An Tir Internal Letter for March, AS XXXX / 2006 CE

Arms of Lady Richenda du Jardin

Lady Richenda du Jardin, Lions Blood Herald
524 W. 7th Avenue, #510
Spokane, WA 99204
509-455-5137 or

Unto Christopher Black Lion and the esteemed members of the An Tir College of Heralds to whom this missive comes, Richenda du Jardin, Lions Blood Herald, sends greetings and felicitations.



The April Lions Blood meeting will be held Sunday April 7 at the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium.


From Lions Blood

I am always looking for more commenters on internal submissions. The more commentary I have, the better decisions I can make. So I put forth the following challenge to all An Tir Heralds: Comment on at least one item each month!

I want to express my thanks to all my current commenters: Baron David of Moffat, Electrum; Li Ban ingen Echtigeirn, Boar; Juliana de Luna, Jambe de Lion; Ursula Georges, Loyalle; Aethan of Eppelhyrste; Arianwhy merch Catmael, Albion; Cnut of Midrealm; Gawain of Miskbridge, Green Anchor Herald of Calontir; and Thomasine Lestrange, Cahier Rouge Pursuivant of Lochac!

In service,

Richenda du Jardin
Lions Blood


The following items have been registered by Laurel.

The following items have been returned for further work.


These items will be forwarded to Laurel

These items are being returned for further work


New Submissions
To be ruled on at the ### 2006 Lions Blood Meeting.

1. Asa Martel Cragmere Name & Device, New

Quarterly, argent and gules, a compass rose counterchanged sable and argent.

The submitter will accept minor changes only to his name. If his name must be changed, he cares most about the sound of the name. He expresses no preference as to gender and is interested in having his name be authentic for England, no time period or language specified. He will allow the formation of a holding name. 

Asa is founding ["found in" - Online IL Ed.] Searle’s Onomasticon Anglo-Saxonicum, 1969, on page 73. No documentation is provided for Martel.

2. Dearbháil ingean uķ Dhonnchadh Wyewood Name & Device - New

Vert, a Talbot sejant argent gorged purpure and on a chief wavy argent, a bow, vert.

The submitter will accept any change and is interested in a female name. She cares most about language/culture of her name and wishes it to be authentic for 14th century Irish. She will allow the formation of a holding name. 

Dearbháil is found as a female given name in Kathleen O’Brien’s Index of Names in Irish Records at The submitted spelling is stated to be the standard form in Early Modern Irish Gaelic, c. 1200 to c. 1700.

Also in this article, an example is given from 1364 of a ‘Derbail ingean Ui Dhomhnaill ben Mhég Uidhir’. This demonstrates the use of the submitted spelling of ‘ingean’ along with lenition and use of the genitive case of the eponymous ancestor’s name.

In the same article cited above, at Donnchaidh is stated to be the Early Modern Irish Gaelic genitive form of the masculine given name Donnchadh. According to Sharon Krossa’s article The Spelling of Lenited Consonants in Gaelic at, after roughly 1200 a lenited initial D might be spelling either D. or Dh. In the present submission we have chosen the latter form.

There were no photocopies of the documentation included, all documentation was summarized in a document which included the URLs but not copies of the relevant pages. No miniatures of the device were included on either the color or the black and white forms.

3. Maccus Undewynson Terra Pomeria Name & Device — New

Argent star of four points of field per bend sinister Azure and Sable

The submitter will accept any changes, desires a male name and wishes his name to be authentic for an unspecified time period and language and/or culture. If his name must be changed, he cares most about language/culture, which is unspecified. He will accept the formation of a holding name if necessary.

Maccus is found at the website and history provided by Rob Maxtone Graham, 18th of Cultoquhey, West Wing, Auchidinney House, Penicuik, Midlothan, EH26 8PE Scotland — Tel/fax +44 (0)1968 676251.

The earliest mention of the name “Maccus” is in 973 when he, as “King of very many islands”, along with seven other regional kings, including Kenneth II of Scotland, swore fealty to the English King Edgar at Chester. (Scottish annals from English Chronicters, p. 76, citing other chronicles). It has been suggested that Magnus may be the same name, re-occuring in 1066/7 as another Norse King Magnus II, 2nd cousin to the Scots King Duncan II.

The name reappears two generations later. When “Maccus, son of Undewyn” witnessed several charters, including the founding of Selkirk Abbey c. 1120, the ‘Inquisito’ of 1124, Melrose Abbey 1136, 1143/4 (Melrose, Lawrie ESC, RSS i). In Melsrose #88 Maccus is the ‘Prepositus’ i.e. Provost, witnessing a grant of 1/2 ploughgate of land in Lessudryn (Lessudden) by Richard/Robert of London to Melrose Abbey. Lessudwyn, just NW of Maxton, bears an uncanny resemblance to Undwyn, and may have been (a minor, i.e. less) part of his lands in the generation before Maccus. The family certainly held some Lessudden lands just after Maccus’ time.

…Maccus died c. 1150… He seemingly left his name to the Barony and village of Maccus’toun or Maxton, and to a pool on the Tweed below the present Kelso Bridge, Maccus’weil, or Maxwheel, around which grew the village of Maxwellheugh. An Edmund de Macheswel is recorded c. 1147x 1152 (Lawrie ESC 196) Herbert de Macchuswel in 1159, (Rss I, #131), and the lands + church of Maxton are named in a charter of 1189x93 (RSS ii, #342), so it would seem that the placenames were established during Maccus’ lifetime, and he was considered important enough for them to be retained after his death.

All documentation was copied into a document which contains no URL or authorial information.

The azure is a purplish-blue and the sable is navy with small black patches.

4. Yurii Levchenich Adiantum Name & Device — New

Azure in Saltire a Sword Argent and a Sickle Or

The submitter will not accept major changes to his name, desires a male name and wishes a name authentic for the language/culture of 13th century Russian (Cossack). If his name must be changed, he cares most about the sound. He will accept the formation of a holding name if necessary.

Yurii is from Tumanova, p. 46*; Levchenich is from Wickenden — Ver. 1.3, p. 99* 02/01/2006 — Submitter acknowledges that Tumanova source is outdated since original consultation and is willing to accept changes. Sources and pages are as written by consulting herald Yin Mo Lķ of 100 Eyes in Atenveldt during session at Thirty Year Celebration (3YC), and the submitter has not been able to locate the aforementioned texts to verify page number and source accuracy/quality. Updated information, 02/03/2006: In a consultation with Finngall McKetterick, he stated he was unable to find any obvious conflicts regarding the submitter’s name or device and should be ready to submit. If possible, the submitter would like to keep the Yurii name, even if it is spelled slightly different.

Arms of Li Ban ingen Echtigeirn

Written by Li Ban ingen Echtigeirn, Boar Pursuivant

Azure a bantam cock statant wings elevated and addorsed on a chief argent an annulet sable.

Uilliam mac Ailéne mhic Seamuis
Online IL Editor

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