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Volume 1, Number 7 ~ 27 December 2002

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Table of Contents:
An apology
Greetings from Teceangl Lions Blood.  I'm not known for infallibility, which is a good thing sometimes.  But I've outdone myself.  Before taking a holiday hiatus, Morel Black Stag supplied me with the content for the December Heralds' Page.  I saved it, somewhere, I'm certain, but I cannot locate it anywhere.  To delay publication would not serve any good purpose, so this issue is scant, holding no greeting from Black Stag save ATKHS information, and nothing from Maister Iago.  I am very sorry.  The January Heralds' Page will have the missing articles, I promise.

Arms of Morael Black Stag From Moræl Black Stag:

Greetings from Morel Black Stag:

ATKHS 2003 will be hosted by the Barony of Stromgard (Vancouver, Washington) on April 12th, 2003.  The event autocrat is Madonna Contessa Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari.  She has procured a lovely old church now in use as the Columbia Arts Center for our weekend of learning, teaching, and socializing.  There will be more details as the event draws nearer.

Yours In Service,

Morel Black Stag
Argent, a bear's jambe and in chief three blackberries sable hulled vert
From Lord Marco Valentino, Black Lion Principal Herald

Greetings heralds of An Tir,

This announcement is long overdue so let me make it no longer overdue! We have a new Webmaster here at the college of heralds and hope to have many new and amazing things coming out of the website. Rafaella ( will be taking over as the webmaster for the college. She has done a fine job in other tasks in the past and we are looking forward to her hard work on the web site. There will be some changes coming soon so keep looking for the changes as we go. If you have any questions for her please don’t hesitate to send her an e-mail.
It is my pleasure to announce officially that we have chosen a new Dexter Gauntlet Herald to maintain the OP of our fair kingdom. The OP has had some rocky times in the past and is no small burden to maintain. This is easily one of the most time consuming jobs in the entire kingdom. In spite of this and to our glad edification, no less than 6 people applied for this heavy task. People from all over the kingdom and not just heralds but those who desired to use their mundane database skills in aiding our dream. After long consideration I have appointed Lady Sonnet who has been taking care of it for the last few months. She has done an excellent job of it and it is currently in working order and up to date as of the end of the fair reign of Wilam and Siobhan. Any and all corrections should POLITELY be sent to her at Realize that she now has quite a task on her head and it may take time to make corrections. We are one of the largest kingdoms in the Knowne World and as such we have quite a list of people who have contributed greatly. The current OP and Roster can be reached at Thank you again to all who applied, your service is most appreciated.

Seal of the Black Lion Principal Herald In Service to An Tir,

Lord Marco Valentino, GdS

Black Lion Principal Herald

  What's on your label?

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Free Trumpet Press West News
(Sent 9 December, 2002)

Greetings to heralds & pursuivants, one and all,

Free Trumpet Press West is moving.  As of January 1, 2003, my new address will be:

SCA - Free Trumpet Press West
c/o Kevin L. Conlin
820 E. Monroe St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

We are hoping to get all current orders out this week, in preparation for packing and moving to our new house.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for your time and attention,

Rory mac Feidhlimidh
Curator, Free Trumpet Press West      
  Another Scribal Resource

Did you know that Lions Blood will relay any notes to scribes from heraldic submission forms on request?  She will.  That's what they're there for.

  And Now for Something Substantially Different...
by Zenobia Naphtali, Wreath Sovereign of Arms

Let's meditate on the difference between X.2 type difference and X.4 type difference. Actually, let's meditate a little bit on the different kinds of armorial difference in RfS X.1-X.5, because it will save you all grief in the long run, or even the short run.   Please refer to the rules at

Most of the time X.1, X.2 and X.4 will get you everywhere you need to be, but it is tricky determining how to pick which rule to use, particularly X.2 and X.4. Knowing how to distinguish them is slightly subtle.

These are handy rules to know about... you only need one change after all.  They include:
X.1:  Addition of Primary Charges.
X.2: Substantially Different Charges (we're going to talk about this more in a bit.)
X.3: Required charges transparent (this is actually a version of RfS X.2., because it says "you can take something with a required charge... and then look at it in a certain way FOR PURPOSES OF "Difference of Primary Charges", which comes out to be X.2 really. We should change that wording a bit, mmm...)

X.4: Significant Armorial Differences (Note: the CD - "Clear (visual) Difference", or "Cadency Difference" - only applies to THIS rule and its subsections, not any of the other difference rules in section X).

X.5: Visual Test.
O.K. Note that we have the key word "Substantial" for RfS X.2, and "Significant" for RfS X.4. These words will show up in the precedents as a key for what kind of change is being made. "Substantial" is a "bigger" change (or a more qualitative change) than "Significant."

RfS X.4.e (the section of Significant Armorial Differences, on type changes) says in pertinent part: "Types of charges considered to be separate in period, for example a lion and an heraldic tyger, will be considered different."
Notice that this is an example of a change that is worth one CD for changing the type of charge.  It is a _significant_ change, not a substantial change, by definition.

X.2 tells us what we need for something to be a substantial change:  "Simple armory does not conflict with other simple armory if the type of every primary charge is substantially changed.  These types of changes were normally seen between complete strangers in blood, and were not usually used to indicate any form of cadency"
We can thus conjecture that there are some charge type changes that might have been used to indicate cadency (the kind of change that a 2nd son might make to distinguish his arms from the parental arms, which would descend to a different (generally, first) son). These charge type changes would therefore NOT be eligible for RfS X.2. They might be "significant" changes (worth a CD by X.4.e) but not "substantial" changes.

The easiest example that springs to mind is the difference in type between a bend and a bend engrailed. The engrailed bend is likely to be a cadency step from the plain bend. Thus, even though they look unmistakably different, this change is worth a CD ('significant') but cannot be eligible for consideration for RfS X.2. ('not substantial').  (Of course RfS X.2 has those simplicity requirements too. But it is really important to remember the difference between "substantial" and "significant.")  One might also note that since the RfS X.4.e explicitly calls the difference between a lion and a tyger 'significant' it is only 'significant' (not substantial.)

When reading precedents and Laurel rulings, any type change that is "Substantial" is also "Significant".  Type changes that are "Significant" or "Worth a CD" are sometimes, but not always "Substantial." One has to read precedent carefully on this.  Sometimes a ruling will say that there is "Significant, but not substantial difference" or "Significant difference, but not X.2 difference". That tells you that the type change is only worth a CD.

However, sometimes a ruling will count two CDs for type change (say, a separate CD for type of primary charge group and secondary charge group).  Does that mean that the change to the primary charge group is "only" worth a CD, rather than qualifying for X.2 difference? .... it isn't always clear.  A Laurel ruling will not always extend itself to consider all options. If two pieces of armory can be counted clear by applying X.4, then it is not necessary to rule (at this particular moment) about whether widgets and flidgets are "significantly" or "substantially" different.
That's when you look elsewhere in precedents, or ask for help... or ask your submitter if they want to be a test case.

Holiday Musical Interlude
filks by Lady Teceangl Bach

to the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Oh, you'd better watch out, better make your town cry;
Project but don't shout, I'm telling you why,
Laurel Sovereign is coming to town.

His forms are all packed, all Letters are writ;
The files are stacked, made sure the crown fit;
Laurel Sovereign is coming to town.

He sees all your submissions, says when your docs will fail;
Reviews all Letters of Intent, 'cause he gets them in the mail.

Oh, you better watch out, better make your town cry,
Project but don't shout, I'm telling you why,
Laurel Sovereign is coming to town.

to the tune of Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Pray attend Wreath Sovereign
Our petition on this day,
When the LoAR comes out
Oh, tell us what you'll say.
Decision time will come real soon,
File cabinets you shall fill;
When commentary you review,
Rule for us if you will.

Conchobar wants a chevron vert
Between three mullets gules,
Radka wants hers lozengy
Legal by tincture rules;
Ragnarr wants an argent sword
Maintained by lions bold,
Sejant respectant queue forchee
Each cat of shining gold.

Alys thinks that unicorns
Two and one would be grand,
Niccolo just would like a badge -
Fieldless, a dexter hand.
As for me, my device choice
Is simple and demure,
Griffin displayed maintaining
Hammer, sickle, cup and mirror!
to the tune of Up on the Housetop

Registration is no game
When Pelican's ruling on your name
Out come the big books with lots of dates
For final ruling the College waits.
When you have sent
When you have sent
Name submissions
cite, cite, cite,
All through the process
Until it's right.

First come the sources on the Net;
Medieval Names Archive is a good bet;
Articles cover Asia to Spain
All quite useful in the main.
When you have sent
When you have sent
Name submissions
cite, cite, cite,
All through the process
Until it's right.

Next come the books in the library,
Information for all to see.
Here is a Gaelic name for you,
Dated to the time of Brian Boru.
When you have sent
When you have sent
Name submissions
cite, cite, cite,
All through the process
Until it's right.

Teceangl Bach
December 27, 2002
Send thy comments here:
Brenda Klein
5235 SE Lambert St #A-5
Portland, OR 97206-9068

Commentary on this Letter will be due February 7th, 2003.
(Send comments to Lions Blood Herald, information at top of this letter)

The January Lions Blood Meeting will be held on Sunday, January 19th, 1pm, at the home of Marya Stepanova Kargashina, 6304 se 90th Ave., Portland.
Directions from I-205: Take the Foster Rd. exit (number 17) and head toward Portland (left from south, right from north).  Get into the left lane immediately and turn left on SE 92nd at the light.  Turn right at the second street, SE Tolman and go two blocks.  The house is on the corner of 90th and Tolman on the SE side (left).  There's a white picket fence and trees in the yard.
Tri-Met public transit: The #14 Hawthorne to Foster & 94th stops 2 blocks away.  Leaving Union Station at 12:14 gets you to SE 90th & Woodstock at 12:52pm on Sundays.  Walk south 2 blocks, away from Woodstock Blvd., to get to Tolman.

The February Lions Blood Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 9th, 1pm, at the home of Beatrice Domenici della Campana, 13595 SW Electric, Beaverton, OR.  (503) 520-1860.
Directions from I-5 southbound: Take I-405 toward Beaverton and exit at highway 26 Beaverton/Ocean Beaches.  Follow 26 to highway 217 (southbound is your only choice - it's the right one).  From 217 take the Canyon Rd. exit and turn right.  Follow Canyon to SW Hocken, which is the second right after the light at Cedar Hills Blvd.  Turn right onto Hocken then left onto Electric.
Directions from I-5 northbound:  Take the highway 217 and head toward Beaverton.  From 217 take the Canyon Rd. exit and turn left.  Follow Canyon to SW Hocken, which is the second right after the light at Cedar Hills Blvd.  Turn right onto Hocken then left onto Electric
Tri-Met public transit: The MAX Blue Line stops at Millikan around 12:47pm on Sundays.  Head south to Electric then turn left.  It's about 3 blocks.

 Arms of Teceangl Lions Blood Greetings from Teceangl Lions Blood!

Please don't be reluctant to comment if you really want to try.  I'll be glad to privately critique your work, or to get you into contact with someone who can help you.  We all started with little knowledge once, and we help one another get better.  I shudder to remember some of the silly stuff I've said in the past in Letters of Comment.  But it's fun, and any contribution can help the heraldic process.  An Tir is, in my not-so-humble opinion, one of the better kingdoms heraldically.  Group effort and a pool of talent are the key to that.  We need to always take in new interested people if we plan on maintaining our high level of heraldic reputation.  Come play with us?

(Not a word.  Just don't say it...)  The following entries had an incorrectly spelled name in the header in the November 2002 IL; note that the correct spelling matches the documentation:

25.Tevenete de Charolais

Dragon's Mist
Name and Device, New
Argent, a fret and on a chief vert three estoiles argent.

The submitter accepts any changes and desires a French feminine name.
Tevenente is cited from Edouard Philipon, Le Livre du Vaillant des Habitants de Lyon en 1388, pgs 214, 215.  Names listed are Tevenete du Molin, and Tevenete, servente de ches Pierre Salavre...
Charolais is cited as a region in France dating to the 1500's in both John Haywood Atlas of World History, and William R Shepherd, Historical Atlas, pg. 84. Photocopies are included.
The submitter also includes a letter of permission to conflict from the Canton of Willoughby Vale, Argent fretty, and on a chief vert two laurel wreaths argent. It is signed by the canton's seneschal and herald, the Baron and Baroness of River Haven to whom Willoughby Vale is bound, Tevenete, and Dragon's Mist Pursuivant.

26.Tevenete de Charolais
Dragon's Mist
Badge,  New
(Fieldless) An estoile argent

The submitters name appears above.

An Tir results from the LoAR dated September 2002 (see the LoAR for full text):
(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged)

Alexander of Maldon
Name and device. Quarterly gules and sable, a Bowen knot crosswise between four lozenges Or.
Andreu Recheles
Device. Per fess Or and gules, a winged rat couchant and a wagon wheel counterchanged.
Aquaterra, Barony of
Badge (see RETURNS for order name Order of the Starfish). Azure, an estoile within a bordure nebuly Or.
Arnóra in hárfagra
Bagsecg of Aquaterra
Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Purpure, in pale an eagle argent and a crossbow fesswise Or.
Submitted under the name Basecg von Basel.
Caterina Giulia di Raffaello Strozzi
Alternate name Ælfflæd Ælfgaresdohtor.
Constancia Tattersall
Device change. Argent goutty, on a chamfron azure a cross patonce argent.
The submitter's previous device, Gules, a horse rampant Or maintaining between its forelegs a goblet between three lit candles argent, is released.
Drogo de Le Mans
Name and device. Or, a dragon's head couped and on a chief embattled vert a sword reversed proper.
Duncan MacDuff
Name and device. Per pale argent and azure, two lions combattant each maintaining a sword counterchanged and on a point pointed Or a crossbow sable.
Earc Mac Fíthil
Name and device. Sable, a trillium Or between four salmon naiant in annulo argent.
Edmund Godric Scrymgeour
Device. Quarterly azure and argent all mailly counterchanged.
The field treatment mailly will not be registered after the April 2003 LoAR. See the cover letter of this LoAR for a complete explanation of this decision.
Erik von Winterthur
Fionnghuala Friseil
Alternate name Elsbet Brunnen.
Gabrielle Méricourt
Name and device. Purpure, three fleurs-de-lys and an orle of leaves in orle Or.
Geneviève de Bretagne
Name and device. Per fess vert and gules, three leaves and a moon in her complement argent.
Griffin the Black
Badge. Per bend sinister purpure and vert, a bend sinister between a thistle and an axe inverted bendwise sinister argent.
Guy Beaugrand de Champaigne
Name and device. Or, on a bend between two bunches of grapes vert three fleurs-de-lys palewise Or.
Hróðgeirr lómbungr
Isabel Kylle
Isrið in glaða
Name and device. Ermine, on a bend sinister sable a fox courant contourny Or.
Juliana Celestria
Name and device. Per bend sinister vert and azure, a winged cat sejant regardant and on a chief argent a vine of three roses proper.
Klaufi Hafsson
Name and device. Erminois, an eagle displayed gules within a bordure rayonny sable.
Larisa Andriushkina zhena Ivanova doch
Device. Argent, in chief two annulets conjoined in fess within a bordure vert.
Lia Anna Stewart.
Device. Or, a dragon rampant vert wreathed at the temples with a torse argent and in chief three fleams gules.
Lovell of Shadwode
Device. Or, a winged wolf salient sable within a bordure embattled vert.
Lucia da Firenze
Name and device. Per pale azure and vert, on a pale argent three cogwheels gules.
Mark Blodletere
Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Per saltire gules and argent, in pale two crosses couped argent and in fess two towers sable.
Submitted under the name Corthaid Blodletere.
Pedro of Lincolnshire
Petrus Draycote
R{o,}gnvaldr bassi
Device. Per saltire gules and Or, a fer-a-loup inverted sable.
Styrkárr of Aquaterra
Holding name and device (see RETURNS for name). Or, a yale rampant guardant vert bezanty armed gules.
Submitted under the name Styrkárr totiþjalfi.
Tyew the timid
Valdís Osborne
Name (see RETURNS for badge).

RETURNED:  (text paraphrased, see the LoAR for definitive information):

Aquaterra, Barony of
Order name Order of the Starfish.
This order name is being returned for non-period style
Basecg von Basel
The forename spelling is unattested and its language is Old English.  The byname is Middle High German.  No evidence was given to show that the languages could be mixed in a single name and only minor changes were allowed, preventing Laurel from changing the forename spelling and making the name registerable.  His armory has been registered under the holding name Bagsecg of Aquaterra.
Corthaid Blodletere
This name is being returned for lack of documentation of Corthaid as a given name. His armory has been registered under the holding name Mark Blodletere.
Lyutsina Manova
Name and device.
Argent, a moon in her plenitude and on a chief rayonny azure three lozenges argent.
This name is being returned for lack of documentation of Lyutsina as a feminine given name in period.
The emblazon blurs the distinction between a chief and a per fess line of division. If this is a charged chief, the line marking the bottom of the chief needs to be higher, and in particular, the bottom points of the rayonny line should not extend as far down as the fess point of the shield. The moon should also be drawn larger as befits a primary charge.
If this is a per fess division, the rayonny line should extend equally over and under the fess line of the shield. In a per fess interpetation the equal visual weight of the lozenges and the moon is appropriate.
As this cannot be accurately blazoned, it must be returned per RfS VII.7.
Styrkárr totiþjalfi
This name is being returned for lack of documentation of the byname totiþjalfi as a plausible period byname. There was also a good bit of discussion regarding whether the constructed byname was offensive. We are declining to rule on that issue at this time.
His armory has been registered under the holding name Styrkárr of Aquaterra.
Valdís Osborne
Azure, a spider inverted between two lace bobbins in chevron inverted argent.
Problems were found with the rendition of both the lace bobbins (modern depiction) and the spider (implausible form).


The following people were present at the November Lions Blood meeting or sent commentary: Ciaran Goutte de Sang, Marya Stepanova Kargashina, Francesca Dragon's Mist, Meadhbha inghean Bhriain Mhuilleóir, Ercc Mountain Edge, Thomas Sinclair, Teceangl Lions Blood, David Electrum, Gwenlian Catharne, Rhonwen Winterbourne, Natasha Vox Leonis, Eglentyne Æstel, Anthony Hawke, Fionnghuala Friseil, Ærne Clover, Roger du Pont, Knute, Brighid Cold Keep, Li Ban Northern, and Tadgg h-úa Faelan of Clan MacNessa.

The following names and armory have been sent to Laurel (November LoI) --

Agnarr bjarnylr Ásvaldsson

Name, New

Angelline d'Avallon

Name, New
Laurel only considers over 1000 years between name elements to be fatal.  Over 300 years is a step from period practice ("weirdness"), but still quite registerable if no other problems exist.

Anne d'Amboise

Name, New

Aquaterra, Barony of

Badge, New
Per pale wavy barry wavy argent and azure and vert.

The branch name was registered in March of 1983.  This is meant to be a populace badge.

Arnora inn harfagri

Device, New
Or, a pegasus passant and a bordure potent vert.

The submitter's name appears on the An Tir May 2002 LoI.

Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile

Name and Device, New
Per pale azure and vert, a hound salient and on a chief Or three roses proper.

Initially blazoned as courant, the hound was much closer to salient (two on the ground, two in the air), so it was reblazoned.  Sejant is different from all other postures.  Dormant and couchant are equivalent, rampant and salient and sejant erect are heraldically the same, passant and statant and courant are equivalent, and head and tail postures or number is irrelevant to difference.  So a CD between non-equivalent postures is something you can count on in a properly drawn quadruped.

Eden Kent

Name, New

Effie Little

Name and Device, New
Or, a goose close to sinister vair.

Eileen in Luch

Name and Device, Resubmission
Gules on a pile inverted embattled throughout between two trefoil knots argent a mouse sejant erect sable.

Enna van  Merebeke

Name, New

Fáelán mac Fítheal 

Name, New
Laurel was told that as Earc mac Fithil's brother, he wants his name to match Earc's in time period and patronymic form as much as possible.

Genevieve de Bohun - change from
Isolde the Nimble Fingered

Name and Device, Change
Ermine, two quill pens in saltire gules and on a chief sable three escallops argent.

Giovanni Della Rosa

Name, New

Gunnarr Andreasson

Name, New

Kilian van der Meer

Name and Device, New
Per bend sinister gules and azure a dragon sejant and an anchor Or.

Marie Chantes

Name, New

Mikael Drakelawe

Name, New

Morgan Clubfot

Name and Device, New
Vert, a scimitar and, in chief three hawk's bells Or.

Morrigan is only found in period as the name of a goddess.  As it is not registerable, we changed her forename to a registerable one with a similar sound she stated she'd accept.  The byname is in the most plausible spelling for period that we could find.

North, Crown Principality of the

Branch Name, Change
This is a name change or resubmission new to Laurel.  It is also an appeal of a kingdom return.

Rande Dakes

Name,  New

Reginleif  inn Hárfagra

Name, New
The byname was feminized to match the gender of the forename.

Rodrigo Alfonso de Granada

Name and Device, New
Vert, on a pale Or between in chief two crescents argent a scorpion inverted sable.

Skapti Þorinsson

Name, New
Electrum assisted in assuring the name is in the submitter's preferred form.

Valentino da Siena

Name and Device, New
Per pale sable and Or, in pale three labels couped counterchanged

Wenyeva atte grene

Device, New
Per chevron argent and vert, three beacons enflamed counterchanged

The submitter's name appears on the August 2002 An Tir LoI.

The following have been RETURNED for further work:

Agnarr bjarnylr Ásvaldsson

Device, New
Per pale dovetailed argent and azure, a wolf and a fox combatant each maintaining in forepaw an axe counterchanged.

Laurel has ruled that two charges that are similar but not identical is too far from period practice to be acceptable in SCA heraldry.  There is no heraldic difference between types of canines, therefore using a fox and a wolf on the same device is not allowed.
Or, an artist's brush and a reed pen inverted in saltire sable ...] The new submission does not solve the problem from the previous submission. There are still two similar but non-identical charges on the device (the pen and the brush), a practice which has been prohibited for some time. Making them primary charges does not change the problem. [Kayleigh von Brückenheim, 02/01, R-Atenveldt]

Angelline d'Avallon

Device, New
Argent, in fess an eagle head to sinister gules and a wolf rampant purpure.

Although blazoned as a phoenix, the bird lacked the flames required to make it such, therefore it must be blazoned an eagle.  Therefore, this device is in conflict with Brandenburg, Argent, an eagle displayed gules crowned Or, and John Milton, Argent, a double-headed eagle displayed gules.  There is only one CD in each case for adding the wolf.  Both conflicting armories are protected non-SCA devices.
A question was raised about how this fared against Will Dekne - March of  2002: Argent, a phoenix and a chief wavy gules.  The commenter correctly counted 1 CD for removal of the secondary charge of the chief wavy (X.4.b.) but asked if there is an additional CD for the addition of the wolf to the primary charge group.  Yes, by X.4. f. Number Changes - Significantly changing the number of charges in any group placed directly on the field or overall is one clear difference.  (1 + 1 = 2, even in heraldry.)
Thank you all for checking this against eagles as well as phoenixes!  The charges are substantially different in their correct forms, but this was not a phoenix and not checking eagles might have missed this conflict.

Appoline d'Avignon

Badge, New
(Fieldless) An iris conjoined in pale with another iris vert flowered purpure.

Returned for redrawing.  The College of Heralds could not identify the irises as depicted.  Some saw the utterly straight stem with the single leaves as some sort of staff, and the not quite fully opened blossom added confusion to the identifiability of the flower.
Eoin Mac Cainnigh. Device. Per fess azure and Or in pale a stag's head caboshed conjoined at the muzzle to another caboshed inverted counterchanged.
The style here (a mirror image in pale) is extremely unusual; indeed, the inversion of the basemost charge and the conjoining of the two charges so confounds their identifiability that many commenters, before hearing the blazon, thought that they were a single charge: a tree blasted and eradicated counterchanged. As such, it clearly falls afoul of the identifiability requirements of RfS VII.7.a. ("Elements must be recognizable solely from their appearance.").

Arontius of Bygelswade for
Consortio de Draconis

Household Name, New
The College could not find evidence that an organized group of people would have had this sort of name in period, nor could any group have been considered to have been 'made from a/the dragon'.

Eden Kent

Device, New
Badge, New
Per pale argent and gules, a bat-winged rabbit rampant Or maintaining a radish proper.
(Fieldless) A bat-winged rabbit rampant maintaining a radish Or.

Both these armories had the same fatal problems.  Conflict with Andres Miquel Rodriquez de la Rosa: Per pale sable and purpure a winged rabbit rampant Or.  In each case there is one CD for making changes to the tincture of, or totally removing, the field.  However, maintained charges do not count for difference, and wing types get no difference from one another.  Two Clear Differences are needed to clear conflict, therefore your device and badge both conflict with the protected armory of Andres.  Additionally, the position of the radish would not be reconstructable from the blazon.  Normally a maintained object is simply held in one paw rather than being gnawed upon.  Several commenters were reminded of Bunnicula, which wasn't fatal but indicated a certain straying from heraldic style.

Fionnghuala Friseil

Badge, New
Gules, on a fess sable three roses argent barbed vert seeded gules.

Returned for violating RfS VIII.2., Armorial Contrast, by having a sable charge on a gules field.  Documented Exceptions are covered in RfS VIII.6.  This submission does not meet the criteria for this clause as no documentation was supplied to show that this motif was used either generally or as regional style in period armory.  Ursula Georges' documentation is of no use to this case, as it specifically covers only a single complex sable charge on a gules field.  This badge is a simple ordinary, sable on a gules field, that is charged with complex charges of a metal tincture with color detailing and therefore documentation of that specific motif is required in order to adequately support this submission.

Gregorio Cristovalez de la Vega

Badge, New
(Fieldless) A cross of Santiago Or surmounted by an escallop gules.

Returned for style problems.  Laurel has ruled that one charge is allowed to surmount another on a fieldless badge "where one of the charges is a long, slender object, and the area of intersection small".  As the escallop overlies the cross on the exact place where it is not long and slender, there are identifiability issues with this design. 
In cases where identifiability is maintained --- where one of the charges is a long, slender object, and the area of intersection small --- overall charges will still be permitted in fieldless badges.  (15 January, 1992 Cover Letter (November, 1992 LoAR), pg. 3)

Morgaine Somerset

Device, New
Per pale gules and sable, a cross of St. Brigid argent.

Returned for conflict with Angels, Barony of the: Per pale gules and sable, a celtic cross humetty formy argent.  There is a CD between a Celtic cross and other equal-armed crosses, but not substantial difference (X.2.).  This  is also in conflict with Switzerland: Gules, a cross couped argent, and Greece: Azure, a cross couped argent.  In each case a CD exists from changes made to the field tincture (or half thereof), but a cross of St. Brigid is an SCA invention differing from a cross couped by the most minor details and should not get a CD.  This is also one of the rare cases where X.5. might come into play, as many crosses couped aren't much difference from a cross of St. Brigid.
A couple of helpful resources exist online for conflict checking crosses.  There is the Collection of Laurel Precedents Regarding Crosses at and the Cross Conflict Table at  Though both are excellent references, remember that they are static, so always check current Laurel precedents as well.

Pedro of Lincolnshire

Device, Resubmission to Kingdom
Argent, a chevron vert between two bows and a deer's hoofprint gules.

Conflict with conflict with Anne of Huntingdon Loxley: Argent, a chevron ployé vert between two roses gules slipped and leaved vert and a sunburst gules.  There is only one CD for changing the type of the secondary charge group.  The type of hoofprint is blazoned for the same reason we blazon other things not worth difference but artistically valid, like ployé and numbers of charges above six - to produce a blazon reproducible to match the submitter's emblazon.

Rande Dakes

Device, New
Per bend sinister Or and argent, a bend dancetty sable overall an escarbuncle gules.

The field was not actually per bend sinister along a straight line of division.  It followed the steps of the bend sinister dancetty so closely that the Or and argent each overlapped onto the other half of the shield.  This problem was compounded by the bend sinister dancetty being too narrow.  A good width for an ordinary, even a complex one, is 1/5th the width of the shield.  This would also avoid the unfortunate placement of the top part of the bend sinister dancetty riding along the top edge of the shield, which created an optical illusion that that part of the dance was longer than the other steps.Finally, the escarbuncle was too far from an heraldic depiction to be acceptable.  In fact, the eight arrows conjoined in such a manner was extremely evocative of the "Chaos shield" insignia, which is a major item of insignia in Michael Moorcock's Melniboné books.  Some commenters and Lions Blood herself saw the overall charge of this device as a Chaos cross surmounted by an annulet (and the fact that both the classic Chaos cross and this escarbuncle were both red didn't help at all).  The submitter has been supplied with a picture of an heraldic escarbuncle to facilitate his resubmission.

Valdis Osborne

Device, Resubmission to Kingdom
Azure, two lacing bobbins in saltire and on a chief triangular argent, a spider inverted azure.

As the Laurel return of her badge on the September 2002 LoAR addressed the rendition of the lace bobbins and the spider, and the exact same renditions were used on this device submission, we are returning it from kingdom to give her a chance to redraw it instead of facing certain return from Laurel in six months.

Valantyne of Roseberry Topping

Name, New
Changes were required to make this name registerable but no changes were allowed according to the submission form, therefore this name had to be returned.
The spelling Valantyne was not supported by the documentation.  Reaney & Wilson's A Dictionary of English Surnames show only the spellings Valentinus and Valantyn used as given names.  Additionally, the -us ending of the Latin form indicates that this is a masculine name, and the form was clearly marked for a female name.
Ekwall's The Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names states that Roseberry Topping is the present name for the place and shows nothing to indicate that the name existed in period or what it might have been.  Without dates or documentation that the place was called Roseberry Topping in period, it is very likely that this name could not be registered. 


1. Aldith Gyffin
Herons Reach
Badge, Resubmission to Kingdom

Argent; within a bordure wavy sable, semé of mullets argent; a berry plant eradicated purpure.

The submitter's name was registered in March 1992. At that time her badge blazoned Argent, a blackberry bramble blasted and eradicated purpure, within a bordure wavy sable mullety argent was returned from Laurel because the primary charge was unidentifiable.  Her resubmission blazoned Argent a bramble bush blasted and eradicated purpure within a bordure wavy Sable mullety Argent was returned from kingdom in May of 1993 for unidentifiability of the primary charge.  That return stated that a bramble bush blasted and eradicated was inherently unidentifiable. In this resubmission berries have been added to the branch ends and the branches curled.  There are no leaves.

2.  Cordelia Talbot - change from
     Elianor Talbot of Wynchestre

Dragon's Laire
Name Change, New
The submitter's current name was registered in August 1996 and is to be retained as an alternate name upon registration of this new primary SCA name. She accepts any changes, cares most about language/culture, and desires a 16th century English female name.
Cordelia is cited from Withycombe's Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, pg 73-74.  No further information is given.
Talbot is cited from Reaney & Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, pg 438-439.  No further information is given, however RfS II.5. applies to this submission.

3. Elaine Madelaine de Parfondeval
Device, New

Argent, an orle of ivy leaves gules.

The submitter's name was registered in April of 1992.

4. Emily Mulvany
Name and Device, New

Per pale sable and gules 2 chalices and bordure Or.

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about language/culture, and desires a 12th-14th century Irish female name.
No documentation is included for the name.
Regarding the device, the submitter states, "This is a takeoff on my family's real coat of arms (Mulvaney) registered with College of Heralds (Scotland)."  If the family is Mulvany and this device is too close to the actual Mulvany arms, there might be presumption issues.  For reference see the return of the device of Kieran Hunter in the LoAR of October 2001.

5. Gawain Ivarsson
Name and Device, New

Per Pale, sable and Or, 2 pegasi, rampant combatant, counterchanged.

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a 'Late 10th Century Welsh/Norse' male name.
Gawain is cited as a header spelling in Withycombe's Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names. Dated spellings are Gawyne 1273, Gawyn 1379, Gawin 1530, Gavin 1604.
Ivarr is found on pg. 12 of Geirr Bassi Haraldsson's The Old Norse Name.  The submitter states that the patronymic is formed in accordance with the guidelines on pg. 17.

6. Jessimond of Greencrosse
Name and Device, New

Or on a cross vert, a hawks leg belled and jessed Or

The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about the sound and desires a female name.
Jessimond is cited from Withycombe's Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, s.n. Ismen(i)a: "The name Jesmond which was common in North Lancashire in the 16th -18th C may be the same name. Other forms of it are Jessimond, Jesmaine, Jismond, Gismon."
of Greencrosse is a construction from Green and Crosse, meaning "dweller at the cross near the green" or "near the green crossroads".
Green is found in Reaney &Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, pg 204-205 sub Green, with del grene dated to 1221 Examples of Green as a prefix include Greenhill and Greenford. Bardsley, Dictionary of British and Welsh Surnames, pg 334-5 lists del Grene 1379, and Greenstreet and Greenway.
Crosse is found in Reaney &Wilson, sub Cross, pg. 118 which glosses it as "dweller by the cross".  del Crosse is dated 1285, and Cros dated to 1354. Bardsley, pg. 219, sub Cross, lists atte Crosse 1302 and Crosse 1585. Ekwall, Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames, pg. 243 sub Hoar Cross says "Grey cross" (supporting the construction of color+cross), and dates Horcros 1230, Horecros 1251, Harecros 1242.

7. Katla in Rauðhára - change from
    Reginleif  in Rauðhára
Name Change, New
The submitter accepts any changes, cares most about the sound and desires an Old Norse female name.  Her current name was registered in January 2000, and is to be released when the change is registered.
Katla is cited from Geirr-Bassi Haraldsson's Old Norse Name, pg. 12, as a feminine name.
in Rauðhára is already registered to the submitter so RfS II.5. applies to this submission.

8. Laurin of Rosewood
Badge, New

(Fieldless) On a rose argent barbed vert a cat sejant affronty sable.

The submitter's name was registered in May of 2001.  This badge reflects the main charge of her device, Sable, on a rose argent barbed vert a cat sejant affronty sable all within a bordure argent, registered in July of 2002.

9. Magdelena Kress
Name and Device, New

Counterermine, a sun in splendor on eclipsed the field, in chief Or 3 fleur de lis sable.

The submitter will not accept minor changes, cares most about an unspecified language/culture, and desires a 16th C female name.
Magdelena is cited from Bahlow, Deutsches Namenlexicon, pg. 328, and also found in "Medieval German Given Names from Silesia" at, with this spelling dated to 1346.
Kress is also from Bahlow, pg. 297 sub Kres: Erhard zuo dem Kreße 1371, Iring Kresse 1290.

10. Meg Gwyneth
Name and Device,
Resubmission to Kingdom

Purpure, on a bend sinister wavy Or a triquetra palewise inverted sable.

The submitter does not accept minor changes, cares most about sound, and desires a female name.  Her previously submitted name, Meg Gwyneth llewellyn, was returned from kingdom in June of 2002 because neither Meg nor Gwyneth are dated to period in those spellings and as the submitter only allowed minor changes, the changes necessary to make the name registerable were not possible.  Note that although changes are restricted, the submitter specifically allows one element to be changed to the dated form is necessary.
Meg is cited from Reaney &Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames,3rd ed pg. 305 s.n. Meggs: "Megge (f) 1254 IpmY; John filius Megge 1279 RH (0)." The submitter states that while Meg is the preferred spelling, she will accept Megge.
Gwyneth is cited from Morgan & Morgan, Welsh Surnames, pg. 118 s.n. Gwynedd: "Gwyneth, Ludlow 10, 1578."
The submitter's previous submission included this exact device, which was returned for lack of a name.  No problems were found with it at the time.  (Which doesn't mean there might not be any, so please check.)

11. Olcan MacMeanma
Glymm Mere
Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Gules, on a bend sable fimbriated between two wolves rampant an axe argent

The submitter's name appears on the June 2002 An Tir LoI. His previous submission, Gules a bend sable fimbriated between an axe and a wolf rampant argent, was returned in July 2002 for conflict with Trinidad and Tobago and also William de Corbie.  This revision clears both of those conflicts.

12. Treasa of Rosewood
Name, New
The submitter accepts any changes, and cares most about the sound of the name.  She is Laurel of Rosewood's daughter and wishes to share her mother's byname.  She believes Treasa is pronounced tr'as-a or tr'as'-a.
Treasa is cited from Rev Patrick Woulfe, Irish Names and Surnames, pg 218 sub Treasa: "old Irish name meaning "strength"."
Rosewood is constructed. Ekwall, Oxford Dictionary of English Placenames, pg. 392 sub Rosedale, glossed as "ON Hrossa-dalr "horse valley"", and pg 219 Harewood; probable etymology "hares wood". The submitter states, "Plausible construction following these: (horse "rose") + (wood)."  Lauren of Rosewood's documentation was by Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol:
"I think a case could be made for Rosewood as a constructed place name.  Ekwall p. 374 gives 'Rosedale' (horse valley); if the horses can be in a valley I suppose they could be running loose in the woods as well.  A.H. Smith vol. 2 p. 280 gives a couple of examples of a 'animal + wood' formula for place names, in this case Harewood and Oxenwood.  So it seems reasonable enough.  f it has nothing to do with flowers, the sound does not show this."
Laurel of Rosewood's name was registered without comment in May of 2001.

NOTE: There are two errors in the printed version of this entry.  The corrections are below:
She is Laurin of Rosewood's daughter and wishes to share her mother's byname.
Laurin of Rosewood's name was registered without comment in May of 2001.

A formal correction will be in the next printed issue of the IL

13. Violante de Myranda
Name and Device, New

Per pale argent and purpure three crescents counterchanged

The submitter accepts minor changes, cares most about the sound, and desires a 16th century Portuguese female name.
Violante is cited from Juliana de Luna, "Portuguese Names from the 16th Century", where in the list of women's names can be found "1524 Violamte de Xamora (Violante)."
Myrada is cited from the same website where under the list of men's names is "1531 Antonio de Mirãda (Amtonyo, Miranda, Myranda)" and "1533 Bastiam de Myrãda (Myranda)".  The article explains that, "Alternate spellings of names are listed in parentheses after the name."  Photocopies are included.

NOTE: There is an error in the printed version of this entry.  The correction is below:
Myranda is cited from the same website where under the list of men's names is "1531 Antonio de Mirãda (Amtonyo, Miranda, Myranda)" and "1533 Bastiam de Myrãda (Myranda)".
A formal correction will be in the next printed issue of the IL

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