An Tir Heraldic Artist Contact List

This is a short list of the many talented artists in the Kingdom who can assist in drawing heraldic devices and badges.

Many artists will do this service free of charge, others may not. It is up to the submitter to ask and negotiate with the artist.

Some artists are better at a particular culture or style, others are not; again it is up to the submitter to discuss this with the artist. The region where the artist is located is listed under "Area", but most of the artists are willing to help regardless of where the submitter resides.

For assistance in creating your device, contact Æstel Herald.
For assistance in the heraldic registration process, contact Lions Blood Herald.

Note from Blue Anchor: If your contact information here is outdated, or if you are a heraldic artist and want to be added to this page, please contact me!

Adrianna the Fierce
Area: Western Region

Komatsu no Ayame
Area: Shire of Lionsdale, Tir Righ
Best way to reach her is through email, can help regardless of persona or type of heraldic device.

Gwenllyen Potter
Area: Western Region

Iago ab Adam
Area: Tir Righ

Keterlin von dem Drachen
75 Lozier Lane, Medford, OR 97501
Area: Summits
Prefer electronic contact and transfer of images, but snail mail will work too. No charge.

Li Ban ingen Eachthiarna MacNessa (Heather Rowe)
Area: Northern Region

Loch Sorenson
21113 Wanapum Village Loop SW, Beverly WA 99321
Area: Local branch is Ambergard.

Molly Modine
Area: Local branch is Appledore.
Will help with drawing of submission for anyone in Tir Righ (1 person/week)
Best way to reach her is via e-mail, with the subject line saying: Molly Heraldic Help Please.

Moreach Nicmhaolain
6810 SE 106th Ave., Portland, OR 97266
Notes: Works night, sleeps days. Mail or email best contact.
Area: Located in Dragon's Mist/Mountain Edge, but will work with anyone, anywhere, including outside of An Tir. Willing to consult with heralds who need help. Also able to help with documentation of names and charges. Service is free.

Muirgheal [Morel] (formerly Diamante)(Nancy Zupanic)
Area: Northern Region

Murakami Tsuruko
Area: Western Region, but if anyone has a Japanese design or mon they need drawn she can do that regardless of location, via e-mail.

Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanaelhaearn

Sebastian zem Sterne
Area: DM/3M/Stromgard Region

Sveyn Egilsson
Area: Principality of the Summits