these files can be very large.

Subscribe to the list by emailing: athp-request@castle.org. Send a message with nothing in the message body and the subject line: subscribe.

An Tir Court Heralds Mailing List

List Address: court-heralds@antir.sca.org
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The SCA Heralds Mailing List

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