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Volume 1, Number 9 ~ February 24, 2003

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Special Kingdom Heraldic Symposium Issue
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Device of Morael Black Stag From Moræl Black Stag:

An Tir Kingdom Symposium 2003

This year's Heraldic Symposium will be hosted by the Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, WA) on April 12, 2003.  A feast will follow classes in the evening.  Event copy for the feast, directions to the site, and other information will follow the class descriptions.  I hope we'll see you there!
We are pleased to be offering classes in all areas of heraldry - voice, name and device. As well, the Symposium will include classes in consultation, the scribal arts, and areas of specific heraldic interest.  Classes are scheduled from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, with lunch from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.
A basic concession will be provided for lunch, and visitors are welcome to bring their own or to enjoy one of several restaurants within walking distance.  Coffee and some snacks will be offered for a donation.

The registration fee for those wishing to take classes is $2.00. Some classes may also charge a class fee to cover the cost of handouts provided. The fees are posted in the class descriptions below.
Pre-registration is required, though the registration fee and class fees will be paid at the door on the day of the event.  To register for classes, please email Morel Black Stag at or mail your requests to:
Annie Zupanic
71 Surfside Drive
Campbell River, BC
V9H 1H7

Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
9:00 - 11:00
Heraldry for Non-Heraldic Cultures
Resources Every hearld Should Know Avout
How to Document a Name
Court Heraldry
11:00 - 1:00
Basic Heraldry
Consulting Technique
Scroll Layout
Court Heraldry Practicum

Ask a Member of the Laurel Team

1:00 - 2:00
Herald Feeding Time
2:00 - 4:00
Basic Nmaes
Gottingen Model Book Illlumination Pt. 1
13th Century Blazon
What Their Excellencies Meant to Say
4:00 - 6:00
Introduction to French Names
Gottingen Model Book Illuimination Pt. 2
Basic Voice/Field Heraldry

Class list/descriptions:

Heraldry For Non-Heraldic Cultures
Instructor:  Lord Frederic Badger, Queue Forchee Herald
Time: 9am – 11am (2 hours)  Class fee:  $0.50

This class will be a discussion on how to design and submit heraldry for non-heraldic cultures.  Topics will include cultures that have something akin to heraldry such as Japanese, and Islamic that can be adapted for use in the SCA. Also covered will be cultures without a defined system of heraldry but are popular SCA personas such as "Norse" and "Celtic".  The class covers an approach for designing SCA compatible heraldry, and heraldic display that can reflect a chosen persona.  Other topics to covered include filling out the forms, artwork styles, and more.

Basic Heraldry
Instructor:  Lord Guillermo Francesco, Coquille Pursuivant
Time:  11am – 1pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $0.50

This class will focus mainly on device heraldry, with an emphasis on blazon.  The student will gain an understanding of device design and layout.  This is a good place to start for anyone who wishes to become a herald or who is thinking of registering a device, but doesn't yet know the basics.

Basic Names
Instructor:  Doña Juliana de Luna, Siren Herald
Time:  2pm – 4pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $1.00

An introduction to the study of naming practices in pre-17th century Western Europe. We'll discuss general patterns of naming, including types of given names and bynames used in period, as well as how names were generally constructed. Both personal and place names will be covered.

Introduction To French Names
Instructor:  Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol
Time:  4pm – 6pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $1.00

An introduction to the history and conventions of French given names and bynames.  Spelling and dialect differences, regional and temporal variations will all be discussed.  Both personal and place names will be discussed.  A basic understanding of onomastics and/or some familiarity with the French language are helpful but not required.  Handout will be provided.   Class size:  min. 2/max. 15

Resources Every Herald Should Know About
Instructor:  Lady Eglentyne Merryweather, Æstel Herald
Time:  9am – 11am (2 hours)  Class fee:  $3.00

This is designed as a review of name and armory sources available to most heralds.  If you want references, this is the place for you.  Some specific time will be spent in going over the Rules for Submission (RfS) and the Administrative Handbook.  There are goodies hidden in them, as well as knowledge critical to successfully submitting names and armory.  Knowing that you can hunt in a variety of places gives people inspiration as well as information. The Æstel Library will be available after class for exploring.

Consulting Techniques: or How to Ask Your Client the Right Questions for Heraldic Registration
Instructor:  Senhora Rafaella d'Allemtejo
Time:  11am – 1pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $1.00

Whether one is consulting via email or face-to-face, consulting can be difficult if you don't know how to draw good information out of your client.  Learn listening and questioning techniques used by reference librarians as they apply to the heraldic consultation process. It is possible to get the client what they want, educate about period heraldry, and remain diplomatic while doing so.   Students should bring note taking materials and be familiar with the Rules for Submission and Administrative Handbook.

Gottingen Model Book Illumination, Part I - Foliage
Instructor:  Lord Cystennin ap Gereint, JdL, Kingdom A&S Champion
Time:  2pm – 4pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $4.00

This class introduces the students to the methods of painting foliage detailed in the Gottingen Model book. Students will paint a work-sheet with the step-by-step methods illustrated in this period illumination manual. Instructor will provide work-sheet, paint, brushes and handouts, some in color.  

Gottingen Model Book Illumination, Part II - Diaper Patterns
Instructor:  Lord Cystennin ap Gereint, JdL, Kingdom A&S Champion
Time:  4:00pm – 6:00 pm  Class fee:  $5.00

This class, similar to part 1, will introduce the students to the methods for doing illuminated diaper patterns illustrated in the Gottingen Model Book. This class utilizes another step-by-step worksheet that duplicates the same method illustrated in the model book. Instructor will provide worksheet, paints, brushes and handouts, some in color. 

How To Document A Name
Instructor:  Doña Juliana de Luna, Siren Herald
Time:  9:00am – 11:00am (2 hours) 

In this class, you'll learn everything you need to know to document a name so that it will pass the first time (and not give Lion's Blood a headache).  We'll talk about (and even handle) the basic sources to use for various cultures, how to write up documentation so that the name will pass the first time, and even talk a little about name construction and how to document it.

Scroll Layout
Instructor:  Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea, Sable Sable Herald
Time:  11:00am – 1:00pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $3.00

Class Description: Mostly lecture class covering the subjects: Types of layouts, Basic Elements, A General Working Order, Things to Consider Before You Start an Assignment, Organize Your Work Space, Helpful Hints, Tools, and Techniques, Charter Differences and an additional section on An Tir Achievements (heavily borrowed from Dame Zenobia's handout).  If time permits students will do some thumbnail sketches of layouts.  Instructor will bring some of her library. 

13th Century Blazon
Instructor:  Maister Iago ab Adam
Time:  2:00pm – 4:00pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $0.50

This class will teach the principles of vocabulary and grammar used in English and French blazon of the 13th Century.  Students will learn how to apply these principles to blazon both period and SCA arms.

Basic Voice/Field Heraldry
Instructor:  HL Ciaran Cluana Ferta, Goutte de Sang Herald
Time:  4:00pm – 6:00pm (2 hours)  Class fee:  $0.50

How to go home from the tournament with a voice.  We will discuss organization of heraldry for the tourney, and how to maintain your sanity and voice.  This course includes some hands-on vocal technique practicum.

Court Heraldry
Instructor:  HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva, Vox Leonis Herald
Time:  9:00am – 12:00 Noon (3 hours) includes 1 hour Practicum  Class fee: $0.50 

The bare bones of what you need to herald court, and tips on how to get through it with a minimum of stress.

Ask A Member Of the Laurel Team
Instructor:  Dame Zenobia Naphtali, Wreath Queen of Arms
Time:  Noon – 1:00pm (1 hour)

Come meet a member of the Laurel King of Arms staff. These are the folks that do the final registration of names and devices in the SCA College of Arms. This is a great opportunity to chat, especially for heralds that are interested in being Laurel staff or commenting at the College of Arms/Laurel level or just getting a look into the SCA-wide heraldic registration process. Students should read (or be familiar with) the Administrative Handbook and Rules for Submission.

What Their Excellencies Meant To Say
Instructors:  HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva, Vox Leonis; Baron David of Moffat, Electrum Herald;
Lady Kateryn of Falconkeep, Be Wayre Pursuivant
Time:  2:00pm – 6:00pm (4 hours, includes 1 hour practicum)  Class fee:  $5

What the nobles need from the herald, what the herald needs from the nobles, and what anyone involved needs to know in order for courts to run smoothly.  This includes everyone who is or might one day be, a coronet, a royal, a herald, a retinue member, a scribe… anyone who would have anything to do with the interaction between this group, or even as a member of the populace who'd just like to know how it all works.

Yours In Service,
Morel Black Stag
Argent, a bear's jambe and in chief three blackberries sable hulled vert 

Calling All Heralds Or Anyone Else Interested In Heraldry
Event copy from Symposium Autocrat Madonna Contessa Ilaria

The Kingdom Heraldic Symposium is coming soon!  April 12-13 in beautiful Stromgard, (Vancouver Washington)

Site fee is a mere $5.00 for members $8.00 for non-members.
We are pleased to be offering classes in all areas of heraldry - voice, name and device.  As well, the Symposium will include classes in the scribal arts, heraldic arts and areas of specific heraldic interest.  A webpage containing updated information is available at:
Classes are scheduled Saturday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, with lunch from 1:00 to 2:00. There will be a coffee service with some snacks available for donations. A simple lunch will be available onsite and there are numerous restaurants and a brewpub within easy walking distance.  Other fun activities are planned, including an Heraldic Bingo game, a heraldry consult table, meetings and general get-togethers.

There is a feast planned for Saturday night.  You need not sign up for any classes to attend, though the site fee will apply. Stromgard will provide the main meat dish. This is an assigned potluck.  Recommended recipes and the basic menu are available at the bottom of this page. A complete list of all recipes will be available at,
If you are coming from under 100 miles bring a main or side dish, if under 200 miles bring a cold vegetable or fruit. Anything over 200 miles bring bread and butter or cheese.
Bring enough for a minimum of 10 servings per person in your party, or one recipe's worth.
Alternately you can provide $3.00 per person and we will take care of it.  If you decide to bring us money instead of the potluck contribution, we will need to know on Saturday morning (April 12) before 11am.

Site:  Columbia Arts Center  -  400 W. Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver WA
There is plenty of on street parking, some with meters and some without.  There is also a small lot on the western side of the building. This site is close to Greyhound, city buses and Amtrack.  Portland International Airport is less than 10 miles away.  There are several hotels within easy reach of the site and crash space is available.
Directions:  I-5 north or south to Vancouver WA.  Take the Mill Plain West exit.  Travel west on Mill Plain to Columbia Blvd.  Turn left.  Travel south on Columbia to Evergreen Blvd.  Turn Right.  Site will be on your right in a couple blocks.

Herald in charge:  Morel Black Stag Herald  (Annie Zupanic)
Autocrat Team:
Overall autocrat: Madonna Contessa Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari (Lynda Fjellman) 360-247-5980 home, 360-608-4364 cell
Assistant autocrat:  Lady Ninian of Warwick  (Tracey Cross)

Here is a listing of hotels in the vicinity, for those who would like them.  Crash space is also available call or email either autocrat for more info.

Hotel/Motel Accommodation  (walking distance)

Heraldic Symposium Feast
You need not sign up for any classes to attend, though the site fee will apply.  This is an assigned potluck.  The recommended recipes follow.
Bring enough for a minimum of 10 servings per person in your party.  We have tried to make the recipes easy to make and tasty.  Each person's share should average out to $3.00.  Alternately you can provide $3.00 per person and we will take care of it.

Haggis  (Stromgard will provide)
Fruit compote (under 200 miles)
Chykens in hocchee (under 100miles)
Mixed greens torta (under 100 miles)
Bread and cheese (over 200 miles)
Salat (under 200 miles)
Cake  (Stromgard will provide)

Local people under 100 miles or so:  Bring either the chicken dish or the mixed greens torta.

Chykens in Hocchee  
Take chykens and scald hem. Take persel and sawge, with opere erbes; take garlec and grapes, and stoppe the chikenus ful, and seep hem in gode broth, so pat pey may esely be boyled perinne. Messe hem and cast perto powdour douce.

In the interest of making this really easy we will not be stuffing the chicken, rather making a sauce and baking the pieces in it.
1 Chicken cut into pieces
2-3 cloves Garlic
3 T parsley
1 bunch Green grapes
1 T sage
a sprinkle of cinnamon, ginger and pepper
½ T savory
½ tsp salt
1 tsp mint

Smooch garlic and grapes with the herbs and spices in blender.  Marinate chicken in sauce for a while and then pour the whole lot into a baking dish, cover and bake at 350 till done.

Vegetable-Cheese Torta
Makes 1   9" pie  -  Oven 425 degrees
1 bottom pie crust (can be purchased in a pan)
8 oz cream cheese or ricotta, softened
Filling: 7 oz Swiss chard leaves, washed, dried and finely chopped
2 large eggs, beaten
7 oz spinach leaves, washed, dried and finely chopped
1/2 tsp ground ginger
handful of chervil or celery leaves
3 oz freshly grated parmesan or Swiss gruyere cheese (about ½ c parmesan or 3/4 c gruyere, lightly packed)
handful of parsley
handful of dill or fennel fronds

In a bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth; add the chopped greens.  Mix until smooth, then add the eggs and ginger.  Salt to taste.  Line a deep 9" pie or tart pan with bottom crust.  Bake for approximately 8 minutes.  Add weights to bottom and cook and additional 5 minutes.  Add the filling, sprinkle evenly with the grated parmesan.
Bake for approximately 1 hour until top is golden brown and filling thoroughly cooked.  If top is browning too quickly, lower heat to 350 degrees. Put drip pan in oven under pie while it is cooking.  If you have trouble finding some of the greens, any others you may have access to is fine!

People coming from 100-200 miles away bring:
bags of mixed green salad especially those with radicchio and escarole
fresh or dried fruits - apples, pears, cherries, peaches, apricots

People coming from over 200 miles can bring:
Bread and cheese - your favorite kinds (we have lots of butter)

  A 13th Century Heraldry Quiz

by Maister Iago ab Adam, Pursuivant at Large
In 13th Century English blazon

1)  when blazoning a quarterly field, the first tincture mentioned is usually:
a - the dexter chief
c - the metal
b - the sinister chief
d - the colour

2)  a "fess engrailed" would be normally emblazoned as:
a - a horizontal stripe with semicircular notches taken out of both edges
c - a small number of lozenges joined together in a horizontal line
b - a horizontal stripe with triangular notches taken out of both edges
d - a horizontal zig-zag

3)  a bordure with semicircular notches taken out of it would be blazoned as: 
a - a bordure engrailed
c - a bordure dancetty
b - a bordure indented
d - a bordure embattled

4)  a crusily field would be strewn with:
a - crosses crosslet
c - both a and b
b - crosses crosslet fitchy
d - either a or b

5)  a "mascle" is: 
a - a diamond shape
c - a pierced diamond shape
b - a voided diamond shape
d - not found in heraldry

6)  the field division "per fess" is: 
a - used for marshalling
c - the most common field division
b - used only with a colour on one side and a metal on the other
d - never used

7)  the fur "vair" is: 
a - only used for fields
c - used in many tincture combinations beyond white and blue
b - only used for charges
d - never used

8)  a "bar" is:
a - a fess
c - a bend
b - a diminutive of a fess
d - a fish

To find out the answers, see next month's Heralds' Page, or take my class on 13th Century Blazon at the upcoming Heraldic Symposium.
D'eau, a goutte, a silver goutte...

A couple of years ago, a submission made it through several heralds, including a former Laurel, and was signed off by a senior herald at Pennsic, and was on a Letter of Intent before someone realized that the special term for the gouttes meant that they were blazoned argent on an argent background.  Proponents of special terms notwithstanding, if such a thing can happen with very experienced heralds, it is perhaps best to go for clarity and avoid the special terms.  Nevertheless, they have been used in registered blazons, therefore it is important to know what they all mean.  Noting that Lions Blood will probably change "goutte d'larmes" to "a goutte azure", here are the special terms for gouttes and roundels:
Goutte Name
Roundel Name
goutte de sang
goutte d'larmes
white or silver
goutte d'eau
silver coin
yellow or gold
goutte d'Or
molten gold
gold coin
goutte de poix
pellet / ogress / gunstone
cannon shot
goutte d'huille
olive oil
goutte de vin

And if that doesn't help, try this:

The Sangue des Goutes
by Iulstan Sigewealding
(To the tune of "Doe, a Deer")

D'eau: a goute, a silver goute
D'or: a drop of golden sun
D'huile: a name for olive goutes
Poix: a pitch-drop on the run
Sangue: a needle-prick that's bled
Larmes: the tears of blue that flow
Vin: a drink with thou and bread
That will bring us back to d'eau d'eau d'eau d'eau…

A Heraldic Crossword
The solution to last month's puzzle

Teceangl Bach
February 24, 2003
Send thy comments here:
Brenda Klein
5235 SE Lambert St #A-5
Portland, OR 97206-9068

Commentary on this Letter will be due April 10th, 2003.
(Send comments to Lions Blood Herald, information at top of this letter)

The March Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday, March 23rd, 1pm, at the home of Gwenlian Catharne: 505 Division St. NW #57, Olympia, WA.
Directions from I-5: take Exit 104 (Hwy 101).  Take the second exit (Black Lake Blvd)and turn right.  Stay on Black Lake Blvd over the hill, past the mall, around the corner, and past the Grocery Outlet store until you see Evergreen Villages Apartments on the left.  Turn into the apartments, then turn right immediately and go over three speedbumps, park anywhere you can (including alongside the road) and look for signs...I am in "Juniper Court" #57, in case my neighbors take down the signs.  Phone is (360) 570-8033 just in case.

The April Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday, April 13th, 1pm, at the Columbia Arts Center, 400 W. Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver WA. This is the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium site.  Directions are in event copy above.

 Arms of Teceangl Lions Blood

Greetings from Teceangl Lions Blood!

A reminder to consulting heralds, branch heralds, and submitters:
If someone moves between submitting and getting their results letter, I'll only find out if I'm told, or when the letter returns to me undeliverable.  This is happening distressingly often, that I'm getting letters returned, and then the submitter never knows what happened to his or her submission.  When the paperwork is initially filled out, remind submitters that they'll need to keep Lions Blood apprised of address changes, please.   
Additionally, Lions Blood needs a complete and legible address in order to assure that mail sent is deliverable.  Please remind clients to use their full mailing address, postal code, and a readable handwriting or font on each of the submission forms.  Printing is better than cursive and ink is far better than pencil.
And finally, the submitted name should be in both upper- and lowercase print.  Without a change in case the College cannot know if the submission is for Aerne or Ærne, for mac Meanma or Mac Meanma, for de Meuse or De Meuse.

Mailing List Address Correction
Phooey.  To subscribe to the An Tir Commenters' mailing list email a blank message with the subject line "subscribe" to  Last month I messed up the subscription address information.

From the Cover Letter to the LoAR of September 2002:
From Wreath: Coloring Problems

We remind the College that we rule on an emblazon's acceptability based on the appearance of the emblazon on the form at the Wreath meeting. This includes determining whether all the tinctures on the form are acceptable heraldic tinctures. We have multiple people at the meeting looking at the forms and helping to make this decision. This policy is in accordance with previous practices:
We want to remind the College that we register what is submitted, and not the blazon. We are getting more and more submissions that were done using color copiers or color printers. While we have nothing against using modern technology (Laurel has been known to use it now and then), the colors must be identifiable. If the copier/printer can not produce recognizable tinctures, it shouldn't be used. If it is used, the submission may be returned. (Cover Letter June 1997)
We also note that Laurel (at this time, via Wreath) may, at any time, be called on to reblazon old armory based on the appearance of the old forms in the file. Certain sorts of pigment tend to change or fade so that they are very difficult to make out correctly in old forms. If the pigments used in old forms have changed drastically from their original state while sitting in the files, this may result in an incorrect reblazon.
We have seen quite a few problems in the last year with a particular color which is blazoned as purpure, but (when viewed at the Wreath meeting) is instead some shade between purple, fuchsia, and bright pink. The culprit for the particular problem appears to be some standard variety of color printer ink, which is very fugitive and may change its tincture within a few weeks of printing. Computer printer inks also seem to be responsible for a dark tincture which is somewhere between purpure and azure, which seems to be generally meant as azure. It is not yet clear to us whether this latter confused tincture is due to the inks changing color after the forms were mailed, or whether the color was always ambiguous.
We have no intention of mandating the particular techniques used to color in the forms. However, it is certainly in the best interest of each kingdom to discourage submitters from using pigments that will be likely to result in a return at Laurel, or an incorrect later reblazon. Discouraged coloring methods include:
Color Computer Printers: the colors may change even in the few months between the time the forms leave the kingdom and when they are ruled on by Wreath. Computer printer colors sometimes continue to change while the forms are in the files.

Metallic Markers and Paints: These tend to oxidize over time, so that what began as gold or silver ends up as dull brown or dark grey. If the marker or paints are used to detail an underlying dark charge, this oxidation may cause the details to be almost invisible when the form is viewed in later years.

Colored Pencils: The pale shades of color pencil cause difficulties in identifying tinctures and charges on the forms. Colored pencil is the only standard medium in which a 'light grey' (and thus argent) tincture is often difficult to distinguish from a 'black' (and thus sable) tincture. The pale shades also make it hard to get good identifiability of charges due to the low contrast between tinctures when viewing the form. We try hard at the Wreath meetings to keep any emblazon's medium from interfering with our decisions about identifiability and visual difference, but it is best to choose a pigment that avoids the problem.

Wax Crayons, Oil Paints, Oil Pastels, Other Sticky Pigments: These pigments can cement paperwork together in the files. It is hard to do a visual comparison with a form which is stuck ineradicably to the paper in front of it, or has had half its pigment peel off onto the paper in front of it.
We continue to support, without any commercial incentive to do so, the humble yet effective Crayola(R) Classic Colors Markers. While Crayola markers are not waterproof, they have good intense heraldic colors that keep "true" as long as the forms are in the files and out of direct sunlight. Note that there are other types of Crayola marker than the "Classic Colors" markers, and these are not recommended. ("Crayola" is a registered trademark of Binney & Smith.)
An Tir results from the LoAR dated October 2002 (see the LoAR for full text):
(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged) 

Adriana the Fierce
Badge. (Fieldless) An ermine statant contourny reguardant ermine.
Aelfric MacRancan
Device. Vert, a decrescent and in chief three mullets of eight points Or.
An Tir, Kingdom of
Heraldic title Pomegranate Herald.
Aric McBride
Device change. Argent, a griffon rampant to sinister sable and a bordure embattled gules.
Brénainn mac Pádraig
Name and device. Per fess wavy argent and azure, in chief a saltire vert and in base a lymphad argent.
Eógan mac Áeda
Name and device. Per fess sable and gules, a dance Or and in chief two mullets argent.
Eulalia de Ravenfeld
Name and device. Argent, a dragon sejant between six increscents in orle azure.
John de Montainville
Name and device. Argent, two bars azure and overall a winged lion rampant guardant gules.
Juliana van Ardenburg
Device. Or, on a fess vert a castle Or.
Muireann inghean uí Rodáin
Name (see RETURNS for device).
Muriel qui porte les chaperons
Olcán Mac Meanma
Rhiannon Boyle
Name and device. Or semy of decrescents azure, an oak tree vert trunked sable.
Ríoghnach of Ruantallan
Device. Per pall argent gules and vert, in chief a quatrefoil gules seeded and barbed vert and in base two griffins combattant argent.
Robert of Hawthorne
Device. Gules, a sinister arm embowed sustaining a bow fesswise all within a bordure argent.
Sveinn Harðfari
Device. Per bend Or and bendy gules and Or, a demon's head couped affronty gules wearing an arming cap sable.

RETURNED (text paraphrased, see the LoAR for definitive information):
Muireann inghean uí Rodáin
Device. Vert, a bend sinister between an eagle rising and a sheaf of arrows Or.
The sheaf of arrows is drawn so small that it cannot be identified. The bend sinister is drawn considerably narrower than it should be. Bends sinister usually take up about one-fourth to one-third of the shield, and this is less than one-third of the usual width of the bend sinister. The cumulative problems with the artwork in this submission require its return per RfS VIII.3.

An Tir results from the LoAR dated November 2002 (see the LoAR for full text):
(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged) 

Conchobar Clarsair
Name change from Conor O Dree and device. Per fess enarched sable and vert, two flames and a harp Or.
Dómarr Ingvaldarson
Name and device. Or, a Thor's hammer and a chief sable.
Glymm Mere, Barony of
Badge. (Fieldless) A cross of four pheons conjoined at the points azure.
Heinrich Brummelbar
Name and device. Argent, on a bend between two crosses potent sable a bear rampant palewise Or.
Kataryna Tkach
Name and device. Argent, a pithon and on a chief azure a fret argent.
Lira of Ascalon
Badge. (Fieldless) In saltire a double-bitted axe gules and an arrow argent.
Máirghréad inghean Fhaoláin
Name and device (see RETURNS for badge). Per pale azure and argent, a wolf rampant charged on the shoulder with a compass star counterchanged.
Marcos de Foronda
Marie-Elisabeth de Bretagne
Name and device. Argent, a cross between four fleurs-de-lys purpure.

Badge. Per pale argent and purpure, a cross fleury counterchanged.
Merouda Tremayne
Name and device. Vert, a stag rampant between three acorns Or.
Myles of Connacht
Device. Sable, an owl affronty perched on and maintaining a branch fesswise and on a chief Or three fleurs-de-lys sable.
Sebastian zem Sterne
Name change from holding name Sebastian of Dragon's Mist.
Seth Starr
Device. Per fess argent and gules, in fess a rose sable between two scimitars inverted addorsed Or and in chief a goutte gules.
Tir Rígh, Principality of
Branch name and device. Azure, on a saltire between four mullets of eight points argent a laurel wreath azure.

RETURNED (text paraphrased, see the LoAR for definitive information):
Máirghréad inghean Fhaoláin
Badge. (Fieldless) A compass star per pale azure and argent.
Returned for conflict.  Lions Blood believes the conflict call to be in error and wishes to appeal the return.


The following people were present at the January Lions Blood meeting or sent commentary: Marya Stepanova Kargashina, Thomas Sinclair, Meadhbha Dragon's Mist, Earc Mountain Edge, Gwenlian Catharne, Ciaran Goutte de Sang, Eglentyne Æstel, Teceangl Lions Blood, Guillermo Seagirt, Anthony Hawke, Francesca Dragon's Mist, David Electrum, Brighid Cold Keep, Christopher Red Tree, Frederic Queue Forchee, Wenyeva atte grene, Rogez du Pont, Knute, Li Ban Northern, Tadgg h-úa Faelan of Clan MacNessa, Emma Randall, John Kane of Kent, and Iago ab Adam.

The following names and armory have been sent to Laurel (January LoI) --

Aleyne Edwinson

Name, New

Ambra da Monte

Name and Device, New
Per chevron azure and vert, a mullet of eight points and a frog argent.
The default posture of a frog is tergiant.

An Tir, Kingdom of, for Coquille Pursuivant

Heraldic Title, New
This title is intended for the baronial pursuivant of the Barony of Seagirt. 

Bethel Allen

Name, New
Allen can be found dated 1584, 1578,1540, 1584, 1591, 1600, 1610, 1583, 1614 & 1602 in "Surnames in Durham and Northumberland, 1521-1615" by Julie Stampnitzky online at

Bran mac Conchobair

Name and Device, New
Argent, a bend sinister azure between two ravens sable.
Multiple CDs may be gained by different changes to a secondary charge group.  Therefore this is clear of Malleta MacKessock - September of 2000 (via Artemisia): Argent, a bend sinister azure between a rose sable barbed and seeded proper and a natural panther rampant to sinister sable, with one CD by X.4.e. for changing the type of charges in the secondary group and another CD by X.4.h. for turning half the charge group from to sinister to the default to dexter orientation.  It is also clear of Rory O'Rourke - October of 1987 (via Ansteorra): Argent, a bend sinister azure between two four-leaved shamrocks vert, with one CD by X.4.d. for changing the tincture of the secondary charge group and another CD by X.4.e. for changing the type of the secondary charge group.

Brianna  Wulfbeald

Name and Device, New
Per fess purpure and vert, a fess embattled between a moon in her plentitude and a she-wolf passant contourny argent.
Submitted originally as Brianna Wolfhart, the submitter prefers this byname because it best matches her intended meaning.
The wolf is blazoned a she-wolf specifically because the submitter is a young girl and does not want her wolf rendered with a pizzle, ever.  (She's not too young to know what a pizzle is.)

Cassandra Catharne

Name and Device, New
Sable, on a fess rayonny argent, a dragon migrant to chief azure.
The Tir Righ commentary group mentioned Tahira of Carolingia - June of 2000 (via the East): Sable, on a fess argent an Arabic pen-box azure. As a rayonny line is complex, a fess rayonny might not qualify as voidable by X.4.j.ii. and that would leave nothing for changing type only of the tertiary charge.  Lions Blood has requested that Laurel rule whether the fimbriation of complex line ordinaries is still allowed and if this is a simple case by X.4.j.ii. and clear, or not and in conflict with Tahira.

Cassandra Catharne

Badge, New
(Fieldless) A dragonfly argent winged azure.

Desiree de Colecestra

Device, New
Per fess wavy argent and azure, two caravels counterchanged.
The submitter's name was registered in July of 2002.
Lions Blood finds Feliciano Grimaldi - February of 1996 (via the East): Per pale azure and argent, in fess a ship reversed and a ship both under sail counterchanged.  If counterchanged is shorthand for "this one is argent and that one is azure" then this should conflict, as the placement of the ships on the field is forced by the change of field division.  If instead counterchanged is short for "whatever tinctures we can use wherever we place the charge(s) on the field" then this is clear with an unforced move.  As no specific ruling on this matter has yet been made, we are asking Laurel for a definitive ruling in this case.

Druim Doineann, Shire of

Device, New
Sable, on a pile inverted throughout vert fimbriated between two laurel wreaths a laurel wreath argent.
A Letter of Permission to Conflict with the Barony of Aquaterra has been included, signed by the Baron, Baroness and branch Seneschal.  Aquaterra's arms are Per fess vert and barry wavy argent and azure, in chief three laurel wreaths argent.  As a pile inverted and per chevron throughout may be interchanged, and fimbriation normally has no bearing on difference, permission to conflict was obtained just in case.  In the full-size emblazon the fimbriation is quite visible.

Elena Tvorimirova zhena Danilova

Name and Device,  New
Azure, on a pale engrailed argent three ladybugs proper.
Submitted as Elana Tvorimira zhena Danilova, the An Tir CoH could not find support for that spelling of the forename and changed it in kingdom to match the documented spelling.

Havoise de Rohan

Name and Device, New
Azure, four lozenges in cross argent each charged with an ermine spot sable.
As this could as well be Azure, four lozenges in cross ermine, it was conflict checked under both blazons.

John Catharne

Name and Device, New
Per fess indented Or and azure, five fleurs-de-lys three and two counterchanged.

John Gover

Name and Device, New
Per bend sinister vert and argent, a mullet of nine points argent charged with a roundel vert and a Cornish chough proper.

Jordan Catharne

Name and Device, New
Quarterly azure and gules, five mullets of eight points in saltire Or.
There were a few minutes of concern when comparing this to the following SCA Ordinary entry:
Finnvarr de Taahe
The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 1975 (via the Middle):
Azure, a mullet of six points environed by six mullets of six points, all Or.
The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 1998 (via the Middle):
Azure, a mullet of six points within an orle of mullets of six points Or.
However, a check of the LoAR of February 1998 proved that action to be a reblazon of Finnvarr's badge, meaning there are actually two charge groups on the field: a primary mullet and a secondary orle of mullets.  Therefore this is clear with one CD for change of number of primary charges by X.4.f. and another CD by removal of the secondary charge group by X.4.b.

Rhonwen Wynterbourne

Name and Device, New
Vert, on a chief argent three oak leaves bendwise gules.

Seagirt Barony of,
for Order of the Beare

Order Name, New
The submitter accepts minor changes, and cares most about the sound.  The branch name of Seagirt, Shire of was registered in January of 1990. Lions Blood requests that Laurel also update the barony's status with these submissions.

Seagirt, Barony of,
for Award of the Harp and Hammer

Award Name, New
Originally submitted as Order of the Harp and Hammer, the Baron and Baroness sent email requesting that the designator be changed at kingdom.  Lions Blood has done so and included a copy of the email for the record.

Seagirt, Barony of ,
for Award of the Rocke of Seagirt

Award Name, New

Seagirt, Barony of,
for Order of the Seagull

Order Name, New

Tatsukawa Rokurou Yoshiaki

Name, New

Tevenete de Charolais

Name and Device, New
Argent, a fret and on a chief vert three estoiles argent.

Tvorimir Danilov

Device, Resubmission
Bendy sinister vert and Or, a hawk striking to sinister within an orle argent.
A field evenly divided of a metal and a color may have charges on it of any tincture that does not match the field.  RfS VIIII.2. covers contrast requirements.

The following have been RETURNED for further work:

John Gover

Badge,  New
Argent, a Cornish chough proper.
Several conflicts were found, either of sable ravens/falcons close or of a sable bird close on an argent field.

Rhonwen Wynterbourne

Badge, New
(Fieldless) Two oak leaves conjoined in annulo gules and Or.
As drawn the leaves were not truly in annulo and were not blazonable.  The submitter's redrawn resubmisison appears on the IL for February.

Seagirt Barony of , for Order of the Otter

Order Name, New
(Quoting Electrum's LoC) "Unfortunately this conflicts with the Order of the Otter of Loch Soilleir, registered to the Barony of Loch Solleir, There is no difference between the designators (Order vs. Order), and by RfS V.2.a and b., since Loch Solleir is a branch name of the SCA, under 2.a, "of Loch Solleir" does not qualify as a descriptive element, which means that the Order of the Otter and the Order of the Otter of Loch Solleir have the same number of descriptive elements ("Otter") and those descriptive elements are the same.  Therefore, the two names conflict."

Tevenente de Charolais

Badge,  New
(Fieldless) An estoile argent.
Conflict with Hieronymus Dernoma, August of 1976:  Gyronny argent and sable, an estoile of seven points argent fimbriated sable.  Fimbriation does not count for difference, and a seven-rayed estoile is not a period variant, therefore there is no difference between a seven-rayed estoile and the default six-rayed variety.  That leaves only one CD by X.4.a.iii. for fieldlessness.


1. An Tir, Kingdom of, for
Blue Anchor Pursuivant

Heralds Title, Resubmission to Laurel
The submission of Émail Herald was returned from Laurel in February of 1999 for lack of documentation for Émail and for obtrusive modernity; this is a complete rework. The title is intended for the College of Heralds web deputy. The form was signed by HRM Alyssia during Her reign.
This title is modelled after a period heraldic charge, the anchor, adding the color blue to it in the style of the RfS section III.2.iii.b. example of Noir Lyon Pursuivant.

2. Anisko Mandyevich
Three Mountains
Name, New
The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about the sound, and desires a masculine name.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Anisko is cited from Paul Wickenden of Thanet's Dictionary of Period Russian Names.
Mandyevich is cited from the same source, pg 106 sub Mandyi, as a patronymic form.

3. Annys Bradwardyn
Name and Device, New

Checky argent and azure, a cross bottony sable.

The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about sound, and desires a feminine name authentic for 1400's England.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Annys is cited from E.G. Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, sub Agnes, and dated to 1440.
Bradwardyn is cited from "The Agincourt Honor Roll" at linked from the Medieval Names Archive.  This spelling is dated to 1415.
Remember, only articles that have URLs beginning with do not require photocopies; all other sites must have copies sent in with the submission. When a web page is cited, the URL must be included in order for the College to be able to check the documentation.

4. Cordelia Talbot
Dragon's Laire
Badge, Resubmission to Kingdom

Vert, a talbot's head erased argent, bordure embattled argent.

The submitter's previous submission, (Fieldless) A talbot's head erased argent, was returned from kingdom in September of 2002 for multiple conflicts.  This submission adds both a field and bordure.
Her current registered name is Elianor Talbot of Wynchestre, registered in August of 1996.  Her change of name to Cordelia Talbot appears on the An Tir IL of December 2002 and LoI of February 2003.

5. Damien Wynter
Three Mountains
Name and Device, New

Per pale dancetty sable and argent, a goblet counterchanged.   

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a masculine name.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Damien is cited from E.G. Withycombe, The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, as a header spelling and dated to 1205.
Wynter is cited from "English Names Found in Brass Enscriptions" by Julian Goodwyn found at  Wynter is dated to 1470. 

6. Frederic Badger
Saint Bunstable
Device, Change

Sable, a chalice within an orle argent.

The submitter's name was registered in May of 1998. His current device, Per bend sinister wavy sable and argent, a bend sinister wavy between a decrescent and chalice all counterchanged, is to be retained as a badge upon registration of this change.

 7. Frederic Badger
Saint Bunstable
Badge, New

(Fieldless) A badger rampant contourny sable.

The submitter's name was registered in May of 1998.

8. Greylond of Trealoch
Cae Mor
Name and Device, New

Sable, on a plate an owl closed perch sable, a point pointed.

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a male name.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Greylond is cited from "A Statistical Survey of Given Names in Essex Co., England, 1182-1272", by Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester,  Greylond appears in the listing of men's names from the Essex Feet of Fines.  Copies of the article are included.
Trealoch  is cited as an SCA shire, Shire of Treloch, (San Angelo TX).  Lions Blood can find no record of the registration of this branch name; assistance from the College in documenting the byname would be appreciated.
The point pointed is argent and the roundel upon it is sable.

9. Jacques Deleau
Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Gules, on a pile between two fleurs de lys Or a stag's head cabossed sable.

The submitter's name appears on the December 2002 An Tir LoI. His previous device, Or chausse gules, a stag's head cabossed sable, was returned from kingdom in December 2002 for conflict with Bjorn Rhys - Per bend sinister argent and sable, in dexter chief an elk's skull cabossed sable. This resubmission addresses that conflict with the addition of secondary charges.
No blazon was submitted with this device; the blazon given is Marya's.

10. Julianne Cardenell
Cae Mor
Name and Device, New

Gules, on a plate cardinal gules, issuant from base three chevronels braced argent.

The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about sound, and desires a female name.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Julianne is cited from "Given Names from Brittany, 1384-1600", by Heather Rose Jones,, and dated 1530,1559, and 1584.
Cardenell is cited from "Surnames in Durham and Northumberland, 1521-1615", Julie Stampnitzky,  and dated to 1577.
Copies of both articles are included. 

11. Kadic Godeboldus
Fire Mountain Keep
Name and Device, New

Per bend sable & argent, a goblet Or & a sword gules.

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares about the meaning of the name, stated to be 'dirt or ground', and desires a German masculine name.  He will allow a holding name.
The submitter wishes the personal name Kadic but will accept Kade, Kadel or Kädig, all cited from Edda Gentry's translation of Hans Bahlow, German Names, 2nd. Ed, pg 255, and apparently dated to 1408.
Godeboldus is cited from Reaney & Wilson's Dictionary of English Surnames, pg 194 sub Godebold, dated to 1086, also 'Wm. Godebold 1206 from OG "god-bold"'.

12. Lachlann Munro
Name, New
The submitter accepts minor changes and desires a male name. 
Lachlann is cited from Black, George F., The Surnames of Scotland, pg 410, and dated to 1436.
Munro is also cited from Black, pg 619, dated to 1463.
Lions Blood remark: Header spellings are far more important than page numbers, as different editions of the same book can have radically different page numbers.  Additionally, when documenting a forename out of a book specializing in surnames, or vice versa, the cite should include evidence that proves that it is being used in the proper position.  The College's assistance in supplying this information for the submitter would be appreciated.

13. Nicolette Thomas
Name and Device, New

Argent, an open pair of shears sable, and on a chief gules two open books fesswise argent.

The submitter allows minor changes, and desires a feminine name authentic for Elizabethan England.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Nicolette is cited from Withycombe, E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, pg. 217, sub Nicola, Nicolette;  "Italian and French forms of Nicholas (q.v.). Nicholaa is not infrequent in medieval Latin records, but is no doubt merely a latinization of Nicholas when borne by a woman, who would in the vernacular have been simply Nicol or Nicolas. Nicole, Nicolette, Colette are fairly common in France and are occasionally borrowed in England."  The name is also cited from Dauzat, Dictionaire des Noms de Famille et Prenoms de France, pg 451 s.n. Nicolas;  "The feminine "Nicole+, -olle" (baptismal name returned to popularity and a matronym) is very old, as is the diminutive Nicollette (12th Century)."
Thomas is cited from Reaney & Wilson's Dictionary of English Surnames, pg 443 sub Thomas of which spelling is said, "...dates to 1086 DB. Walter Thomas 1275, Hugo Thomas 1317."

14. Prudence Charbonnel
Name and Device, New

Argent, a lion passant guardant vert, a chief counter-ermine.

The submitter accepts any changes and desires a feminine name.  Submitter will accept a holding name.
Prudence is cited from Withycombe, E.G., The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, pg 247, and dated to the 13th century.
Charbonnel is cited from Dauzat's Dictionaire des Noms de Famille et Prenoms de France, pg 111, sub Charbon.

15. Rhonwen Wynterbourne
Glymm Mere
Badge, Resubmission to Kingdom

Fieldless, an oak leaf fesswise gules conjoined in annulo with an oak leaf fesswise reversed Or.

The submitter's name and device appear on the January 2003 An Tir LoI. The previous badge of the same blazon was returned from Kingdom in January of 2003 for not having the leaves truly in annulo, being in an unblazonable position.

16. Sonnet Manon
Saint Bunstable
Device, Change

Argent, a dragonfly and on a chief engrailed azure three fleur de lis argent.

The submitter's name was registered in June of 1999. Her previous device, registered in September of 1999, Argent , a dragon fly azure winged sable and on a chief engrailed azure three estoiles argent, is to be released upon registration of this change.

17. Sonnet Manon
Saint Bunstable
Badge, New

(Fieldless) A triangle inverted voided ployé fleury at the points azure.

This charge appears in Johann Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605 on plate 104 in the arms of Eberstein and again on plate 205 in the arms of Stromer.  In each case the triangle conjoining the fleurs is voided.  Additionally, in Das Grosse Buch der Wappenkunst by Walter Leonhard shows the charge, still voided, on page 256.  Not being very good with German text, Lions Blood asked Guntram, Albion Herald (Drachenwald) to translate the text for me.  Here's what he said:
The charge is blazoned as a 'Dreipass mit Gleven'.  'Gleve' (or 'Cleve'/'Kleve') is the upper part of a fleur-de-lys.  'Dreipass' usually means 'in pall', though Leonhard also occasionally uses it to describe three charges joined in a triangular formation (see eg p225, #5).
Elsewhere, a similar triangular formation with trefoil points (p249, #23) is blazoned as 'mit Waldkleeblaettern besetzter, gestuerzter, durchbrochener Spickel', which, as best as I can translate, would be an 'inverted voided triangle, the points ending in trefoils'.
This would indicate that the charge is recognized in German heraldry as its own entity, and therefore is suitable for voiding as a fieldless badge (the requirements for voiding on a fieldless badge being that the voiding is part of the definition of the charge, such as a mascle).  Further support would be appreciated.

18. Sonnet Manon
Saint Bunstable
Badge, Resubmission to Laurel

(Fieldless) A triangle voided ployé fleury at the points argent.

The submitter's name was registered in June of 1999. Her previous badge, (Fieldless) A fleur-de-lys vert, was returned for conflict from Laurel in August of 2002. This is a complete redesign.
This is a rotation of the charge described above.

19.Wenyeva atte grene
Badge, New

(Fieldless) On a cushion per pale azure and sable, a mullet of eight Or

The submitter's name appears on the August 2002 An Tir LoI.

In service to An Tir,

Written by:
Marya Stepanova Kargashina

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