Arms of the Kingdom of An Tir
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Newsletter of the College of Heralds of An Tir

Volume 1, Number 2 ~ 29 July 2002
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Table of Contents:
We did it; we managed to get the newsletter off to a wobbly start.  Remember that this publication exists to serve all the heralds of An Tir, not just the bookworms, so any suggestions or contributions you think might be worth making should definitely be sent along to Black Stag.  It'll get pretty boring if we just have the same people contributing every month, not to mention we'll burn out our contributors.  There is a whole passel of items appropriate for a heralds' newsletter, so if you have an idea, please ask.  This month, Black Lion debuts with his letter to the College, and there's more from Vox Leonis and Löwenmähne.  Enjoy!
Arms of Marco Black Lion From Marco Black Lion:

Greetings Heralds of An Tir,
First of let me say what a wonderful idea this heraldic newsletter is, and kudos to Teceangl for putting forth some extra effort to put it together. I have a few things I want to make sure you all knew about, that have come up over the last few months.
We in the An Tir College of Heralds are given a rare privilege in our financial freedom. The college has its own bank account to take care of the many expenses that we incur as a college. No other kingdom office holds this amount of autonomy, and several kingdoms require it all to go through the exchequer’s office. If we desire to keep this freedom, we need to do better as a college in our financial responsibility. Allowing financial matters to procrastinate is simply not acceptable, and can lead to us losing much that we hold dear. Simple rules need be followed that are common sense to you I’m sure. Never send cash in the mail! Not only can the cash be stolen en-route but anything else that is included in the envelope with that cash will also be lost with no recourse for us afterwards. If you are given cash, turn it into a money order before mailing, or make sure to give it to me or Cinarra personally and get a receipt from us. Better yet, try to avoid cash all together.  On another financial matter are receipts.  If you expect a receipt to be reimbursed please make sure you get them to us in a timely manner. We cannot be held responsible when a receipt is given to us months after it is issued. Please help me and Cinarra avoid grey hairs and long conversations with exchequers and help us with this.
Now to happier news, we had a VERY busy July Coronation.  Four new heralds got wet this weekend!  Baron Uilliam as Löwenmähne, Morel as Black Stag, Cirian as Goutte de Sang, and Dame Tamlyn as Sable Sable. I have commissioned from Mistress Morgaina of Lyonsmarche a series of cups for the ceremonies in the past that have been done but have not given the person their due and to make sure there is an ample supply for the future.  Uilliam did a fantastic job at JC of making sure everything was in order for our field activities. I have never gotten so many compliments on our college’s efficiency and courtesy, I couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who had a positive experience with us at Coronation.
On a court heraldry front, Their Majesties did express an interest in using their courts to help train newer court heralds. If you are interested in learning more, please talk to Natasha at the next event you attend. I know I personally will be working on my abilities this reign, and hope you all take advantage. Their majesties have been quite supportive of us so far, and to that I thank them. While we serve for the joy of service, a pat on the back and a shoulder to lean on occasion is much appreciated.
In Service to An Tir,
            Lord Marco Valentino, GdS
            Black Lion Principal Herald

[Footnote from Teceangl - I appreciate Marco Black Lion's praise, but the original idea for the heralds' newsletter was that of Senhora Rafaella d'Allemtejo, then Black Stag, supported by Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, then Black Lion. When I took over Lions Blood I spoke with Senhora Rafaella about this project, and when Moræl became Black Stag I expressed interest in keeping the concept on the front burner.  Moræl has done most of the real legwork getting heralds other than myself to contribute, and it was she who presented it to the College at July Coronation.  So without Rafaella or Moræl there would still be just an Internal Letter with Lions Blood ramblings.]

Arms of Morael Black Stag From Moræl Black Stag:

Black Stag is asking for class ideas for a Heraldry Ithra.  This is heraldic stuff for the general populace, not technical Heraldic Symposium-like classes.  Please contact her with any ideas you might have.

Heraldic news from July Coronation:  Morel was made Black Stag Herald, Uilliam was made Löwenmähne, and Ciaran Cluana Ferta was made Goutte de Sang Herald with the duty of getting heraldic artists and those needing heraldic art into contact with one another.  Joy and good feelings to the new Heralds!

Moræl Black Stag
Argent, a bear's jambe and in chief three blackberries sable hulled vert.
Arms of Natasha Vox Leonis From Natasha Vox Leonis.


This month I’d like to bring up a project I’m working on and I’d like to ask for help from the heraldic community.

I’ve been slowly assembling a list of experienced voice heralds from around the kingdom who’d be willing to serve as court heralds for Their Majesties in Their travels.  And, as a bonus, would be available to work with me in their areas or at Crown events.

As much as I love exploring the vast lands that are An Tir, it’s simply impossible for me to travel to every event that TRMs attend.  And, realistically, it’s not truly necessary for me to be with them every step of the way during their respective reigns.

What is truly important is to be able to refer Them or their representatives to a herald capable of stepping in when the royals find themselves in need.  In a perfect world, I’d prefer to have certain (personal) knowledge of a volunteer’s abilities, but we all know how difficult that would be.  A note of recommendation from the local noble or patron who has used a particular herald would be a great help.  Please don’t hesitate to offer yourself because I don’t know you!  (Yet…)

So, then, two requests for assistance from the assembled masses…

First, if you are a voice herald who is interested, please let me know!

Second, if you know of someone who would like to learn court heraldry, and then might be willing to be added to my list, put them in touch with me!  Please?  Pretty please?

I love finding folks who are eager to learn to be court heralds, and I’m happy to teach anyone.  I’ve begun in my region, and I hope to make some of the book road trips to offer instruction to voice types as well.

Voice may not be as glamorous as book heraldry, but it’s what I love and what I do best.  My personal goal is to develop the talents of people who are interested, and make voice heraldry in An Tir a fun and rewarding pursuit.

My E-mail: 
Arms of Uilleam Lowenmahne From Uilliam Löwenmähne:

Greetings unto the College;

This will be very short, as I have left this very late, and our good Morel is champing (figuratively, but champing) at the bit, for what few words of wit and wisdom I may have to offer. Her wait will be short indeed, as the needle of the Word Wit Meter ™ is pegged hard on zero right now, due to fatigue.

Remember I said I wanted to reverse the perception that town crying/field heralding was somehow uncool? Well, as a first step to that, I would appreciate each branch letting me know how many people in their branch a) are voice heralds and/or b) are interested in learning to be voice heralds. I will shortly (probably after July Coronation) be sending out a questionnaire in some detail regarding town crying/field heraldry.

At five bells of the first watch, the 8th day of July,
In the reign of Wilam et. Siobhan, Rex et. Regina An Tir,
Yours aye,

Uilliam Lowenmahne
"Vivite ad clamandum, clamate ad vivendum"
Black Lion Meeting Minutes – July Coronation
1. Receipts
If you expect to be reimbursed from the College of Heralds, you need to get your receipts in as soon as you possibly can after getting them yourself. Procrastination on this issue is VERY dangerous, and may result in you not getting your funds in a timely manner.
 2.Reporting Schedule
The reporting schedule is now January, April, July, and October. Kingdom heraldic offices are expected to report on these dates and failure to do so may result in the removal of that officer’s position. Please make sure you report on time.
3.Open offices
  1. Dexter Gauntlet – Expect database skills and good history of responding to correspondence in a timely fashion.
  2. Web Deputy – Expect good web skills and a desire to keep the website up to date.
4.Administrative Handbook
The college of heralds will be creating its own Administrative Handbook. This handbook will spell out the duties of each heraldic office so that the populace might know their responsibilities. This will be a collaborative effort across the entire college and input is indeed welcome.

5.Open Discussion
  1. An Tir roll of Arms – Special thanks was given to Lord Frederick Badger on his wonderful work on the Roll of Arms.
  2. Heraldic Display – Ideas were given on how we might promote more heraldic display. Ideas of a heraldic Ithra were discussed as well as competitions for the best heraldically decorated encampment and such.
  3. Increased Submissions Numbers – Brainstorming was done as for ideas on how to manage the ever- increasing number of submissions. With a rapidly increasing populace, the numbers of submissions are also increasing. Better commenting and more regular commenting seemed to be the most popular ideas as to alleviating the pressure on the office of Lion’s Blood. Agreement was reached that an internal letter of intent of 50+ items was not out of the realm of possibility in the foreseeable future.
  4. New heraldic office given to Ciaran Cluana Ferta: Goutte de Sang Herald. This position was put in place to do what he has already been doing at events, making sure that those who are artistically challenged are put in contact with those that might help them draw good heraldic art.
Thanks to Fionnghuala Frisel for taking minutes at the Black Lion Meeting. If I have missed something please let me know and I’ll make corrections at a later date.  - Marco Black Lion

Arms of Lord Frederic Badger The An Tir Roll of Arms
by Lord Frederic Badger

If you haven't yet visited the An Tir Roll of Arms, you should make the time to do so.  It loads with a lovely image of the kingdom populace badge, links to information about the page as well as other useful heraldic links and other online Armorials, shows the index, search and browse links to the left, and loads in the non frames version.   Features include a search function, a way to page through the Roll and choose how many emblazons you want on each page, a random entry (click it and there's no telling who you'll get to see next), and the alphabetical index you can select any letter from. It even sorts with the most recently added entries first.  Specialty sections are a Roll of past Crowns, a Roll of Coronets from our principality days, a Roll of past Black Lions, Rolls sorted into all three of the Peerages, and a Roll of branch arms.  On July 26th at 4am there were 1237 devices entered into the online An Tir Roll of Arms.
This marvel is available online at and is definitely worth your while.

Populace badge of the Kingdom of An Tir Pursuivant Titles

Many of the Baronies of An Tir, as is their due, have titles registered for their pursuivants.  Whenever possible, Lions Blood makes it a point to refer to these people by their titles.  Here then is a list of the registered titles of the Baronial Pursuivants of An Tir:

Adiantum - Golden Bear
Blatha an Oir - Bealidh
Dragon's Laire - Golden Dragon
Glymm Mere - Be Wayre
Lions Gate - Sable Loat
Madrone - Red Tree
Terra Pomaria - Hazel Leaf
Madrone - Red Tree
Montengarde - Sable Minotaur
Wastekeep - Basilisk
Wealdsmere - Three Oaks

Manfredo Manetti

Tincture: Always heraldic, no legal proper

Type: Griffon, aka Gryphon

Number: one

Posture:  Segreant, sometimes rampant

Orientation: default

Compatibility: period charge from c.1238

Defining characteristics: wings, addorsed

Remarks: Conceals nature of forelimbs (standard avian or Assyrian leonine) with the affectation of anthropomorphic clothing.  Known to routinely maintain a tommy-gun and is considered winged and armed.  Do not approach without current RfS at hand.

? Pop Quiz:
In last month's hardcopy of The Heralds' Page a device was placed next to the article written by Thegn Uilliam mac Aillén vhic Séamus.  It was not his arms.  Extra credit to the person who figures out whose arms were mistakenly placed on that article.
Hint: Even in that venue it was printed in its correct heraldic tinctures.

Argent Snail's Armory Insta-Boing Check List

This checklist originally appeared as part of a paper in the Proceedings of the Known World Heraldic Symposium held in Tree-Girt-Sea and Rokkehealden, Middle Kingdom, June A.S. XXVIII (1993). Transcribed for the Web by Evan da Collaureo (mka Dave Montuori) 1997. Copyright 1993 by Judith Gerjuoy.

I. Does the submitter have an SCA name?
You cannot register a piece of armory without a name. The name can be registered or submitted before the armory is submitted, or it can be submitted when the armory is submitted; but there must be a SCA name to attach the armory to.

II. Is the submission dark on dark, or light on light?
This is commonly known as the color on color, metal on metal rule. You cannot put color on color, or metal on metal. For instance, you cannot have a sable (black) charge on an azure (blue) field. However, even items that are not in true heraldic tinctures must follow this rule. For instance a chipmunk "proper" is brown. Brown is dark. Therefore, it must be on a metal (light) field. Caucasians proper are considered metal, and must be on a dark field.

III. Is the submission slot machine?
Armory is "slot machine" when there are three or more different charges in the same charge group. For instance "Or, a bell book and candle sable." is slot machine. "Argent, on a bend between a bell and a book azure, a candle Or." is not, because the candle is on the bend, thus not in the same charge group as the others.

IV. Is it marshalled armory?
Marshalling is a way of showing familial relationships. It was done in the middle ages, but we don't register it in the SCA. Therefore, the following arrangements are not allowed. First: you cannot have a field divided per pale with different charges in each half of the field, if there is a plain line of division. If the per pale line is bumpity, then it is allowed. The same rule holds true for quarterly: Unless the same charge is in each quarter, there needs to be a bumpity line of division. The only exception is in the case of quarterly where quarters that are only a solid metal or color are also acceptable. For instance, "Quarterly sable and argent, in bend two eagles displayed Or.", would not be considered marshalled arms.

V. Does it use a forbidden charge or group of charges?
There are a number of charges that no one can use. They are either presumptuous (claiming a mundane rank), or offensive. Examples of presumptuous charges include: Tudor rose, crowned shamrock, crowned rose. Examples of offensive charges include: the hand of glory, swastika, triskelion gammadion. Note: this list is not all-inclusive.

VI. Does it use a restricted charge that the submitter is not entitled to use?
There are a number of charges that only some people in the SCA can use. To have a crown or coronet on your device you must have been a king, queen, prince or princess. Only official SCA groups can have laurel wreaths on their devices (and they must have them). Only members of the order of Knighthood can use white belts or closed loops of chain; only members of the order of the Pelican can use a pelican in its piety in their armory. Note: this list is not all-inclusive.

VII. Is the submission too complex?
Our rule of thumb is that if the number of different types of charges plus the number of different tinctures used add up to more than eight, the submission is too complex. For instance, "Per bend sinister ermine and gules, a tiger rampant azure and a horse passant erminois, a bordure purpure semy of roundels argent ermined vert.", would be too complex with four different charges (tiger, horse, bend and roundels) and 6 tinctures (argent, sable (the tinctures in the ermine), azure, Or, purpure and vert).

VIII. Are the bumpity lines drawn big and bold and butch?
Medieval lines of division were drawn big and bold. Slim and elegant is not period for heraldry. In medieval heraldry charges were drawn to fill the space. Remember, the purpose of heraldry is identification from a distance.

IX. Are the charges drawn in their medieval form?
We register medieval, not modern, heraldry. We use a quill pen, not a fountain pen; a cart, not an automobile. All charges used must be items used in that form prior to the year 1600.

Teceangl Bach
July 29, 2002
Send thy comments here:
Brenda Klein
5235 SE Lambert St #A-5
Portland, OR 97206-9068

Commentary on this Letter will be due September 13th, 2002.
(Send comments to Lions Blood Herald, information at top of this letter)

The August Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday, August 11th, at the home of HL Eglentyne Merryweather, AEstel Herald, in River's Bend.  406 Quail Lane, Longview WA, 98632  
Directions:  From I-5 take exit 36 Longview/SR 432 and head west to the exit for Truck Route/Hwy 432.  Take that exit and head south then west along 432 (watch the signs and stay on 432) until the junction with Hwy 4.  Turn right onto Hwy 4 and it's 1/2 mile down on the right hand side, in Heritage Mobile Home Park.  There should be signs.

The September Lions Blood meeting will be held on Sunday, September 15th, location TBA.


Arms of Teceangl Lions Blood Greetings from Teceangl Lions Blood!
There is a new Internal Letter deputy!  Lord Aedan and I have selected Marya Stepanova Kargashina to take over.  Aedan is still processing emblazons for the IL, but this letter debuts Marya as the text developer.  As in all submissions correspondence, however, I am the responsible party for any misspellings, typos, and other content matters.  Aedan will be commenting on the IL, and I am very pleased to have him in that capacity.

It has been pointed out to Lions Blood that in period rolls of arms, the names generally came above the emblazons.  Therefore, that is the format the hardcopy IL emblazons will now take.  The web version will maintain the current format of including the emblazons in the entries for ease of viewing.
Commenting:  Remember that Lions Blood accepts commentary from anyone who wishes to comment.  This includes people who wish to comment one time on one item, people who wish to comment only on specialized stuff (Russian names, Islamic heraldry, weasels as charges, whatever), and people from outside of An Tir looking to get commenting experience.  
Letters of Comment should include the names and heraldic titles (if any) of all commenters, the date of the IL upon which comments are made, and the items commented upon in the order they appear on the IL using line numbers and names to sort them out.  Commentary is read at the Lions Blood meetings but is not published in any form, and may be kept anonymous if requested.  Questions asked in letters of commentary will be addressed in the IL which holds the results for the meeting at which the IL was ruled.  
Emailed letters of comment are happily accepted in text, Word (and version) and WordPerfect formats.  Hardcopy should be mailed in time to arrive by the listed deadline.  Preferred format is anything which can be read by human eyes, but I do like formatted text in case I need to cut & paste blazons and URLs.

Some cover letter information from the March 2002 LoAR:
From Pelican: Regarding the Name Kathleen

Two submissions this month raised discussion regarding whether or not Kathleen is a period name.

Kathleen is an Anglicized Irish form of the Gaelic name Caitilín, which itself derives from the Old French Cateline. Forms of Caitilín have been found in Gaelic dating to the early 15th C and later. This leaves a limited amount of time for Caitilín to become firmly established enough to generate the Anglicized form Kathleen. At this time, no documentation has been found that Kathleen was used in period.

Kathleen has been registered 45 times in the last two decades with at least one registration in every year except two. This demonstrates consistent popularity of the name. Regarding recent popularity of the name, there are two submissions this month that include Kathleen as a given name. Additionally, it was registered once in 2001, once in 1999, and four times in 1998.  Given this level of popularity, it is reasonable to consider Kathleen SCA compatible.

Some cover letter information from the April 2002 LoAR:
From Laurel: Glossary of Terms Update

The Rules for Submission and the Administrative Handbook have recently been revised. It is now time for a review of the Glossary of Terms. If you have suggestions for new terms, updated definitions, or terms to remove, now is the time to speak up. Palimpsest will be coordinating the collection of suggestions. Please include your glossary update suggestions in a Letter of Comment by October 1, 2002. A draft will be created and presented to the College for commentary by the end of the year.

[Lions Blood footnote - any commentary you may wish to be presented to Laurel regarding the Glossary may be sent to Lions Blood, who will see it onto a Letter of Comment for you.  Please include your full SCA and any heraldic title.]

Pelican also includes an updated table and discussion on which Gaelic and Anglicised particles should conflict. A must-read for anyone who works with name documentation.

Wreath re-iterated the importance of the miniature emblazon matching the blazon.  It is still Lions Blood policy to require photo-reduction or an exact-dimension computer reduction of line drawing emblazons on all armory submission forms. The College of Arms sees only the miniature emblazon, so faithful reproduction can save you a lot of hassles.

And a reminder of a recurring problem first addressed by Wreath in the LoAR of October 2001:
Please advise the submitter to be careful on future submissions to avoid outlines so thick that they appear to be fimbriation. My staff advises me that, in many cases, the problem with thick outlines that appear to be fimbriation is due to use of the computer program "Blazons". As a general rule, heraldic art from that program is flawed, and we encourage the College to educate their submitters not to use this program to generate the artwork used on their forms.

Arms of Lord Anthony Hawke From Lord Anthony Hawke, Web encoder:

Due to overwhelming support and email from the majority of the readers of the web version of the Heralds' Page, I have decided to continue to use this format.  In order to address the few who wish to see the emblazons on a seperate page, I have included a link that allows people to download the paper document from the web in its original .doc format (Microsoft Word).

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce Wenyeva atte Grene to the College.  Wenyeva has agreed to assist me with the production of this web version of the Heralds' Page.  If it not for some technical trouble while I was at Pennsic, this page would have been complete long by now.  I take full responsibility for the delay.

An Tir results from the LoAR dated April 2002 (see the LoAR for full text):
(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged)


Antonella da Sicilia
Name and device. Per chevron sable and gules, a dagger inverted argent transfixing in base a crescent within a bordure embattled Or.
Balthasar Yvon Charon
Device change. Ermine, a cross formy nowy vert and on a chief sable three crosses of Lorraine argent.
Cáe Mór, Shire of
Branch name and device. Argent, on a fess sable between two laurel wreaths gules three chevronels braced Or.
Findlaech mac Gille Andreas
Name and device. Vert, a saltire checky sable and Or.
Julian Sinclair
Juliana van Ardenburg
Lia Anna Stewart
Lovell of Shadwode
Meadhbha inghean Bhriain Mhuilleóir
Name and device. Sable, on a bend sinister between a raven contourny and masks of comedy and tragedy bendwise argent four thistles bendwise purpure slipped and leaved vert.
Rónnat ingen Fáeláin
Roscelin de Limoges
Name and device. Gules, a natural panther passant argent marked sable and on a chief argent three roses gules.
Serena Fabrizio
Name and device. Sable, three doves volant contourny argent.
Titus Valerius Romanus
Device. Gules, in pale a vol and a vol inverted between in fess two billets fesswise Or.
Vinjar, Canton of
Branch name and device. Quarterly sable and gules, a goblet argent within a laurel wreath Or.



An Tir results from the LoAR dated May 2002 (see the LoAR for full text):
(typos might exist - only the LoAR itself is definitive; other than name, action and blazon, listings are paraphrased or abridged)


Aluara Hesel
Name and device. Azure, a Lacy knot argent within a bordure nebuly Or.
Çinara Suberria
Device. Sable, a cherry blossom throughout argent seeded sable between five roundels all within a bordure argent.
Conal MacLaren
Elonda Blue Haven
Device reblazon. Azure, semé of lightning flashes bendwise sinister Or, a sinister hand cupped in profile fesswise argent maintaining in its palm a flame proper.
Gwenevere McAy
Badge. (Fieldless) A dragon contourny sustaining a compass rose argent.
Jean-Jacques Lavigne
Name and device. Per fess embattled vert and argent, three bunches of grapes and a willow tree eradicated counterchanged.

Badge. (Fieldless) A bunch of grapes per pale argent and vert.
Krista Silverlock
Name and device. Gules, three annulets interlaced two and one and on a chief argent three wheels gules.
Mahliqa bint Ali
Device. Per bend argent and purpure, in bend sinister two fish naiant in annulo counterchanged.
Marguerite de Moseleia
Mikhail Kurganovich
Rafe Neuton
Name and device. Per chevron sable and argent, a demi-sun issuant from base azure.
Viridis Solari
Name and device. Per saltire Or and argent, a sun within an orle vert.
Willelm Bogamann
Name and device. Per pale Or and sable, two hedgehogs rampant addorsed the dexter maintaining a bow and the sinister maintaining an arrow inverted all counterchanged.


Aeriesgard, Shire of. Branch name
Both aerie and gard mean similar things.  The constructed Aeriesgard combines two elements that describe specific  areas of land, and no documentation could be found that this combination was plausible.  Historically, -geard and other forms of gard are modified by the protheme as to what exactly is enclosed in the geard, such as Bromyard 'broom enclosure'.  Aeriesgard means 'area enclosure' and does not match documented constructions patterns.
An Tir, Kingdom of
Badge for the Office of the Earl Marshal Deputy for Siege. Checky Or and argent, a trebuchet at full release sable.
Deputy marshals may not register badges below Corporate level, as stated in the LoAR of February 2002.
Rúadhán Súilghlas
Badge. (Fieldless) A flame proper.
Conflict with William of Sark, Sable, a flame proper.  Kingdom's argument that William's flame was drawn incorrectly for proper and could be reblazoned as Sable, on a flame Or another gules was seen to have merit, but Laurel deemed it more important to encourage holders of armory of the old fimbriated flame style to adopt the historically correct alternating tongues of gules and Or than to lock them into the incorrect rendition by reblazoning their armory.

The following people were present at the June Lions Blood meeting or sent commentary:  Ciaran Goutte de Sang, Sebastian Sterne, Francesca Dragon's Mist, Marya Stepanova Kargashina & Aaron, Natasha Vox Leonis, Trudchen Summits, Thalia, Arontius of Bygelswade, Aleksei Zateev, Meadhbha inghean Bhrain an Muilleóir, Ercc McFitheal, David Electrum, Ciar inghean ui Fhothaidh, Iago Seagirt, Cecille de Beumund, Briana nic h'Eusaidh, Guilelmo Francesco, Christopher Red Tree, Frederic Queue Forchee, Dieterich von Zweibrücken, Drogo the Forgetful, Antoinette, Dave, Moreach nicmhaolain, Li Ban Northern Principality Herald, Tadgg h-úa Faelan of Clan MacNessa, Meradudd Redewolf, Emma Bealidh, John Kane of Kent, Pendar Rampart, Teceangl Lions Blood, and a very personable ferret.

The following names and armory have been sent to Laurel (May LoI) --

Adriana the Fierce

Badge, New
(Fieldless) An ermine statant reguardant contourny ermine.

Aelfric MacRancan

Device, New
Vert, a decrescent and in chief three mullets of eight points Or.

An Tir, Kingdom of, Pomegranate Herald

Heraldic Title, New
Intended to be a Black Lion staff title.

Aric McBride

Name and Device, New
Argent, a griffon sable rampant to sinister and a bordure embattled gules.
The submitter's name was registered in November 1989.  The submitter's current device, Azure, a unicorn rampant contourny and on a chief invected argent three suns azure is to be released upon registration of this change.

Brénainn mac Pádraig

Name and Device, New
Per fess wavy argent and azure, in chief a saltire vert and in base a lymphad argent.

Eogan mac Áeda

Name and Device, New
Per fess sable and gules, a dance Or and in chief two mullets argent.

Eulalia deRavenfeld

Name and Device, New
Argent, a dragon sejant within six increscents in orle azure.

John de Montainville

Name and Device, New
Argent, two bars azure and overall a winged lion rampant guardant gules.

Juliana van Ardenburg

Device, New
Or, on a fess vert a castle Or.

Muireann O Reddan

Name and Device, New
Vert, a bend sinister between an eagle rising and a sheaf of arrows Or.

Muriel qui porte les chaperons

Name, New

Olcán Mac Meanma

Name, New

Rhiannon Boyle

Name and Device, New
Or semy of decresents azure, an oak tree eradicated sable leaved vert.

Rioghnach of Ruantallan

Device, New
Per pall argent, gules, and vert, in chief a quatrefoil gules seeded and barbed vert and in base two griffins rampant combatant argent.

Robert of Hawthorne

Device, Resubmission
Gules, a sinister arm embowed sustaining a bow fesswise string to base and a bordure argent.

Sveinn Harðfari

Device, Resubmission
Per bend Or and bendy gules and Or, a demon's head couped affronty gules wearing an arming cap sable.

Tressach mac Domnaill

Device, New
Per bend gules and sable, a bend wavy or and in  chief a dogwood blossom argent.

The following have been returned for further work:

Aelana Cordovera

Name and Device, New
Vert, a six pointed mullet voided and in chief a roundel between a decrescent and an increscent, argent.
The construction of the forename was not documented with dated sources, leaving both the name and the construction speculative enough that the CoH felt that Laurel would not be able to register it.

John de Montainville

Badge, New
(Fieldless) A winged lion rampant guardant gules.
Conflict with the kingdom of Leon: Argent, a lion rampant gules.  Adding wings to a charge which does not normally have them is enough change for a CD under normal circumstances.  However, Laurel has stated, "In a winged quadruped monster such as a griffin, a normal depiction has the wings one-third to one-half of the visual weight of the charge."  The wings of this lion were enough less than one-third the visual weight of the lion that the majority of commenters believed that Laurel would return this badge for the conflict above.  A redraw with Bigger, Bolder, Butcher wings was suggested.

Meg Gwyneth Llewellyn

Name and Device, New
Purpure, on a bend sinister wavy Or a triquetra sable.
The submitter only allowed minor changes to the name, however none of the submitted spellings were documented with dated examples.  Changing the spelling of all three elements constituted more than minor changes.

Muriel qui porte les chaperons

Device, New
Gules, three fleurs-de-lis argent.
Conflict with Caterine d'Albret,  Per pale vert and purpure, three fleurs-de-lys argent, registered in April 2002.  Only one CD  for changes to the field.

Olcán Mac Meanma

Device, New
Gules, a bend sable fimbriated between a wolf rampant and an axe argent.
Conflict with the protected flag of Trinidad and Tobago: Gules, a bend sable fimbriated argent, with just one CD for the addition of the secondary charge group.  Also conflict with William de Corbie: Gules, a bend sable, fimbriated, between two crosses crosslet fitchy argent, with one CD for changing the type of secondary charges but nothing else.

Richard Touchet de Cathédrele Ste. Croix

Name and Device, New
Sable a Pegasus couped at the shoulder argent and a point pointed fleury at the point Or and on a chief gules five mullets of four points Or.
No documentation was presented for the name and none could be found, therefore the name had to be returned.
The device broke the Rule of Tincture, having a gules chief on a sable field. Additionally, the head was not recognizable as a Pegasus' head, which would have had the wings issuant from the back of the neck.  Commenters either could not see the wing at all or thought it was just an artistic treatment of the mane. The device was returned for both of these problems.

Rikku no Kenteí

Name, New
The College could not find anything to support a Japanese forename with a Mongolian locative, and no documentation was provided with the submission.

Tamlin MacGrim na Westrae

Name Resubmission and Device, New
Argent, a mullet of six points voided and interlaced within and conjoined to a serpent involved head to sinister sable, chief rayonny sable two roundels argent.
The documentation for Tamlin was shaky; the source cited lists it only as a surname and does not state that the diminutive form Tamlin was ever used as a personal name.  Tamlin seems to be English.  MacGrim is said to be Scots and descended from Old Norse.  na Westrae appears to be Gaelic.  Mixing more than two languages in the same name is not allowed.

Tamlin MacGrim na Westrae

Badge, New
(Fieldless) A mullet of six points voided and interlaced within and conjoined to a serpent involved head to sinister sable.
The mullet was not conjoined to the serpent in the color emblazon, therefore this design was not registerable as a fieldless badge.


 1. Brighid ingen Mac Tire Ruadh
(Cold Keep)
Name and Device, New
Argent, a wolf contourny passant reguardant gules and a chief enarched sable

The submitter will only accept minor changes to the name.  If the name must be changed, she cares more about the meaning of the name. The submitter states the meaning to be "Brighid, daughter of Red Wolf".  The submitter desires a female name authentic for 11th to 12th century Irish, and she will allow the creation of a holding name.
Brighid is cited from Ó Corráin & Maguire's Irish Names (1981), pg. 36, header Brigit: Brighid, Bríd
ingen  is cited from  Sharon L Krossa's "Quick and Easy Gaelic Names" in the section "Simple Patronymic Bynames",  found online at /quickgaelicnames/index.shtml . A photocopy of the site is included.
Mac Tíre is cited from Ó Corráin & Maguire (1981) pg. 4 which says, "In Ireland the wolf was a tabu animal and terms other than his name were used to describe him... and mac tíre 'son of the land'. " It is also found in Woulfe pg. 617 as Ó Mactíre or Ó MacTíre (capitalization is difficult to parse given the Gaelic type font.)
Ruadh is cited  from Ó Corráin & Maguire (1981) pg. 3, which gives ruad as 'red-haired'.
The construction Mac Tire Ruadh is supported by Wolfe, pg. 3: names formed by the union of a noun and a qualifying adjective, as Ciar-mhac,'black son; donn-cheann, ' brown head'; dubh-chu, 'black hound'....  the adjective may follow the noun, as bairr-fhionn, 'fair head'; bran-dubh, 'black raven'; giolla-dubh, 'black lad'.

2.  Darbie of Ironmaid for Symmonne
     Deccarrete de Villete

Alternate Name and Badge, New
Argent, a dragon gules and another sable combattant, tails nowed in a Bouchier knot in base, in chief, a goutte per pale wavey gules & sable .

The submitter will not accept changes to the name. The submitter desires a 13th-16th century French female name.  She will allow the creation of a holding name. Her primary name was registered in November of 1992.
Symmonne is documented from An Index to the Given Names in the 1292 Census of Paris, , which shows the spellings Symon and Simon (male), and Symonne, Simmonete, Simmonete, Symonet, and Symonnet (female). Additional evidence of the duplicating of consonants is shown in the same document with the pairs Jehannete and JehannetteJuliane and Julienne, and with Perronele, Perronnele, and Perronnele.  Given the documented variants of doubled consonants and the i to y switch, the submitter considers Symmonne to be a plausible alternate spelling.
Deccarete is cited from Names Found in Commercial Documents from Bordeaux, 1470-1520 showing  "Jehan Daccarete, also listed as Decarrete". Submitter wishes to combine the two spelling variations into Deccarrete.
de Villete is found in French Names from Two Thirteenth Century Chronicles online at where this spelling is recorded.
Photocopies of all websites are included.

3.  Duncan Darroch
Device, Resubmission to Kingdom
Per chevron ploye argent and vert three compass stars counterchanged.
The submitter's name appears on the April 2002 An Tir LoI. His previous device, Vert, on a chevron throughout argent five compass stars vert and in base a plate, was returned for conflict with Johanna Ljublijana: Sable, on a chevron throughout argent three mullets of four points, in base a plate.  One CD existed for changing the tincture of the field, but mullets of four points and compass stars differ only by the lesser points, therefore by Laurel precedent are considered the same basic charge, so no difference exists by X.4.i. or X.4.j. when number is the only change.
This is a total redesign.

4.  Einar Leifsson
(Blatha an Oir)
Name and Device, New
Gules a bend bretessed between a hunting horn and an axe Argent.

The submitter will accept any changes to the name.  If the name must be changed, the submitter cares more about the language/culture of the name.  The submitter desires a masculine name, but specifies no time period, language, and/or culture for which he wishes the name to be authentic, though Old Norse can be inferred from the documentation.
Einarr is cited from Geirr Bassi, The Old Norse Name, pg. 9.
Leifr is cited from Geirr Bassi pg. 13. The submitter states that the formation of the patronymic is consistent with Geirr Bassi, pg. 6.

5.  Elianor Talbot of Wynchestre
(Dragon's Laire)
Device, New
Vert, two talbot's heads erased argent and on a base chevron embattled an open book vert.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 1996 and corrected in September of 1996.
Web Editor's Note:  The chevron should be tinctured argent.

6.  Elianor Talbot of Wynchestre
(Dragon's Laire)
Badge, New
A closed book Vert.
The submitter's name was registered in August of 1996 and corrected in September of 1996.  This badge is intended to be fieldless.

7.  Elianor Talbot of Wynchestre
(Dragon's Laire)
Badge, New
A talbot's head erased argent.

The submitter's name was registered in August of 1996 and corrected in September of 1996.   This badge is intended to be fieldless.

8.  Gordon Redthorn
Badge, New
Fieldless a Maunche Sable.

The submitter's name was registered in November of 1993.

9.  Nikolai Toranovich
Name and Device, New
Sable, a saltire embattled argent.

The submitter will only accept minor changes to the name.  If the name must be changed, he cares more about the meaning of the name, which he wishes to be "Nikolai son of Toran".  The submitter desires a masculine name, and will allow the creation of a holding name.
Nikolai is cited from Wickenden's Dictionary of Period Russian Names, 2nd ed. found at  "s.n. Nikolai (m) - Nikolai, metropolitan.1291 [RIB II 1]"
Toran is also cited from Wickenden, 2nd ed  "s.n. Taran (m) - Vars. Toran (Toran Germanovich). 1543. [Tup 387]"
The construction of the patronymic is also supported by Wickenden in his section on patronymic formation at which says that if the father's name ended in other than "-a" or "-ia", the basic patronymic ended in "-ov" or "-ev".  Further along it gives another patronymic construction for the "-vich" version.  He says, "Simply add an "-ich"to the basic patronymic construction (case #1) in most cases, with the exception of given names that end in "-av"..."  Given as an example is, "Antonov becomes Antonovich".
While some copies are included this is an appendix H work.

10.  Roland Ducat
Name and Device, New
Azure, in pale a griffon statant contorny and a crescent Or.

The submitter desires a male name authentic to French Normandy, accepts any changes, and cares most about the sound.
Roland is cited from Dauzat's Nom de Famille, pg. 525.
Ducat is also cited from Dauzat, pg. 215.

11.  Rose Scarlett Slade
Device, Resubmission to Laurel
Argent, a merbunny bear trident sable, in chief three heraldic roses.

The submitter's name was registered in 1992. Her previous device, Per pall argent, gules, and sable, in chief a rose proper in sinister a sword inverted proper , was returned from Laurel in July 1998 for ambiguity of the field division and lack of period style due to unbalanced design. This is a total redesign. The submitter includes a 16th century example of the sea-coney as an heraldic charge from Wappenbuch der Stadt Basel with the armory being for Graf: Gules, a brown sea-coney proper tailed argent.   (Blazon supplied by Lions Blood - no ordinary entry came with the documentation.)
The sea-coney and trident are sable, the roses are gules barbed vert and seeded Or.

12. Roxanne Delaroche
(Myrgan Wood)
Name and Device, New
Sable, a leopard's head jessant-de-lis or.

The submitter will not accept major changes and wants a feminine name authentic for 16th - 17th c. French with equal emphasis on the importance of language and time period. 
Two webpages are used to document Roxanne , an entry of the Catholic Encyclopedia, states that Jean Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin, a French dramatist and novelist was born in Paris in 1595 and died there in 1676.  Listed among the plays that he wrote is "Roxane".  He also began, but never finished, a novel also named "Roxane".  Also given is the translation of the webpage on Italian artists of the Renaissance found at which says in French, " Attiré à Rome par Peruzzi, Sodoma travaille auprès de lui à la villa Farnésine (1511-1512): il y peint dans la chambre à coucher la célèbre fresque représentant les Noces d’Alexandre et de Roxane , où l’ascendant de Raphaël est sensible; mais le cadre architectural est lourd, encombré par le vol des putti."  The translation is very rough, but the pertinent details are that the artistSodoma Giovanni Antonio Bazzi painted a fresco representing the Weddings of Alexandre and Roxane in the bedroom of the villa Farnésine in Rome in the years 1511-1512.
The submitter states, "The name Delaroche has been documented and passed for my Lord, Raoul Achille Delaroche. As we function as a married couple in the SCA, and are married mundanely, it makes sense for me to take his name."  No other documentation is included.  Raoul Delaroche was registered without comment on the name on the LoAR of July 1992.
On the device the field is black, the fleur-de-lys is Or, but the feline's head is brown.

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