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Newsletter of the College of Heralds of An Tir
Volume 2, Number 1 ~ June 27, 2003

One year of the Heralds' Page!
Happy Anniversary!

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Table of Contents:

Greetings from Morel Black Stag

Arms of HL Morael Black Stag

Part of my job as Black Stag is to help branches that are far from the center of things with all things heraldic. I am mostly interested in seeing that the branch heralds have access to resources and the knowledge that those resources are available. There is, of course, a strong need in some of these branches to be visited personally by experienced heralds to help educate local heralds and/or aid in heraldic design and conflict and style checks.

Fortunately, some of you have expressed that you are willing and able to travel to the aid of some of these people. I'd really like to see this happen soon, as at least two branches have waited for quite a while for heraldic first-aid. If you are aware of branches that need help, please do let me know. But, I need more than just "Hey, the Shire of Hidden Hollow needs help." I need contact information! I am very accessible by email, and can be reached by more old-fashioned means as well.

Yours In Service,
Morel Black Stag
Argent, a bear's jambe and in chief three blackberries sable hulled vert

Annie Zupanic
71 Surfside Drive
Campbell River, BC
V9H 1H7

Natasha.gif Greetings to the court junkies in the crowd from Natasha, Vox Leonis.

July Coronation will surely be another event blessed (or cursed...) with long courts. I am once again asking for those voice heralds with experience doing Royal Court contact me if they are willing to lend their talents to making everyone's moment in the sun a bright one. Please send email to me at if you are able to volunteer some time.

For heralds with less experience and a desire to learn more, this is also an opportunity to offer to help out behind the scenes. This is a vital service to the herald who is doing court, for the things that they need are often not obvious (or recognized) by the retinue members and assorted other folks behind the thrones. It's not a difficult job, but you get a real eye-opener of what actually makes court work.

I travel as much as I am able in our beautiful land, but with the new Royalty being on the opposite side of the Kingdom from me, I expect they will need the help of court heralds on the east side of the mountains a number of times during Their reign. Please consider offering your services to them if you will be available at events that I am unable to attend. Once Their Progress is available, planning for such events will be possible.

I'd also like to take a moment to think about the future of court heraldry in An Tir. We are recently blessed with another Principality, with their own unique awards, ceremonies, and traditions. I'd like to begin a project to collect the basic texts of all three Principalities' ceremonies into a resource for us all to use. What think you, my friends? Is this a worthwhile idea?

On the subject of ceremonies, please make certain that you get a copy of the new Kingdom ceremonial to use for Royal courts. I have usually got a spare copy or two with me at crown events to hand out, and I try to keep a couple of CDs with the whole works available as well. It is available from the web page at

Eventually HL Rafaella hopes to have them made pretty, but for the moment they are available as Word files. I would suggest if you are unable to print off the whole works, you simply print those ceremonies you are most likely to use. Each ceremony is an individual file.

Thanks to all who make this job a joy, Natasha


The arms of Uilliam L–wenm”hne

My lords and ladies, pray attend! The time draws nigh when we will gather, as is our custom, to witness the passing of the Crown of An Tir. We will need many volunteers for many things.

If you want:

  1. to know what's going on
  2. to have a good view of the tournaments
  3. to wear a spiffy-looking green baldric

then we can use you as a herald!

You do NOT need:

  1. to have lungs like a Marine drill sergeant
  2. to be a member of the Secret Heraldic Clique

You DO need:

  1. to be interested in doing voice heraldry
  2. to let me know that you're interested in doing some at Coronation

We can lay on the baldrics, the lemon drops and some tips on how to make effective use of your voice if you've never done this before. Don't be shy! Come and volunteer and hang out with the heralds! Who knows, you might like it so much that one day *you* (yeah, you, in the corner, reading this) may even become L–wenm”hne Herald of An Tir! Stranger things have happened - I'm living proof :-D

Seriously, if you can do even just one town crier run or take one round of combat on one eric, it will help. I would dearly love to have enough gentlefolks volunteer that "just one of" is all anyone is asked to do on the day. If you really, really, REALLY like being a voice herald and want to do more than that - more power to you, and I'll be glad to let you do just as much as you want to (without injuring yourself - momentary Chirurgeon attack).

Please contact me by email and let me know:

  1. your Society name
  2. your branch
  3. when you expect to arrive
  4. when you must depart
  5. your preference for tournament heraldry or town crier work (if you have one)
  6. any restrictions I should know about (i.e., nothing in the morning, not until I'm killed in the lists, whatever it may be)

Please also tell me, if you wish:

  1. Your mundane name
  2. your phone number
  3. what previous experience you have as a voice herald, if any (and "NONE" does not disqualify you, believe me!)
  4. any particular requests you have (i.e., want to do wake-up in the morning, want to herald the quarter/semi/finals, etc.)

Thanks in advance to all those who volunteer - you make my life as L–wenm”hne a lot easier.

Yours aye,
Uilliam L–wenm”hne


The arms of Uilliam L–wenm”hne I would like to heartily congratulate Uilliam L–wenm”hne upon his elevation to the Order of the Pelican! A well-deserved promotion for a very giving man, who I'm proud to call my friend.

Muirgheal inghean Labhrain (Morel Black Stag)

Help Wanted

Arms of the King of An TirArms of the King of the West

An Tir/West War: Town Crier volunteers needed
(Or, "Is it possible for Finngall to run Herald's Point at the War and still have fun anyway?")

Yes, An Tir/West War is happening, for those who haven't gotten the word. It'll be July 3-6 at the same site as two years ago in Adiantum.

When HL Grainne, our baronial seneschal, was asked by the Kingdom Seneschal to put together arrangements for the war, she asked me, as incoming Summits Principality Herald, if I would run town crying for the event. Out of a sense of duty as an officer and a peer, I accepted, but I let her know in no uncertain terms that I did so with no small sense of trepidation. I have done this job twice previously, in 1997 and 1999, and those events were the worst, most frustrating Nightmares From Hell that I have had in my entire SCA career. These were the only two events I've attended where I had to work so hard that I stopped having fun.
Why? Lack of volunteers.
I need your help.

If you plan on attending the War, and wish to volunteer, either as a crier, or to man the Point, please let me know ASAP. In the meantime, I'll be working with event staff to devise a reasonable announcement schedule so that nobody gets burned out. This site is large enough that it'll require three heralds per round to cover the site in a reasonable amount of time.

Thank you for your time.

In service,
Master Finngall McKetterick (OP), Summits Herald-To-Be
Or, a triskelion of armored human legs vert.


Long and Short of It
August 8 - 10
Terra Pomaria

Terra Pomaria is graciously hosting a consult table, heraldic classes, and the Lions Blood meeting on Sunday. Field heralds will be very welcome, and HL Ciaran Cluana Ferta will be teaching a class on field heraldry. Other classes will be offered, as well. Join us in making Long and Short of It a heraldic pleasure.

Event Autocrat: Arcil macRobert (Rob Harrison). Phone: 503-668-7277 or 503-849-9390.

Co - Autocrat: Lady Daire inghean ui Chearbhaill (Linda Carroll). Phone: 503-769-7077 or 503-851-0230.

Herald in Charge: Jean-Jacques Lavigne.

Help Wanted:

Required immediately, articles sharing morsels and platefuls of heraldic knowledge; tidbits of information on lenition and grammar; line drawings of a heraldic nature; comics and other heraldic humor; questions needing to be matched with answers; information that needs to be shared.

If you have any of these requirements, we may have a place for you in our next edition of the Heralds' Page!

Please send your contributions to myself or Teceangl Lion's Blood as an email attachment or to Teceangl's address. If you pass your contribution on as an email attachment, please write "HP article" or something similar in the subject line so that we can feel comfortable that we are opening a safe attachment.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours In Service,
Morel Black Stag

An Tir Internal Letter for June, AS XXXVIII / 2003 CE

Teceangl Bach
June 27, 2003
Send thy comments here:
Brenda Klein
5235 SE Lambert St #A-5
Portland, OR 97206-9068

Commentary on this Letter will be due August 7th, 2003.
(Send comments to Lions Blood Herald, information at top of this page)

The July Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday, July 13th, 1pm, at the home of Signora Francesca Testarossa dei Martini: 7425 SW Danielle Ave, Beaverton, OR; 503-654-3971 It's a good idea to bring chairs.

Directions from the North: Take I-5 to Portland and follow the signs to I-405 and Highway 26 "Ocean Beaches". Take the Highway 217 exit and continue to Denney Rd. The rest of the directions are below.

From the South: Take I-5 to the Highway 217 exit and head toward Beaverton. Take the Denney Road exit.

From Hwy 217: Take the Denney Rd. exit. Go west on Denney until you can't go any further, roughly a mile, there's a light and a Silver Dollar Pizza. Turn left at the light onto Hall Blvd. 2 blocks to the next light, turn right on Hart.  Go through 2 stop signs. Turn right onto the street after the second stop, which is Danielle. 3rd house on the left with a white Toyota pickup in the driveway and Francesca's banner out front - Sable, a horse's head couped and a point pointed Or.

The August Lions Blood Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 10th, 1pm, at the site of Long & Short of It in Terra Pomaria.

Arms of Teceangl Lions Blood

Greetings from Teceangl Lions Blood.

Crayon on submission forms? No no no no no no no!

Last week it reached 90 degrees in my mailbox. Outside, too. And someone mailed me a submission packet colored with crayon. I know not whether it was wax or oil pastel, but the results of three forms colored with this thing, plus the heat, plus the mail truck and the steel mailbox, well it was not pretty. That crayon melted. It glued all three colored forms together as well as the name form against which the top device form was backed. Then it melted even more and the wax/oil/goo penetrated all nine (three name, six colored device, six line) submission forms and the six pages of documentation. And the check. There was an oily stain on the outside of the envelope I pulled out of my mailbox. The stamp fell off in my hand when I grabbed the envelope because the paper was too waxy for it to continue to stick. All device forms and two of three name forms are totaled. My mailbox, the submission forms, and now my den smells like a candle burned out in there.

When I receive submissions I take two of everything and re-send them to Laurel. Who is in Texas. If you think it gets warm in An Tir, you've never been in Ansteorra in summer. Even if crayon survives into my hands, it probably won't when mailed to Laurel. And if it melts in the Laurel packet, it endangers every other kingdom submission in that envelope. At least one kingdom has totally banned the use of crayon on submission forms. I'm not going there just yet, but the second a device form melts and destroys someone else's submission, I will. For now, I'm just going to tell everyone to not use crayon. At all. Ever.

Markers are cheap. Crayola Classics go on sale for $2 US for the 10-pack quite regularly. Prang, Rose Art and Color Gear are also inexpensive and widely available. Marker can survive an amazing amount of disastrous situations. Heat doesn't affect it. Ambient damp won't wreck the color, and direct application of liquid still leaves enough color that Laurel can tell what the armory looked like when colored. Extensive handling doesn't phase marker, but takes colored pencil and many printer inks right off the page. Friction of pages filed together has yet to affect marker-colored forms that I've seen, and I've handled stuff 20 years old and older.

Save the pretty metallics for display. They rub off of submission forms, or melt, or flake, or just catch the light wrong and look muddy or black instead of shining silver and gold. Use nothing that can be felt once it's applied to the form; no paint, gel ink, pastel, etc. About a dozen pairs of hands will be all over your forms between you submitting them and them being registered,. Go for durability. Nothing that can melt or get sticky belongs on a submission form.

And remember that a hot mail truck can cause actual chemical changes in the ink you use. Printer ink is notorious for changing color when it gets too hot. Markers, markers, markers. If you don't own a set, ask around. Many traveling heralds carry markers with them and are eager to share.

Do everything you can to assure that submissions you send in will survive the process and give the submitter the very best chance of a registration first time up. I'll help you all I can. Together we'll avoid the stupid problems that bring perfectly good submissions into the cycle of return for non-Rules circumstances.

And remember - NO CRAYONS!

Hello, my name is downpour windowpane
(or: a name is more than a random word)

A dictionary is a wonderful reference manual of words. A modern dictionary is a lovely way to discover the meaning of words. But dictionaries are not the best resources for documenting names, and certainly a modern dictionary is a lousy reference for period names. Certainly in modern America we almost expect to know someone with an off-the-wall name like Rocket or Sunset, but names in most cultures covered by the SCA were not just random words selected on a parent's whim.

When attempting to document a name, first go to actual period sources. There are a lot available online linked to Many branch heralds and the kingdom and a great many pursuivants-at-large keep libraries of good resources for name research. And not only is it no failing to ask for specialized help, it is a virtue to know when you need a professional. Heralds are specialists, like cordwainers or blacksmiths or leatherworkers. The biggest difference is that we don't sell our skills, we give of them freely to any who asks. So ask, and get your clients to ask. A specialist herald can save everyone time and trouble, and they're doing it because they enjoy it.

Back to dictionaries. Words evolve. The word "pandemonium" was invented after the 18th century, as were "floppy" and "schizophrenic". These words are readily found in modern dictionaries, but would be totally unregisterable in an SCA name. Unfortunately, even more common words might have never found their way into period descriptive bynames. But there is a rich and varied pool of descriptors that actually were used. Old Norse was full of them, as was Middle English. I have two books in my possession covering these languages with nicknames with meanings as diverse as 'with the hairy tuft on the end of his nose' to 'smooth-talker'. One need not resort to speculation when one wishes a good descriptive; it might already exist in a slightly different term that we expect, or than would be used now. Litefote is a marvelous word, dating to the 13th century as a descriptive byname. Malait or Maleit means 'cursed'. Swythered is a 14th century English byname meaning 'very good advice'. Fierbrace is from the 12th century and means 'bold, fierce, proud' -arm. (All bynames cited come from A Dictionary of English Surnames by Reaney, P.H. & R.M. Wilson.)

So turn to name resources, not dictionaries, and help your clients come up with a really good descriptive that' s documented and period and not likely to be returned for lack of documentation.

An Tir results from the LoAR dated March 2003 (see the LoAR for full text):

(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged)


Agnarr bjarnylr Ásvaldsson. Name.
Angelline d'Avallon. Name.
Anne d'Amboise. Name.
Aquaterra, Barony of. Badge. Per pale wavy barry wavy argent and azure and vert.
Arnóra in hárfagra. Device. Or, a pegasus passant and a bordure potenty vert.
Eden Kent. Name.
Effie Little. Name and device. Or, a goose contourny vair.
Eileen of Dragon's Laire. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Gules, on a pile inverted embattled throughout between two trefoil knots argent a mouse sejant erect sable.
Enna van Merebeke. Name.
Faolán Mac Fíthil. Name.
Genevieve de Bohun. Name change from Isolde the Nimble Fingered and device change. Ermine, two quill pens in saltire gules and on a chief sable three escallops argent.
Her previous name, Isolde the Nimble Fingered, and previous device, Per pale sable and argent an escallop counterchanged, are released.
Giovanni della Rosa. Name.
Gunnarr Andreasson. Name.
Karen of Aquaterra. Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per pale azure and vert, a wolfhound salient and on a chief Or three roses proper.
Kilian van der Meer. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and azure, a dragon sejant and an anchor Or.
Marie Chantes. Name.
Mikael Drakelawe. Name.
Morgan Clubfot. Name and device. Vert, a scimitar and in chief three hawk's bells Or.
Rande Dakes. Name.
Reginleif in hárfagra. Name.
Rodrigo Alfonso de Granada. Name and device. Vert, on a pale Or between in chief two crescents argent a scorpion inverted sable.
Skapti þorinsson. Name.
Valentino da Siena. Name (see RETURNS for device).
Wenyeva atte grene. Device. Per chevron argent and vert, three beacons enflamed counterchanged.


Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile. Name.

No evidence was presented and none was found that the name Ciarnait was used outside of legend. Lacking such evidence, it is not registerable. (However, the related name Ciar, a saint's name, is registerable.)

The byname inghean Dhonngaile combines the Early Modern Irish Gaelic (c. 1200 to c. 1700) form inghean with the Middle Irish Gaelic (c. 900 to c. 1200) Dhonngaile and so violates RfS III.1.a, which requires linguistic consistency in a name phrase. Additionally, names beginning in D do not lenite if the previous word (in this case, inghean) end in the letter n. Therefore, the correct Middle Irish Gaelic form of this byname is ingen Donngaile and the correct Early Modern Irish Gaelic form of this byname is inghean Donnghaile.

Her armory has been registered under the holding name Karen of Aquaterra.

Eileen in Luch. Name.

Eileen is the submitter's legal given name.

The byname in Luch was submitted as a constructed descriptive byname meaning 'the Mouse'. It has only been registered once before (Cera in Luch, registered May 2000). Since the registration of this name, more information has become available about how descriptive bynames were constructed in period in Gaelic. As a result, we can better evaluate the plausibility of in Luch as a Gaelic descriptive byname in period.

While the Dictionary of the Irish Language Based Mainly on Old and Middle Irish Materials (s.n. Luch) shows that the word luch is period, this entry does not show any examples of luch used in a descriptive byname. Descriptive bynames based on animals are extremely rare in Gaelic. At this point, only a handful have been dated to period, specifically Cu 'wolf', Sinnach 'fox', Damán 'little stag, little ox', and Rón 'seal' (which may be unique to Áed Rón). It is important to note that none of these animals are rodents. The return of this submitter's previous name stated in part:

In a broader sense, no evidence was presented and none was found that any type of rodent would have been included as a root in [...] a descriptive byname. Lacking such evidence, this name is not registerable. [Eileen ingen Dubh-luchag, LoAR December 2001, R-An Tir]

No documentation was provided for the current submission and none was found to show that a descriptive byname formed from the name of a rodent is reasonable in Gaelic. Lacking such evidence, the byname in Luch is not registerable.

As the submitter noted that the meaning 'the Mouse' is most important to her, she may be interested in an English byname with this meaning. Bardsley (p. 544 s.n. Mouse) dates Roger Mus to 1273, John le Mous to 1302, Richard Mowse to 1550, and Richard Mouse to the first year of the reign of Queen Mary.

Her armory has been registered under the holding name Eileen of Dragon's Laire.

North, Principality of the. Branch name change from Tir Rígh, Principality of.

This name conflicts with the North, which has its own entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica (s.n. North, the) and which is defined as the part of the United States of America that opposed the Confederacy in the American Civil War. The Administrative Handbook section III.A.5, "Names of Significant Geographical Locations Outside the Society", states in part, "Generic descriptive names outside the Society will not be protected except where the name is immediately associated with a single significant location." That the North is listed as a header in a general encyclopedia and is identified with the territory that formed one half of the American Civil War demonstrates that the North is "immediately associated with a single significant location" as required by section III.A.5 cited above. Therefore, this submission conflicts with the protected name the North and, so, is not registerable.

Additionally, no documentation was presented and none was found that the North is plausible as a period placename (as opposed to a simple direction, which could be part of - or an element in - a compound placename) as required by RfS III.2.b.i. Lacking such evidence, this name is not registerable.

Valdís Osborne. Device.

Azure, two lace bobbins in saltire and on a chief triangular argent, a spider inverted azure.

The submission was withdrawn by Kingdom.

Valentino da Siena. Device.

Per pale sable and Or, in pale three labels couped counterchanged.

The armory depicts all three labels in the top two-thirds of the escutcheon. These labels are therefore not in the in pale arrangement (which would distribute them equally across the shield). However, the labels cannot be blazoned in chief, because that would place the labels considerably higher on the field. The blazon term enhanced only applies when there is a standard position on the field for the charge (from which the charge has been moved towards chief). There is no standard position on the field for three labels, so enhanced is not meaningful in this context. Thus, this device is not blazonable as drawn. At this time, it appears that the armory would be acceptable if the three labels were correctly drawn in pale, as indicated in the blazon.

There was a question about whether it is acceptable to have multiple labels in a piece of armory. This is not a common period design but al-Jamal provided a number of period or near-period examples from various sources.


The following people were present at the June Lions Blood meeting or sent commentary: Rafaella Blue Anchor, Ciaran Goutte de Sang, Juliana Siren, Richenda de Jardin, Meadhbha Dragon's Mist, Teceangl Lions Blood, Marya Boar, Francesca Testarossa dei Martini, Moreach nicmhaolain, Eglentyne Æstel, Knut, Li Ban Tir Righ, Tadgg h-úa Faelan of Clan MacNessa, Eirik Halfdanarsson, Lucien Red Raven, Pendar Musimon, and Aryanhwy merch Catmael.

The following names and armory have been sent to Laurel (May LoI) --

Ambergard, Shire of Badge, New
Gules, a stalk of wheat within a bordure Or.
Baseke von Basel
change from Bagsecg of Aquaterra
Name, Resubmission
Change of holding name
Bronwen Elgars Device, New
Ermine, on a pile inverted cotised sable, a goutte d'Or.

The submitter should be advised that fewer ermine spots on the field, especially between the pile and the cotises, is desirable.

Cerridwen Maelwedd Badge, New
Gules, a winged lynx rampant argent winged and maintaining a chain Or and in chief a padlock argent.

The term segreant is used in real-world heraldry exclusively for griffons. Although the SCA has in the past used it for any quadruped with wings, it is a griffin-specific term and the correct term for other quadrupeds in this posture is rampant. That is, therefore, the term we used here.

Esclarmonde de Porcairages Badge, New
Purpure, a snail Or.

It is, too, a cant. Cants are often aural puns, such as the historic arms of Hopwell which includes three rabbits (playing bagpipes, no less). Another example is the tun in the arms of Worthington. So Esclarmonde has escargot.

Gabriele Silverhand Name, New
Hánefr Ragnarsson Name and Device, New
Quarterly pean and Or, a wolf rampant gules and a bordure counterchanged.
Isrið in glaða Badge, New
(Fieldless) A fox salient contourny sable mullety Or.

As the heraldic pantheon is a monster not unlike a fox in shape, and mullety by definition, we also checked for conflict against pantheons. And found none.

Kára Bjarnardóttir Name, New

Submitted as Kára Bjonarsdottir, the patronymic construction rules found on page 17 and 18 of Geirr Bassi suggest that the correct form for this name is Bjarnardóttir, therefore the name was corrected at kingdom.

Lasairiona inghean Uilliam na Seoltadh Name and Device, New
Per bend sinister argent and azure, two lizards tergiant in annulo counterchanged vert and Or within a bordure counterchanged.
Marya Kargashina Device, New
Argent goutty purpure, a raven's head erased sable.

The submitter's name appears on the March 2002 An Tir LoI.

Sigismund Schmidt Name and Device, New
Lozengy argent and azure, a hound passant regardant and a chief sable.

The following were returned for further work:

Cerridwen Maelwedd for Mything Lynx Household Name, New

Commenters were nearly unanimous in calling conflict with Robert Asprin's book Myth Inc. Links, which is part of his Myth, Inc. series. Additionally, the household name did not follow any period model of a name for a group of people or a place where people would gather.

Cerridwen yr Iachawr Name and Device, New
Per chevron azure and Or, two increscents Or and a raven rising contourny sable.

yr Iachawr is not documentable as a period Welsh byname. The submitter's documentation was a modern Welsh dictionary. Dictionaries are fine for showing the existence of a word, but without evidence that the word was used in a name, they are not much use in documenting names. However, Harpy Herald has found evidence of an actual period Welsh occupational byname meaning 'herb woman' which the submitter might be interested in using. The submitter was directed to Harpy.

The device was found to be in conflict with Daniel of Rutland, registered in August of 1992 (via Atlantia): Per chevron azure and Or, two increscents Or and a bird volant bendwise holding in its beak an artist's brush sable. The field is identical, as are the increscents, and the bird is only in a slightly different posture. It was also suggested that a more heraldic rising posture be used in future resubmissions.

Gabriele Silverhand Name and Device, New
Per pale gules and vert, a hand and a chief argent.

Conflict with Ihon Vinson MacFergus, registered in September of 2001 (via Ansteorra): Per pale gules and vert, in chief a hand in benediction argent. The fields are identical and the presence of the chief in this device forces the hand below the position of in chief, and by Laurel ruling the posture of hands is not worth heraldic difference. Therefore the only CD is for adding the chief.

She did get a Letter of Permission to Conflict with Ruaidhri Lamgel, her husband.

Kára Bjarnardóttir Name and Device, New
Per pale sable and purpure, a swan naiant affronty wings displayed between three roses argent barbed vert.

There were two fatal problems with this device. The first was the non-heraldic posture of the swan which rendered it with its head lying entirely upon one wing, this completely obscuring the most defining feature of a swan, it's slender, curved neck. The only bird posture available in affronty is displayed, and as the lower half of this bird was not seen, it was not displayed.

The second problem was conflict with Enid Aurelia of the Tin Isles, registered in October of 1983 (via the Middle): Per fess wavy azure and barry wavy argent and azure, a swan naiant upon the line of division and in chief three roses argent. As Kara's swan was neither naiant nor displayed, there really couldn't be a posture difference counted between the two birds. Since Enid's field is partially argent in base the third white rose is forced to chief, so no difference can be given for the placement of the roses. This leaves one CD for changing the field.

Maírghréad inghean Fhaoláin Badge, Appeal to Laurel
(Fieldless) A compass star per pale azure and argent.

The appeal was rock-solid, but the month before her return at Laurel the following badge was registered: Steffen le Stalkere, via Atenveldt - (Fieldless) A sun per pale azure and argent. There is no heraldic difference between suns, compass stars, and mullets of more than six points. This leaves on CD for fieldlessness and nothing else.

Marguerite de Moseleia Device, Resubmission to Kingdom
Or, a lion rampant gules maintaining a sheaf of arrows inverted and on a chief sable three Latin crosses Or.

The forms were badly copied with one entire side of the shield simply not there. This caused great imbalance in the placement of her crosses on the chief. Altered forms are not accepted by Laurel, therefore this device had to be returned for a redraw on the correct forms, which Lions Blood supplied with the letter of return notification.

Merouda Tremayne Badge, New
(Fieldless) A quatrefoil Or.

This beautiful badge was found to be in conflict with Celestine de Chatham, registered July of 2002 (via Meridies): Per chevron sable and vert, a quatrefoil Or. Only one CD for fieldlessness.

Ruaidhri Lamgel Device, New
Per pale gules and vert, a gauntlet and a chief argent.

Conflict with Ihon Vinson MacFergus, registered in September of 2001 (via Ansteorra): Per pale gules and vert, in chief a hand in benediction argent. The fields are identical and the presence of the chief in this device forces the gauntlet below the position of in chief, and by Laurel ruling the posture of hands is not worth heraldic difference, nor is there difference between a gauntlet and a hand. Therefore the only CD is for adding the chief.

He did get a Letter of Permission to Conflict with Gabriele Silverhand, his wife.


1. Aedan MacEwan change from Aedan Haukesblod Glymm Mere Name, Change and Device, New

Vert, a tiger statant erect affronte, Or marked sable, within a bordure Rayonne Or

The submitter's current name, Aedan Haukesblod, was registered in February of 1999, and is to be released upon registration of this change. The submitter accepts minor changes, and desires a masculine name.

Aedan is cited from Searle, Onomasticum Anglo-Saxonicum, pg 63.

MacEwan is cited from Black, Surnames of Scotland, pg 491.

2. Aedan MacEwan alternate name Aedan the Silent Glymm Mere Alternate Name, New

The submitter's name change appears on this IL. The submitter accepts minor changes and desires a masculine name.

Aedan is cited from Searle, Onomasticum Anglo-Saxonicum, pg 63.

3. Cadoc Godeboldus Fire Mountain Keep Name and Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

He accepts changes, cares most about sound (forename to sound like "kadik"), and desires a masculine name. The submitter's previous name, Kadic Godeboldus, was returned from Kingdom in April of 2003 for lack of documentation for the forename. Too many possibilities existed for soundalikes for Lions Blood to choose a likely name, therefore the submitter was given the chance to select something documented.

Godeboldus is cited from Reaney & Wilson, sub Godbold, pg 194: Godeboldus 1086 DB, William Goldebold 1206, John Godebold 1317.

Cadoc is cited from Heather Rose Jones, "A Welsh Miscellany" (Complete Anachronist #66), as Cadog. The submitter prefers the terminal c as he wants it obvious that this is a "k" sound.

4. Christopher MacEvinney Wyewood Device, New

Vert, a merman proper, crined Or, tailed azure, blowing horn to dexter and maintaining in the sinister hand a trident Or, emergent from a base wavy Or.

The submitter's name appears on the June 2003 An Tir LoI.

5. Corwyn de Wemyss Glymm Mere Device, Change

Per pale vert and azure, a thor's hammer Or.

The submitter's name was registered in February of 1992. His current device, Per pale vert and azure, a dragon passant contourny and a bordure embattled Or, registered in 1997, is to be released upon registration of this change.

6. Darbie of Ironmaid Wastekeep Device Change, Resubmission to Laurel

Argent, a dragon gules and another sable combatant, tails nowed in a Ormand knot breathing flames and in chief a flame per pale gules and sable.

The submitter's name was registered in November of 1992. Her previous badge submission, Argent, a dragon gules and another sable combattant tails nowed in a Wake knot and in chief a goutte per pale wavy gules and sable, was returned from Laurel in January 2003 because, "The wavy line on the goutte is not recognizable as it has too few waves. The goutte is small in this emblazon, and it would be difficult to draw it substantially larger without making it co-primary with the dragons. If the charges maintain their current sizes and the wavy line on the goutte is redrawn to have more waves, it is quite likely that the wavy line will then be unrecognizable because the waves will be too small to be recognized. We suggest that the submitter consider a redesign." This redesign substitutes a flame for the goutte and changes to a plain line of division.

Her previous device, Per pale sable and argent, two dragons statant erect respectant counterchanged breathing flames proper, a chief per pale ermine and counter-ermine, is to be retained as a badge upon registration of this change. Laurel has accepted resubmissions of one type of armory as another type before and has stated that a resubmission as change is an acceptable action. The submission is already paid for and changes between types of armory are simple administrative actions. Lions Blood specifically inquired if this submission would be permissable as a device change and was told that it would be.

7. Duncan Darroch Ramsgaard Device, Resubmission to Laurel

Argent, two compass stars in fess and on a point pointed ployé vert a compass star argent.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 2002. His previous device submission, Per chevron ployé argent and vert, three compass stars counterchanged, was returned from Laurel in January of 2003 for conflict with Andrew Greencloak Hethilsson, Per chevron argent and vert, in base a mullet of four points argent. Laurel said, "There is one CD for changing the number of the primary charges. There is no difference between a field per chevron and a field per chevron ployé. There is no difference between a mullet of four points and a compass star: "By prior precedent there is not a CD between a compass star and a mullet of four points" (LoAR April 2001). The submission was originally blazoned using a point pointed rather than a per chevron field division. However, because the three compass stars are of the same type and size, and because heraldic designs of the form Per chevron three [charges] counterchanged are much more common than designs using a point pointed in any fashion, the overwhelming visual impression is of armory using a per chevron line, with the line drawn somewhat lower on the shield than usual. We have thus reblazoned it accordingly."

The point pointed in this resubmission has been drawn smaller to address this.

8. Eden Kent Wyewood Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Per pale argent and gules, a radish gules leaved vert sustained by a bat-winged rabbit rampant Or within a bordure sable.

The submitter's name was registered in March of 2003. Her previous device submission, Per pale argent and gules, a bat-winged rabbit rampant Or maintaining a radish proper, was returned from Kingdom in November of 2002 for conflict with Andres Miguel Rodriquez de la Rosa: Per pale sable and purpure a winged rabbit rampant Or. Additionally, the position of the radish would not be reconstructable from the blazon. Normally a maintained object is simply held in one paw rather than being gnawed upon. Several commenters were reminded of Bunnicula, which wasn't fatal but indicated a certain straying from heraldic style. This redesign addresses both the conflict and style issues. This is no Bunnicula...

9. Eden Kent Wyewood Badge, Resubmission to Kingdom

Fieldless, a bat-winged rabbit contourny sustaining a radish leaved Or.

The submitter's name was registered in March of 2003 Her previous badge submission, (Fieldless) A bat-winged rabbit rampant maintaining a radish Or, was returned from Kingdom in November of 2002 for conflict with Andres Miguel Rodriquez de la Rosa: Per pale sable and purpure a winged rabbit rampant Or. This submission addresses that conflict.

10. Geoffroi FitzGeorge Aquaterra Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Argent a scorpion fesswise contourney gules, a chief enarched and point pointed sable a sheaf of arrows Or.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 2002. His previous device submission, Argent a scorpion gules maintaining in chief an arrow fesswise reversed sable, was returned from Kingdom in May of 2002 for conflict with Raymond Crus Hummer - November of 1973: Argent, a lobster displayed gules. Lobsters get no difference from scorpions, and maintained charges do not count for difference, therefore there is no difference between these armories. This redesign addresses this conflict.

11. Haldorr the Halfbeard Lionsdale Name and Device, New

Vert, a sword inverted argent between two flaunches Or, each charged with a drinking horn, point to center base sable.

The submitter accepts any changes, and desires a masculine name.

Haldorr is cited from Jón Jóhannesson, A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth, pg 132, "Haldórr, son of Guðmudr the Powerful".

Halfbeard is an attempt at plausible construction based several bynames of the form ….-beard in Snorre Sturlason, Heimskringla, or The Lives of The Norse Kings,"'Harald Goldbear"', pg 37, "Harald Redbeard", pg 34, "Swein Forkbeard", pg 158, "Tore Treebeard", pg 63, and "Torolv Louse-beard", pg115.

Photocopies of both sources are included.

12. Hans Durrmast Van der Wanderlust Three Mountains Badge, Resubmission to Laurel

(Fieldless) A mullet of five greater and five lesser points within and conjoined to an annulet argent

The submitter's name was registered in October 1987. His previous badge submission of the same blazon was returned from Laurel in December of 2002 for conflict with Alexandre sur la Mer: Azure, a compass rose argent. Precedent holds that a compass star within an annulet has no difference from a compass rose. No difference is given between mullets of six or more points, so this submission's mullet of five greater and five lesser points within an annulet is heraldically equivalent to a compass star within an annulet. For this submission, a letter of permission to conflict from Alexandre sur la Mer is included.

13. Muriel Rose de Wessex Midhaven Name and Device, New

Vert on a pale between two greyhounds rampant Or, three fleur de lis azure.

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a feminine name.

Muriel is cited from P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, sub Arlott, with Muriel Arlot dated to 1279, and from E.G. Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, pg 224 where it is a header spelling with this spelling dated 1198, 1200, 1205 and 1273.

Rose is cited from Reaney & Wilson, pg 383, which dates Robert, Peter Rose to 1302.

Wessex is cited from Ekwall, Eilert, The Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames, which dates the spelling Wesseaxna kyning to c 690.

14. Rowena Kyncade Wastekeep Name and Device, New

Azure, Thor's hammer Argent

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a 15th century English feminine name.

Rowena is cited from E.G. Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, pg 259. "This name seems to originate with Geoffrey of Monmouth, who gives it to the daughter of Hengist, with whom Vortigern fell in love." She speculates it might be the Old English Hroðwyn.

Kyncade is cited from P.H. Reaney & R.M. Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, sub Kincaid, David de Kyncade is dated to 1450.

15. Tacye Maple Aquaterra Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Purpure, a catamount sejant guardant erminois and on a chief invected Or three maple leaves gules.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 2002. Her previous submission of the same blazon was returned from Kingdom in March of 2003 because there were 15 invections crowded rather close together on the chief; a chief or fess should have 5-7 repeats of a complex line at the most. Therefore the device had to be returned for a redraw. This redraw addresses the issue.

The cat is actually Or and charged with only a single sable ermine spot - it'll need reblazoning.

16.Wolfker Krieg von Lindenthal Montengarde Name and Device, New

Per pale sable and argent two wolves counterchanged, orbed and langued gules and combatant within an orle gules.

The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about sound, and desires a masculine name.

Wolfker is cited from Talan Gywnek's article, "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia", online at The name is dated 1296.

Krieg is a header spelling in Brechenmacher, which dates Wernh. Creig von Hirschburg to 1206. Under the header Kriegle(in) is the spelling Kriegelin dated 1350, supporting the K- spelling of Kreig.

von is a standard locative marker meaning "from" in German, as evidenced in the cite from Brechenmacher, above.

Lindenthal is a constructed placename meaning "linden valley". Hans Bahlow, German Names, (translated by Edda Gentry) has the header Linder, under which is found Hans der Lindner dated 1377 and glossed as a placename Lindern in Oldenburg area and Lower Rhine. which is a page on the International Civic Heraldry website shows Lindenfels 'linden rock' and states that it received city rights in 1336. (A copy of the webpage has been provided.) -thal is found as an element in the placename Rosenthal which has a webpage also on the International Civic Heraldry site at and means 'rose valley'. Rosenthal was said to have been founded in 1327. Bahlow sub Thaler gives the placenames Marchthaler and Lechthaler. Given these many examples, Lindenthal should be a plausible construction for a German placename from the 14th century, matching the dating on the first two name elements here.

Regarding the wolves on the device, Lions Blood notes that these are an excellent rendition of early period German style, as seen on the Zuricher Wappenrolle.

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