Arms of the Kingdom of An Tir

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Newsletter of the College of Heralds of An Tir
Volume 2, Number 6 ~ November 28, 2003

Holidays bring a time for home, hearth, friends, and family. Good wishes to all from the An Tir College of Heralds.

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Table of Contents:

Greetings from Black Lion

Seal of Black Lion Principal Herald

I would like to formally announce a new officer change for the Æstel office. Francesca Testarossa dei Martini has been chosen to take over from Eglentyne Merryweather now that her term is nearly over. The official change will happen at 12th night (we might have quite a few heraldic happenings in court, we've had quite a few officer changes in recent months).

I would like to thank Eglentyne for her great work dealing with the large library of books, and has been a great benefit to the Kingdom with her service. She has been a constant presence at crown events, and has helped many people in the kingdom.

Please join me in thanking Eglentyne for her work, and in welcoming and supporting Francesca in her new responsibilities!

Frederic Black Lion

Greetings from Morel Black Stag

Arms of Morel Black Stag

An Tir Kingdom Heraldic Symposium 2004!

ATKHS 2004 will be held in Myrgan Wood (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) on April 17, 2004. We have few details as yet, but hope to be able to fill in some blanks in the very near future. The site is likely to be the University of Saskatchewan. A map of Saskatoon, including hotel and motel information can be seen at

The class schedule includes several name classes (French, Norse, Russian and Slavic Name Resources, and probably a general Celtic names class), Basic Heraldry, How To Be A Consulting Herald, a scribal track, and more. We should have a full schedule up for your perusal at and linking from the An Tir Heralds web site by middle or late December. Watch the An Tir Heralds email list for further information, or keep checking back at the site after December 15 to see if the page is up as yet.

If you do not have regular internet access, feel free to contact me, and I'll be happy to mail you a copy of the schedule and event copy as soon as this information is fully available. I can be reached at 250-923-9102 before 9:00 p.m. or by mail c/o Annie Zupanic, 71 Surfside Drive, Campbell River, BC, V9H 1H7.

Watch the next Heralds' Page and the web pages referred to for complete event copy.

Hope to see you there!

Morel Black Stag

A Missive From Löwenmähne

Good gentles of the Kingdom, it is now only 8 months (or so) to July Coronation. At that time I will have served two years as Löwenmähne Herald of An Tir. The way things are shaping right now, I do not believe I will be able to carry on for another two-year term, although I would very much like to do so. Therefore, this is OFFICIAL NOTICE that I am retiring effective July Coronation next year (A.S. 38, C.E. 2004), and I am now soliciting applications for a successor in the office.

The primary duty of the office is to foster field heraldry and town crier activities in the Kingdom. The incumbent is responsible for these activities at Crown events. Please note that responsible does NOT necessarily mean "you have to organize it yourself"; it means "you have to make sure it happens, even if you have to have a stunt double."

Experience as a voice herald is important, as is a willingness to teach and ability to travel. Good people skills are an absolute must. There is official impedimentia; I have built a box-cum-table which measures roughly 24" x 36" x 8". It contains all kinds of supplies, etc., and opens up to form a small but workable desk for Heralds' Point at events. You need to be able to transport this to events.

Interested applicants should send me a copy of the Society and mundane curriculum vitae which should place particular emphasis on relevant training, experience and skill sets. The address to send to is, and applications must be received not later than XIIth Night A.S. 38 (C.E. 2004)

My intention is to recommend a successor to Black Lion Principal Herald shortly thereafter, and to work with my successor at May Crown, so that when I officially step down at July Coronation, they can smoothly transition into the office.

My thanks to the many heralds with whom it has been my pleasure to work over the past couple of years. I shall certainly continue to hold myself available as a herald at events, and look forward to seeing you at as many events as I can get to.

Yours aye,
Uilliam Löwenmähne

Greetings from Dexter Gauntlet

This is the first of what I hope to be many additions from my office to The Heralds Page. Teceangl Ounce contacted me the other day about writing for this fine publication and it occurred to me that not only is it a great idea, but I had to ask myself why I wasn't already doing it? Silly Dexter Gauntlet - talk to all the nice heralds out there!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Quentin d'Or. I was born and raised and recently moved back to Shittimwoode after receiving my Computer Science education in St. Bunstable, Madrone. After playing in the SCA for 11 years, I've finally found the things that I really, really enjoy doing. This has led me to being the Web Minister of Tir Righ and Shittimwoode, Shittimwoode Pursuivant, and of course, Dexter Gauntlet. That's my lesson in the society - find the things you love and do them well.

And here we are now. It's been a wild 4 months since I first saw that this job was open. Regardless of if I was named to the post or not, the database needed work. Lots of work. When people tell you we have a big Kingdom, they don't know the half of it!

Our OP had outgrown the very technology of the database that was built for it. I could go on for hours on the technical details of that, but that doesn't make for very good reading. Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

A complete rebuild was needed and that was the first order of business. I humbly say that I wasn't alone in this job, the work of the people who wrote the OP before me was a strong guiding hand. We learned from what came before, studied what works in other Kingdoms and came out with a schema that could, in theory, handle every award given in the Knowne World.

With this done, the interface was rebuilt. This is the second big problem that my predecessors labored under - a faulty user interface. There are things you need to know as DG in order to put the right information in. Those things need to be instantly available to you because any delay in each entry gets multiplied thousands of times over. They weren't that available.

My guess is that at best it would take about 2-3 minutes to update a person's entry properly with the old interface. You'd have to get the information, check one page and then another, verify the spelling of the name, verify the award, check if they already have it listed, and on and on.

100 people a week at 3 minutes each is 5 hours. And that's just updating the database. We haven't talked about contacting the Royalty to get court reports, answering the e-mail, sending out status reports to BL, advertising to the Kingdom, gathering information, and the biggest job of all, going through the data yourself and looking for errors.

No wonder there was a backlog!

And it had to be done alone. There was only one database and it only had one way to enter data that only one person could use. What a backbreaking job! Sonnet, you have my respect.

We now have a better way of distributing the load. The first step was to provide spreadsheets that could be filled out and bulk loaded into the OP database. We've been using those for months now. I even used those to transfer the information from the old OP database to the new one in the first place.

The next step is even better: a secure web page that allows direct access to the OP database. That would allow my team of heralds to each be able to see - in real time - what is currently in the KOP and fix errors and do updates as is needed. That dream is fast becoming a reality!

Did I say team? Yes, I did. Since we now have multiple ways of getting information into the KOP, we're open to having a team of people working on it. I currently have 6 people working for me on the project: Baroness Katya in Rudhara handing the Crown reports and the eastern Central region, HL Yolande Chastellan handling Tir Righ, Viscount Saer Bane handling the Summits, Master Mordecai Saltzer handling Avacal, Aleric Farrider handling the western Central region, and Lady Willow doing the historical reports.

In addition, we are establishing a network of contacts with each local herald of each of the 75 branches of An Tir so that we have a person to ask when we have questions about people on the KOP and - hopefully - to inspire them to help us in our job of making a complete and accurate OP. Seigneur Jean-Jacques Lavigne of Terra Pomeria, for example, has been leading the way in this capacity.

And there is room for more! I can't emphasize this point enough: there is no such thing as duplication of effort when it comes to the OP. Normally in the SCA having one person doing a job is sufficient. Having two doing the job means they trip over each other. It's just not that way with the OP. Having two people looking over the same area of the OP means that we receive the benefit of all of the knowledge, experience, and contacts of both of those people. With over 4,000 people listed in the KOP, that extra knowledge and experience is sorely needed!

So here we are today. We have the OP being updated daily. I publish it on our site every Thursday . The goal was to make it a tool that could be used by Royalty and subjects alike and I'd like to think that we're getting nearer and nearer to that goal every day.

As a bonus, I'll be producing OP trivia for The Heralds Page as well. You can find out how well you really know An Tirian awards!

Quentin Dexter Gauntlet

Greetings from Teceangl Ounce

Well, this is interesting, writing as the Heralds' Page editor rather than the kingdom submissions herald. I'm still helping Marya out a little, and Morel has graciously allowed me to continue on as editor, so you're not going to see me disappear anytime soon. However, we're buying a house, so I might be in and out.

Below, in the citations from the August 2003 LoAR, Laurel addresses an issue under the header "John Hancock Did Not Use E-Mail". This is something both consulting and branch heralds needs to be aware of. Certain actions require a submitter's signature. Any submission, transfer of items, withdrawal of submission, change of submitted name, permission to conflict or presume, petitions, etc., all require an actual, physical signature. Lions Blood will accept photocopies of signed documents so long as the original document with actual, physical signature is included as well. Laurel gets the original and kingdom can keep a copy. But the actual, handwritten, legal mundane name signature is required for certain actions. Email doesn't cut it. Please remember and make sure that paperwork that needs to be signed goes into an envelope with stamp and lands in Lions Blood's hands. That'll save everyone much hassle.

Teceangl Bach

Test Your Awards Knowledge

The answers to this short quiz appear later in this issue. Try without peeking first, just to see what you know. The answers are below the oak.

  1. Who was the first Lion of An Tir?
  2. How many An Tirians have been honored as Lion of An Tir?
  3. What is the most common award in An Tir?
  4. Who has been King of An Tir the most times?
  5. Who has been Queen of An Tir the most times?
  6. How many An Tirians have received a Unique Augmentation of Arms?

1. Duke Manfred Kriegstreiber was the premiere of the highest order An Tir bestows on January 11, AS XXVI

2. 15 subjects have been so honored. Duke Manfred Kriegstreiber, Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller, Master Edward the Stuffy. Count Berek von Langental, Mistress Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland, Dowager Princess Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower, Duke Steingrim Wulfaresson Stallari, Duke Thorin Njalsson, Duchess Lao Yu, Dux Darius Corvinus, Jarl Barak Ravensfuri, Mistress Rowenna de Manning, Duke Tjorkill Kanne, Sir Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, and Count Ulfred Drommefjeld.

3. An Tirians have received 3857 Award of Arms, making it by far the most common award. The Goutte de Sang is in second place with 1055.

4. Duke Thorin Njalsson has reigned over An Tir 5 times. He is ahead of Duke Davin Steingrimsson by one reign. He last reigned during the SCA's 30 year celebration from January 13, AS XXX to July 20, AS XXXI.

5. Duchess Angharad Drakenhefd o Fynydd Blaena has reigned over An Tir 5 times. Unusually enough, she was the first person to reign over An Tir 5 times, starting her fifth reign on January 13, AS XIV, almost 6 years before King Thorin V's reign. Duchess Gabriell MacBain, Duchess Groa Amicus Exhiderius, and Duchess Signy Oksendahl are each tied with 3 reigns each.

6. There are 13 An Tirians who have received this rare honor. They are - in order - Viscount Rapheal the Rogue, Viscountess Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e, Mistress Kathleen Allen, Master Gareth Tancred Wilfrith, Dowager Princess Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower, Duke Steingrim Wulfaresson Stallari, Viscountess Caitriona ni Bhriain, Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy, Sir Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland, Duchess Hlutwige Wolfkiller, Duke Thorin Njalsson, Countess Daedin MacAoidh a'Mhonadh, and Earl Edward Cire of Greymoor.

Spotlight on the Rules:
How Close Can I Get to My Real Name?

expounded by Lady Teceangl Bach, Ounce Herald

Periodically the Heralds' Page will include a focus on a certain section of the Rules and Regulations (Rules for Submission, Administrative Handbook, Glossary of Terms, Alternate Titles List) of the SCA College of Arms; this will often address questions raised by recent submissions, members of the College, or other timely issues.

This month we'll look at one of the lesser-known rules of name conflict, difference from submitter's real name. The Administrative Handbook section III.A.9., under Protected Items, is the governing rule.

9. Name or Armory Used by the Submitter Outside the Society - No name or device will be registered to a submitter if it is identical to a name or device used by the submitter for purposes of identification outside of a Society context. This includes legal names, common use names, armory, trademarks and other items registered with mundane authorities that serve to identify an individual or group. This restriction is intended to help preserve a distinction between a submitter's identity within the Society and his or her identity outside of the Society. A small change is sufficient for registration. For example, Alan Miller could not register the name Alan Miller but he could register the name Alan the Miller. Similarly, armory must also have some small difference in final blazon to be registered. Any change that causes a blazonable difference between mundane and Society arms is sufficient to allow registration by Laurel. Further, a submitter may register a close variation of his name or his arms but not both.

We'll focus on personal names. What this rule says is that you cannot register your legal or common-use name as your SCA name. If you are James Johnson you must choose a name other than James Johnson to register in the SCA. The section of the Rules for Submission covering personal names conflict is V.1. Reading that entire section will give you a good grasp of what does and does not conflict when it comes to personal names.

You might notice that the addition of the between a personal name and a byname is sufficient to clear the conflict between a legal and SCA name. In fact, less difference is required to clear a legal name from an SCA name for the same person than would be needed between two registered SCA names. As Robin is a diminutive form of Robert if the name Robin the Baker were submitted it would conflict with the registered name Robert Bakere. However if your name is Robert Bond you could probably register the SCA name Robin Bonde, as Robin is not Robert. (I say probably because only Laurel can make absolute statements about registration).

Additional information about name conflict can be found in Laurel precedents. In the online compiled precedents, at the bottom of the page, is a collection of compiled name precedents. The places to look for information on a specific name are Conflict, and by the name element type (Given, Byname, etc.).

With only a little care you can keep from having your name returned for conflict with your legal name. And who wants to be their boring, mundane self in the exciting atmosphere of the SCA, anyway? <insert smile>

An Tir Internal Letter for November, AS XXXVIII / 2003 CE

Marya Kargashina
October 29, 2003
Send thy comments here:
Jessica Smith-Carlock
5114 SE Holgate
Portland, OR 97206

Commentary on this Letter will be due January 16, 2004.
(Send comments to Lions Blood Herald, information at top of this page)

The December Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday December 14th, 1pm, at the home of Lions Blood: 5114 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland, OR 97206, (503) 772-0002. Please bring chairs. Home has small children and a cat.

Directions: From I-5 to Portland take I-205. Exit onto Powell Blvd. and turn toward downtown (west). Follow Powell to SE 52nd Ave and turn left (there's a liquor store on the corner). Down 52nd to Holgate Blvd. (a Plaid Pantry on that corner) and turn right. House is on the left right beside the Plaid Pantry. Park on the street or across the street in the lot beside the Mocha Express and the Learning Center. Do not park in the Plaid lot, they tow. The apartment is #2 on the upper floor.

From the Portland area: Get onto Powell Blvd. and head for SE 52nd Ave. Turn south and proceed to SE Holgate. See directions above for details.

The January Lions Blood Meeting will be held on Sunday January 18th, at 1pm. Location TBA.

Winter months are difficult to schedule; sorry for the one-month location notice. If you are interested in hosting a Lions Blood meeting, please contact Marya. Required is space for people and willingness to spend a Sunday afternoon among heralds. Folks can bring their own snacks and chairs.

Greetings from Lions Blood.

Please note that I am moving and have a new address:
Jessica Smith-Carlock
5114 SE Holgate
Portland, OR 97206
The phone number remains the same.

When commenting, please note if you have checked a submission (name or armory) for comment, even if you found nothing. I will take no comments at all as "we didn't look" and "good" to mean you liked it but did not check it for conflict. Please be specific in what you did look for so that I may be sure that properties were, indeed, checked.


Commenters: Looking for an easy task to tackle in commentary that really needs to be done? Check the URLs in the documentation section to find out if a) the webpage truly exists at that location, and b) actually says what is cited in the documentation. This is an invaluable service to submitters that hasn't been covered in recent months. Please help!

From the cover letter to the August 2003 LoAR:

From Laurel: Next Laurel Team Chosen (or, Habemus Mamem!)

At their October meeting, the Board of Directors selected Shauna of Carrick Point to be the next Laurel Queen of Arms. Shauna just stepped down as Sage Herald for Artemisia, and recently she stepped down as Golden Wing Principal Herald after a very successful term. She will be handling the administrative duties and has assembled a team to handle submissions. Margaret MacDuibhshithe will serve as Pelican Queen of Arms and make name decisions; Evan da Collaureo will serve as Wreath King of Arms and make armory decisions.

They will be making all the decisions as of the April 2004 LoAR, although they may be making some of the March decisions as part of the transition. They will not officially be warranted in their offices until the April 2004 Board of Directors meeting.

I hope that you will give them all the support you have given me, Mari, Zenobia, and Daniel.

From Laurel: John Hancock Did Not Use E-Mail

There are several letters used in the submissions process that require a signature. If a signature is required, then the letter must include a copy of the handwritten signature. A text e-mail message does not meet the requirement for a handwritten signature. [See Teceangl's missive above for more on this.]

From Laurel: Beyond the Encyclopedia

During the commentary on this issue, most indicated a preference for a simple criterion or concrete list that can be used by the local consulting herald as well as the College of Arms for identifying which names will be protected. Until recently, we were using the very existence of an entry in an encyclopedia as that criteron; that policy was amended in the January 2003 LoAR to be the starting point, thus allowing Laurel and the College of Arms to discuss the relative merit or prominence of each name.

Many have voiced concern that this is too arbitrary. Indeed, it does leave room for the Sovereign of Arms responsible for name decisions to register names that would have been returned simply because a 19th C statesman had an entry in an encyclopedia. This policy does add some uncertainty in favor of registration if the name has a similar entry in a general-use encyclopedia.

There were several creative ideas presented in answer to my request for methods of weighing the prominence of the people and names with an encyclopedia entry. The goal was a simple non-arbitrary formula that could be used by anyone. The range of suggestions showed that no formula will satisfactorily provide an answer.

Until such time as a list or other criteria can be defined, we will weigh each potential conflict with an encyclopedia entry on a case-by-case basis. We ask that commenters state whether or not they feel a person is important enough to protect when citing a potential conflict with an entry in an encyclopedia. Ideally, this statement would be provided early enough to allow other CoA commenters time to provide input to Laurel as comments on comments.

An Tir results from the LoAR dated August 2003 (see the LoAR for full text):

(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged)




Last month's Heralds' Page listed the given results as being from the August meeting and LoI. That is incorrect. The results posted in last month's issue were those of the September Lions Blood meeting and submissions were sent to Laurel on the Letter of Intent dated September 29, 2003. Sorry for the mistake.


The following people were present at the October Lions Blood meeting or sent commentary: Finngall Summits, Marya Lions Blood, Richenda Boar, Meadhbha Dragon's Mist, Teceangl Ounce, Ciaran Goutte de Sang, David Electrum, Natasha vox Leonis, Gwenlian Catharne, Li Ban Tir Righ, Tadgg h-úa Faelan of Clan MacNessa, Wade of Many Places, Rogez du Pont, and Knut.

The following names and armory have been sent to Laurel (October LoI) --

Alan Fletcher Badge, New
Sable, two arrows in chevron argent.
Alan Fletcher Badge, New
Argent, two arrows in chevron sable.
Cyneburh of Hartwood Name and Device, New
Per bend sable and Or a thistle counterchanged Or and vert.
Dun an Chalaidh, Shire of Device, Resubmission
Per chevron azure and vert a chevron embattled between two laurel wreaths and a lighthouse argent enflamed gules.
Elisabeth Piper Device, Change
Or, a unicorn couchant contourny purpure.
Emma Le Blanc Name and Device, New
Quarterly vert and argent a cross purpure overall a sun in splendor Or.
Katherine Quhiting Name and Badge, New
Vert vêtu, a needle fesswise argent.
Mairghread inghean Fhaolain Badge, Resubmission
(Fieldless) A compass star per pale argent and azure.
Michael of Lancaster Name, New
Richard Touchet de la Croix Name, New
Steinn Vikingsson Name, New
Svana rauþøx Name, Change of Holding Name
Following Pelican guidelines, the capitalization of the byname was dropped at Kingdom.
Tomas Alvarez Name, New
Valentino da Siena Device, Resubmission
Per pale sable and or three labels couped in pale counterchanged.

The following were returned for further work:

Richard Touchet de la Croix Device, New

Sable, a Pegasus' head couped argent a point pointed fleury and on a chief Or five mullets of four points gules.

The base was not a point pointed nor could its convex line with the issuant fleur-de-lys be blazoned.

Steinn Vikingsson Device, New

Azure, a dolphin naiant embowed argent, in base an anchor Or.

Conflict with Jean de la Grand' Anse - January of 1973: Azure, a natural dolphin embowed argent above a sun Or. There is only one CD for removal of the sun, whether it is co-primary or a secondary charge.

Tomas Alvarez Device, New

Per pale gules and sable, domestic cat guardant rampant Or, maintaining a rapier argent.

Although blazoned as sustained, the rapier was not large enough to provide the visual impact required of a co-primary charge. Therefore multiple conflicts with Or felines rampant alone on the field were found.

The following was PENDED due to an error in the Internal Letter:

Michael of Lancaster Device, New

Per fess argent and azure, a saltire engrailed counterchanged overall a sword inverted and in chief a rose gules.

The field tinctures were swapped on the IL. This device is found in the NEW SUBMISSIONS below.


1. Aleyne Edwinson Porte de l'Eau Badge, New

(Fieldless) An ermine statant maintaining an abacus counter-ermine.

The submitter's name was registered in May 2003. There are no ermine spots on the abacus.

2. Arkill M'Robert Three Mountains Name, New

The submitter will not accept major changes, cares most about sound, desires a male name, and would like his name to be changed to be authentic for 10th-12th century (culture unspecified).

Arkill is found in George Black's The Surnames of Scotland, s.n. Arkle. Black is quoted as saying "Arkill the seneschal witnessed a grant by Gillemor, son of Gillecamel to the church of Legmahagow before 1144..."

M'Robert is found in George Black's The Surnames of Scotland, s.n. MacRobert. Black is quoted as saying "Angus M'Robert gave his bond of manrent to George, earl of Huntlie in 1543..."

3. Cordelia Talbot Dragons Laire Badge, Resubmission

Vert, a talbot's head erased argent within an orle of gillyflowers argent.

The submitter's name was registered in June 2003. The submitter's previous submission, Vert, a talbot's head erased within a bordure embattled argent, was returned in April 2003 at kingdom for conflict with Leonard du Chien (September 1993), Per saltire gules and sable, a talbot's head couped and a bordure embattled argent. There was only 1 CD for changing the field.

4. Edward the Merchant False Isle Name and Device, New

Azure, seven roundels Or.

The submitter will not accept major changes, desires a male name, and will allow a holding name.

Edward is found in Mike Ashley's British Kings and Queen. The name is also found in The Saxon Kings of the English (no author provided) on page 490; this source indicates that Edward died in 1057 and was the grandson of Athelred the Unready. The name is also found in the Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th edition; page 374 mentions Edward the Confessor (1003-1066) and page 375 mentions Edward II (1284-1327). No copy of this documentation was provided.

the Merchant is found in Robert Barnhart's the Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology, s.n. merchant. Barnhart states Merchant was a surname by 1332 in the form of Merchaunt. Copies of this documentation were provided.

5. False Isle, Shire of c/o branch herald Badge, New

Per fess crested, argent and vert.

The branch name was registered in December 1998 The shire cited Stephen Friar and John Ferguson's Basic Heraldry (p. 149) as documentation of crested as a line of division; however the documentation provided does not include any dates. (Laurel precedent exists on this. - Teceangl).

6. Gabriele Silverhand Krakafjord Device, Resubmission

Per pale gules and vert, a hand and a chief argent, a semy of musical notes Or.

The submitter's name was sent to Laurel in June 2003. The submitter's previous submission, Per pale gules and vert, a hand and a chief argent, was returned in June 2003 from kingdom for conflict with Ihon Vinson MacFergus (Sept 2001), Per pales gules and vert, in chief a hand in benediction argent. There was only 1 CD for the addition of the chief and none for the posture of the hand. The chief precluded a CD for placement on the field as the chief was where the hand in benediction was and forced the gauntlet down.

7. Gabriele Silverhand Krakafjord Badge, New

(Fieldless) A treble clef Or.

The submitter's name was sent to Laurel in June 2003.

8. Gilia de Ronda Dragon's Mist Name and Device, New

Or, a kraken displayed sable issuant from a base engrailed barry engrailed gules and Or.

The submitter will not accept major changes, desires a female name, and will permit a holding name.

Gilia is found in Josh Mittleman's (Arval Benicoeur) "Feminine Given Names from the Online Catasto of Florence of 1427" at The name Gilia is found once in this document. A copy is provided.

de Ronda is found as a locative byname. Ronda is a city in Andalucia, Spain. Documenation of Ronda as a medieval city can be found "The Online Guide to Ronda" at http://www.ronda/to and Frank Cadogan Cowper's "Women of History: Isabella I (1451-1504), which is quoted as saying "Ronda fell to Ferdinand in 1485."

9. Gilia de Ronda Dragon's Mist Badge, New

Per fess nebuly Or and gules, a kraken displayed sable.

Her name appears above.

10. Ithamar Botolph Coeur du Val Name, New

The submitter will accept any changes, cares most about language and culture, desires a male name and wants his name changed to be authentic for late 6th or early 7th century England.

Ithamar is found in Donald Attwater's Penquin Dictionary of Saints, s.n. Honorius of Canterbury on page 173. Ithamar of Rochester was consecrated as an archbishop in 655 AD.

Botolph is found in Donald Attwater's Penquin Dictionary of Saints, s.n. Botolph on page 73. Botolph was a monk who established a monastery at Icanhoh in 654 and who died in 680 AD. The submitter cites The Known World Handbook, page 108, as saying "One thing to remember is that a given name can be used as a byname, but a medieval byname can't necessarily be used as a given name."

Photocopies of all documentation were provided.

11. Kára Bjarnarsdóttir. Wealdsmere Device, Resubmission

Quarterly purpure and sable semy of roses argent, a swan rising sinister wings addorsed inverted argent, a bordure quarterly sable semy of roses argent and purpure.

The submitter's name was sent to Laurel in May 2003. Her previous device, Per pale sable and purpure, a swan naiant affronty wings displayed between three roses argent barbed vert was returned in May 2003 at kingdom for the non-heraldic posture of the swan, being in trian aspect, and conflict with Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles (October 1983), Per fess wavy azure and barry wavy argent and azure, a swan naiant upon the line of division and in chief three roses argent. There was one CD for changing the field, but none for the posture of the swan or the position of the roses. This is a redesign.

The given blazon is completely accurate as to the tinctures of the field, charges, and bordure.

12. Michael of Lancaster Wealdsmere Device, New

Per fess argent and azure, a saltire engrailed counterchanged overall a sword inverted and in chief a rose gules.

This item was pended from the Internal Letter of August 2003. A misblazon on the IL had the field tinctures swapped. The field is argent in chief and azure in base and the rose gules is entirely upon the argent part of the field. Additionally, with regard to a red rose with the name Lancaster, Ounce found the following registration, indicating that this is not an issue:

James de Lancastre
This name was registered in November of 1999 (via Atenveldt).
The following device associated with this name was registered in November of 1999 (via Atenveldt):
Sable, on a pall inverted raguly Or between three paw prints argent a rose gules. (Registered without comment.)

13. Ramsgaard, Shire of c/o branch herald Badge, New

Azure, a ram's head Or, a bordure argent.

The branch's name was registered in July 1998.

14. Roxanne Delaroche Myrgan Wood Device, Resubmission

Sable, a jessant-de-lis within a bordure Or.

The submitter's previous device, Sable, a brown leopard's head proper jessant-de-lys Or, was returned in September 2003 at kingdom for contrast problems, as brown is all but invisible on sable. Additionally, no evidence was presented that brown was an appropriate proper coloration for a natural leopard, which is usually seen in tawny or black in nature. The head is intended to be that of a natural leopard.

15. Ruaidhri Lamgel Krakafjord Device, Resubmission

Per pale embattled dexter gules, a book or, sinister vert, a gauntlet aversant argent, and a chief argent.

The submitter's name was registered in April 2003. The submitter's previous device, Per pale gules and vert, a gauntlet aversant and a chief argent, was returned in June 2003 at kingdom for conflict with Ihon Vinson MacFergus (Sept 2001), Per pales gules and vert, in chief a hand in benediction argent. There was 1 CD for the addition of the chief, which precluded a CD for placement on the field as the chief was where the hand in benediction was and forced the gauntlet down.

16. Sayna of Lincoln Porte de l'Eau Name, New

The submitter will accept all changes, cares most about language/culture, desires a female name, and would like her name changed to be authentic for a 12th century Jewish Englishwoman.

Sayna is found in Susan Carroll-Clark's (Nicolaa de Bracton) "A Statistical Survey of Given Names of Essex Co England 1182-1272" at Copies of the documentation are attached. The submitter believes that this is a possible Jewish name because the Sephardic transliteration of the Hebrew word meaning "beautiful" into English would be spelled in this manner and is close to the spelling of her mundane name (derived from this word).

of Lincoln is said to be a medieval placename in England. No documentation is provided.

17. William MacAndrew of Balnagowan Lions Gate Device Resubmission

Per chevron argent and azure, two chess rooks and a winged wolf statant counter-changed.

The submitter's name was registered in November 1991. The submitter's previous device was returned in March 1996 at kingdom. This is a complete redesign.

In service,

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Richenda de Jardin
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