An Tir Internal Letter for August, AS XXXX / 2005 CE

Arms of Lady Richenda du Jardin

Lady Richenda du Jardin, Lions Blood Herald
524 W. 7th Avenue, #510
Spokane, WA 99204
509-455-5137 or

3 June 2005

Unto Christopher Black Lion and the esteemed members of the An Tir College of Heralds to whom this missive comes, Richenda du Jardin, Lions Blood Herald, sends greetings and felicitations.


The August Lions Blood meeting will be held at 1:00 at my house. Directions:

From the West: Take your best route to I-90. Get off on exit 280 (Lincoln Ave/Maple Ave.). Go through two lights and turn right at the next intersection (Jefferson). Go one block and turn left (Fifth). Turn right at the fourth stop sign (Howard). Follow Howard for two blocks — find whatever parking you can in the second block as parking is rather tight. Walk up to 7th and I am in the brick building on the left (524 W 7th.). Buzz apartment #510 and someone will be down to get you.

From the East: Take your best route to I-90. Get off on exit 280 (Lincoln Ave/Maple Ave.). Turn left at the second light (Second). Turn left at the second light (Fourth). Turn right at the next intersection (Jefferson). Go one block and turn left (Fifth). Turn right at the fourth stop sign (Howard). Follow Howard for two blocks — find whatever parking you can in the second block as parking is rather tight. Walk up to 7th and I am in the brick building on the left (524 W 7th.). Buzz apartment #510 and someone will be down to get you.Limited crash space will be available.


From Black Lion

Greetings to the College from Christopher Black Lion!

The finished Branch Herald's Job Description" is finally available. It can be found at I hope you find this document useful.

We have two open positions in the College right now:

I have posted a copy of my September Crier article to the antir-heralds mailing list. If you will be doing any tourney heralding or writing letters please read it. It addresses the use of titles on and off the field.

I will not be able to attend September Crown. Frederic Couronne Rouge will be acting in my stead. I will be at Tir Righ's September Coronet to attend the Principality College's meeting.

Lastly, please keep this in mind at all times: We're here because it's fun!

In Service to Kingdom and College,
Lord Christopher Black Lion,
Black Lion Principal Herald, An Tir
Argent, a flat cap purpure plumed and on a chief azure three commedia del'Arte masks argent.

From Lions Blood

Last month I asked heralds across the kingdom to consider commenting on the Internal Letter. Since then, I've gotten a lot of questions. So I thought it would be good to answer them here.

Do I have to comment on every item in the letter?

No, you don't have to comment on everything. Some heralds are more comfortable with armory and others are more comfortable with names. Some prefer to work within a specific culture. All have something to offer.

What do I say in a letter?

You can say lots of things in letters of comment. Over the next couple of months (starting with this one), I plan to run articles talking about how to comment. Do what you are comfortable with.

I don't have much money for books — can I still be helpful?

There are lots of online sources available now. The biggest one is probably the Medieval Names Archive provided by the Academy of St. Gabriel at A source for armory as well as names information is the library on the Laurel web site at

How much time does commenting take each month?

Commenting takes as much time as you let it. The more items you want to comment on, the longer it takes.

When is commentary due?

Commentary is due on the 10th day of the month of the decision. The date is posted in each letter.

I hope this helps.

Richenda du Jardin
Lions Blood Herald


Armory Commentary for Beginners

Mistress Jaelle of Armida created a wonderful “insta-boing” list for reviewing armory. The full article can be found at This article is a boon for beginning heralds. Below you will find my version of the insta-boing list:

1. Is the name registered? If not, is there a name in submission?

Submitters must have a registered name to be able to register their devices and badges. If the name isn't registered, but is still in submission, then we can send the device or badge up. If the name hasn't been submitted or has been returned, then the submitter will need to submit a new name.

The reason for this is simple: filing. All devices and badges are associated with a registered name so Laurel staff knows where to file it.

2. Do the charges have good contrast with the field? Are there dark colors on dark colors or light colors on light colors?

Just as a refresher, the light colors (also called metals) are white/silver and yellow/Or; the dark colors (usually just called colors) are blue/azure, red/gules, black/sable, green/vert, and purple/purpure. The furs — ermine (white with black tails), counter-ermine (black with white tails), erminois (yellow with black tails), pean (black with yellow tails) — are counted light/dark by their background color. Vair (alternating blue and white tracks) is considered neutral; either light or dark can be placed upon it.

All charges must have good contrast with whatever they are on. If there is not good contrast, this is a reason to return it.

3. Is the submission slot machine? Are there more than two types of charges in one charge group?

This is a little difficult to explain quickly and easily. This is not simply are there more than kinds of charges on the field.

There are three types of charge groups you are likely to find using slot machine:

4. Does this look like marshalling?

Marshalling is when two (or more) people combine their arms to show a relationship, so they combine their arms together. In the SCA, we consider arms to look marshaled if opposite corners of a quarterly field or the two sides of a per pale field look like they each are independent arms. If the line of division is not a plain line, then this appearance is thought to be removed.

5. Is the submission too “complex?”

The rule of thumb, as stated in the rules, is that the number of tinctures plus the number of charges should not exceed eight.

6. Are there any restricted charges on the armory? If so, does the submitter have the right to use any restricted charges?

The SCA restricts the use of certain charges (such as crowns/coronets and laurel wreathes) for specific uses. For armory to use those items, the submitter must demonstrate that they have the right — if they have done so, this will be stated in the internal letter. However, things can be missed, so having another set of eyes to double check is nice.

7. Is the submission big, bold, and butch?

Charges should be drawn to fill the space effectively. If the primary charge is a lion, you should expect it to fill at 2/3 of the space. Central ordinaries should take up between 1/4 and 1/3 of the space. All charges on the device or badge should be clearly identifiable. All lines of division should be distinctly not flat (particularly wavy and indented) and clearly distinguished from one another (particularly embattled, urdy, raguly, and nebuly).


The following items were accepted by Laurel:

The following items were returned for further work:


These items will be forwarded to Laurel

These items are being returned from the kingdom meeting


To be decided on in October.

1. Áine ingean ui Reachtabhair Hartwood Name & Device - New

Per pale purpure and argent, a tree blasted and eradicated counterchanged and an orle vert.

The submitter will accept any changes necessary to her name, and if changes are required is more interested in language/culture (unspecified); wants an feminine name, wants a name authentic for the time period and language/culture of “Irish, 10-11 century.”

Áine is documented from Ó Corráin & Maguire, sub Áine, where the author notes “As a male name Áine occurred among the Ciarraige and other peoples but it became obsolete at a very early period. However, it retained its popularity as a female name.”

For the phrase “ingean ui Reachtabhair” the submitter notes “‘Reachtabhair’ is a header spelling in Woulfe's Slionnte Gaedheal is Gall.”

2. Anne d'Amboise Aquaterra Device — New

Per chevron Or and gules a chevron sable between in chief two roses gules barbed slipped and leaved vert seeded sable and in base an elephant statant Or.

The submitter's name was registered in the March 2003 LoAR.

3. Anne d'Amboise Aquaterra Badge - New

(Fieldless) a sheaf of arrows gules

The submitter's name was registered in the March 2003LoAR.

4. Bernadette Eibhilin ‘Ard Lions Gate Name and Device - New

Argent a semi of shamrocks, on a roundel vert four hearts in saltire conjoined at base Or

The submitter will not accept major changes to her name. She does not specify a preference if changes must be made. She wants a feminine name, and is interested in a name authentic for 12th-14th century. She will allow creation of a holding name.

Bernadette is documented from St. Gabriel Report 1911,, which indicates that Bernadette is a variant of Bernardette, a feminine form of Bernard. It is found in Foix in the 14th Century, which cites Cateline de la Mor, “Names from Fourteenth Century Foix”

Eibhilin is documented from the February 1998 LoAR, where Eibhilin ni Mhaghnuis is registered. The comment under this registration notes that that submitter would take Eibhilin, “which is a period given name.”

‘Ard is documented from Dwelly, The Illustrated Gaelic-English Dictionary, sub àrd, which defines this term as high, lofty, mighty, great, noble eminent, excellent, proud.

5. Bordergate, Shire of   Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

Argent, a tower sable within a laurel wreath vert, and on a chief sable an estoile Or.

The branch's name was registered in January 1990.

Their prior device submission, Or a gate proper, and on a point pointed azure a laurel wreath argent, was returned in May 1989 for reasons not specified in the submission file.

A petition in support of the device is included, showing signatures of 11 persons, including the seneschal, herald, marshall and arts and sciences.

6. Catherine Townson Seagirt Badge - New

(Fieldless) a popinjay proper

The submitter's name was registered in the November 2004 LoAR.

7. Dragon's Laire, Barony of — for Libri Draconus Persuivant   Heraldic Title - New

The submitter will not accept major changes to the name. The submitter is most interested in the sound if changes must be made. No preferences regarding authenticity are given. No indication of the intended meaning of the name is provided.

Libri is documented as Latin for Book, from [Correct URL is—Ed.]sub Liber. No copies of this documentation is provide.

Draconus is documented “Latinization of Dragon, no Latin word for dragon was found.” However, Provost, Junior Classic Latin Dictionary, lists “draco, -onis” as the Latin for Dragon.

The branch name was registered in the March 1998 LoAR.

Golden Dragon Pursuivant was registered to An Tir in January 1996 LoAR. The July 1995 Internal Letter noted “This is the proposed title for the Pursuivant for the Barony of Dragon's Laire. All herald's titles are registered to the Kingdom; the forms have been modified to indicate this (rather than being submitted by the Barony).” The September 1995 Letter of Intent made no mention of the designation of this title for the Barony. Since Golden Dragon was registered, the rules have changed and now permit heraldic titles to be registered to the branch for which it is to be used. However, it is unclear whether by An Tir/Black Lion policy, or by Laurel/SCA policy a branch below the level of kingdom or principality may have more than one heraldic title registered to or for it.

8. Edward Little False Isle Device — Resubmission to Laurel

Azure, seven square buckles Or

The submitter's name was registered on the January 2005 LoAR.

His prior submission, Azure, seven square buckles three three and one Or, was returned in the January 2005 LoAR for conflict with Mebd Liath, Azure, six round buckles Or, with no firm CDs available.

Edward has obtained a letter of permission to conflict with Mebd's device.

9. Judith Greanwod St. Bunstable Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

No proposed blazon was given, but the submitter's prior submission, returned in March 2005, was blazoned as Per chevron azure and vert, a vol between three estoiles argent. This submission is a redraw of that device.

The submitter's name is on the March 2005 An Tir Letter of Intent.

The submitter's prior submission, Per chevron azure and vert, a vol between three estoiles argent was returned in March 2005 for a redraw because the per chevron field was sufficiently low as to divide the field essentially 3/4 azure and 1/4 vert. This resubmission addresses that difficulty.

10. Keterlin von dem Drachen Glyn Dwfn Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

Azure, on a chevron cotised between three suns in splendor Or, five mullets Azure.

The submitter's name was registered in the January 2004 LoAR.

The prior submission, Azure, a chevron cotised between three suns in splendor Or, was returned in September 2003 in kingdom for conflict with Sorcha inghean Shearraigh, Azure, a chevron cotised between three butterflies Or, as there was only one CD for the change of type of secondaries.

11. Olivia Dougall Tir Righ Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

Per saltire argent and purpure, two needles in pale, two candles in fess counterchanged.

The submitter's name was registered in the October 2004 LoAR.

In the full color depiction, the sections of the field in chief and base are purpure, and those in fess are argent. The needles are argent, and the candles are purpure.

12. Owain Mawr Aquaterra Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

Quarterly Or and azure, two horses salient sable.

The submitter's name is on the An Tir Letter of Intent dated 27 June 2005.

His prior submission, Per pale wavy sable and azure, on a chief Or three horses salient sable, was returned in kingdom in June 2005 due to a style issue, that the SCA will not registered armory featuring a divided field composed of sable and azure when there is a complex line forming the division. This redesign addresses that issue.

13. Piotr Constantinovich Blatha an Oir Device - New

Per chevron azure and argent, three lozenges counterchanged

The submitter's name was registered in the April 2000 LoAR.

14. Rauþúlfr inn Orþstóri Wyewood Device — Resubmission to Kingdom

Or, a valknut bendwise vert within a wingless dragon in annulo purpure.

The submitter's name was registered in the August 2000 LoAR.

The submitter's most recent submission, per pale purpure and vert, a dragon's head contourny erased maintaining in its mouth a dragon's tail erased inverted Or, was returned because the dragon's tail is an inherently unidentifiable charge, and for conflict with Sigmund the Wingfooted, (Fieldless) a drakkar's figurehead couped to sinister Or, maintaining a ‘dag' rune gules, with one CD for the addition of the field. This redesign clears this conflict.

15. Sayna de Lincolne Porte de L'eau Badge - New

(Fieldless) a rebec in bend gules.

The submitter's name was registered in the May 2004 LoAR.

16. Sorcha Mac an tSaoi Silverhart Name and Device — New

Quarterly purpure and argent, in bend sinister two unicorns cobattant purpure. A bordure counterchanged.

The submitter will not accept major changes, but if changes must be made she is more interested in a language/culture. She wants a feminine name, and is interested in a name authentic for the Irish language or culture. She will permit creation of a holding name.

Sorcha is documented from Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, “Index of Names in Irish Annals: Sorcha”, which indicates that this name was found twice in the Irish Annals, in 1500 Sorcha inghen Philip mic Tomais and in 1530 Sorcha ingen Aodho Oic meic Aodho an Enigh meic Neill meic Coinn.

Mac an tSaoi comes from Woulfe, Irish Names and Surnames, p. 318. No copies of this material was provided.

It is worth noting that the mane and feathery bits on the legs and tail are Or.

17. Ysabelot Clarisse Madrone Device — New

Or, a turnip proper and on a Chief Gules three bees proper.

The submitter's name was registered in the October 2004 LoAR.

18. Ysabelot Clarisse Madrone Badge — New

(Fieldless) a turnip bendwise proper.

The submitter's name was registered in the October 2004 LoAR.

In service,

Arms of Richenda du Jardin

Richenda du Jardin
Lions Blood

Arms of David of Moffat

David of Moffat
Electrum & Boar

Azure a bantam cock statant wings elevated and addorsed on a chief argent
                  an annulet sable.

Uilliam mac Aillén vhic Séamus
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