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November 18, 1999

Unto the An Tir College of Heralds, greetings to all on this day from Rafaella Lion’s Blood.

Commentary on this Letter is due 16 January 2000.

Thanks to these swell commenters for the October meeting: our hostess Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, and in no particular order: DaimhÌn Û Ruaidh and Aurora Argentius, Fionghuala Friseil, Rosamund of the Misty Meadows and Dianna of the Silver Shore with Jason ye Seolfer-tunged and Fiacha MacNiel, David of Moffat, Teceangl Bach with Sebastian Sterne, Zenobia Naphtali, Aryanwhy merch Catmael, Moreach nic Mhaolain, Saeunn Hrafnsdottir, Frederic Badger. Also at the meeting were Drogo the Forgetful, Eric Ward of Winchester, Eglentyne Merryweather, Ruadhan ²Faol·in, Pariselle Chouet, and Kara the Heraldic Wonder Hound. My apologies to anyone I’ve forgotten to list.

Welcome to new Black Lion Staff members:

Upcoming Lion's Blood Meetings & Commentary Due Dates (Thank You!)

12 Dec 1999 -- Leith's, Blatha An Oir, Comments due 10 Dec

16 Jan 2000 -- Senhora Rafaella's, Dragon's Mist, Comments due 15 Jan

12 Feb 2000  --  Beatrice's,   Coeur du Val,    Comments due 11 Feb

19 Mar 2000  --  Dame Zenobia's, Dragon's Mist, Comments due 17 Mar

April 2000 --  TBA, perhaps at Heraldic Symposium

Eglentyne Merryweather, stel Herald,

stel is the deputy in charge of consulting and research assistance so please offer to
help carry boxes of books when you see her at events.

Frederic Badger, Black Stag Herald,

Black Stag is the deputy in charge of heraldic education and is busy right now
preparing for AnTir Heraldic Symposium 2000.

Finngall McKetterick, L–wenm”hne Herald,

L–wenm”hne is the voice deputy in charge of field activities.
Congrats also to Margaree nic Kenneth mac Kenneth who has re-upped as Vox Leonis Herald for another term.
Further contact info is at
or write me for a copy if you don’t have web access.

Welcome to new Summits Principality Herald, Seumas dubh as a Glinne Easgaiche,

Please take pity on Lions Blood who has allergies to some perfumes and other whiffy stuff. I mention this because I received a number of submissions this month with distinct fragrances. Not bad odors, mind you, but scented paper tends to permeate all the paper around it, and these files are going to be around for a looooong while. Thanks muchly (and here I thought I was getting love letters...)

The December Lion’s Blood meeting will be Sunday, 12 December 1999, 11:30am at the home of Leith an Amhrenai, 13125 162nd Ave SE, Renton, WA 98059. Phone: 425-235-4265.


From the North:

From I-5 South, take I-405 Southbound to exit 4, at the bottom of the ramp, turn left at the first light, proceed up the hill about 2 miles. Turn right onto 162nd Ave SE, Go three blocks to the end of the road. Our house is the last one on the right.

From the South:

From I-5 North, take I-405 Northbound to exit 4, Take the left fork of the exit and go around the curve. At the bottom of the ramp, merge into the right lane and turn right at the light. Turn right again at the next light, proceed up the hill about 2 miles. Turn right onto 162nd Ave SE, go three blocks to the end of the road, Our house is the last one on the right.

  Old Submissions

The following have been sent to Laurel:

Alanus of Bunghea, Device change

Per chevron azure and Or, in base a flame gules

His name was registered in 1997. His previous device, Per chevron azure and Or, two leatherworker's knives blades to center Or and a flame gules, is to be released should this device change be registered.

Andras Truemark, Name and Device Resubmission to Laurel

Or, a pall inverted sable between three pairs of an arrow inverted and a sword in saltire gules

Submitter will not accept major changes and wishes a masculine name. With the submitter's permission the name was changed from <Andras the Truemark> back to <Andras Truemark> in Kingdom. As the name itself, and less the meaning is important to the submitter, the College has found the following: <Andras> is found on p. 43 of Morgan and Morgan as a header spelling with "Andrew, Andro". <Truemark> is a constructed name based on the following elements: "True' is used as seen in "Trueman, Truman, Trewman" (p. 456 of Ekwall), and '-mark' refers to a boundary mark, see "Chilmark" also in Ekwall, p. 99. The intended meaning is therefore "one who lives near the real boundary edge of a place". This device bears no relation to his previous device submission.

Aonghas Cu, Device New

Or, on a pale azure a fir tree argent.

Submitter’s name was registered on the LoAR of June of 1996 via the East.

Hrollaugr Nj·lsson, Name New

Submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes to have a masculine name authentic for language and/or culture which he did not specify (but we assumed Norse). He is interested in retaining the sound of the name. <Hrollaugr> is cited from p. 11 of Geirr Bassi Haraldson's The Old Norse Name. <Njall> is from p. 13 of the same source and constructed into a patronym.

James the Obscure, Name Resubmission to Laurel

This name appeared on the January 1999 LoI and was returned in July for lack of forms. <James> can be found in Reaney and Wilson 3rd ed. as a header. For <the Obscure> the OED shows, under ‘obscure’, "Of persons, their station, descent, etc.: Not illustrious or noted; unknown to fame; humble, lowly, mean -- 1555 ‘It had byn better for hym to haue byn obscure & unknowen."

Maryn Grey, Badge New

(Fieldless) A pantheon rampant sable mullety argent

The name was registered in June 1996.

Perrin del Bosc, Name New

He is willing to accept unspecified changes, and is interested in authenticity for 12-13th century Tolosa. <Perrin> found on p. 476 of Dauzat, Dictionnaire des noms de famille et prenoms de France, as a nickname for Pierre. It is also found in Reaney & Wilson, 3rd ed. p. 347 (sub Perrin) in the form "Perrinus uadletus" dated 1207. Included is a copy of an email conversation in which Arval d’Espas Nord suggests the form <del bosc> as the appropriate ProvenÁal form of the locational surname ‘de Bosco’ or ‘du bois’.

Ramon de la Vega, Name and Device New

Per saltire vert and sable, four crescents conjoined in cross points inward argent

Submitter will not accept major changes and wants a masculine name appropriate for 16th c. Spain. Included are two letters from the Academy of Saint Gabriel regarding <Ramon>. The other Academy report states that <de la Vega> means "of the meadow" and citing many examples in that exact form dated 1477-1504, 1511, and 1535-1538.

Stiven le Brewere, Name New

Submitter will not accept major changes, and wishes a masculine name appropriate for the "12th-14th century" with no country/culture specified. He wishes to retain the sound of <Stiven> and the meaning of <le Brewere> for "the brewer" specifically of beer. <Stiven> is cited from Reaney & Wilson p. 426 (sub. Stephen, Stephens...) as "Alice Stiven 1279" and <le Brewere> from the same source on p. 63 (sub. Brewer) with "Henry le Brewere 1278".

Sunnifa ¡gmundsdÛttir, Name New

Submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a feminine name appropriate for language and/or culture (unspecified but presumably Norse). <Sunnifa> is found on p. 15 of Geirr Bassi’s The Old Norse Name. On p. 10 of Reaney & Wilson, the heading "Ammon, Ammonds" is said to derive from the Old Norse "Agmundr", therefore we are constructing <¡gmundsdÛttir> using the formation rules found on p. 17 of Geirr Bassi.

Sveinn rau•skegger Einarsson, Name New

Submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a masculine 10th century Swedish name. Documentation is from Geirr Bassi’s The Old Norse Name listing <Sveinn> on p. 15, <raud skegger> (meaning "redbeard") on p. 26, <Einarr> on p. 9, and <Einarsson> on p. 17.

Tanwen Glyn Helfarch, Name and Device New

Vert, a sagitarius and on a chief argent three arrows inverted bendwise sinister in fess sable.

She will accept unspecified changes and favors the sound of <Tanwen> and the meaning of ‘of Hunter’s Glen’ in Welsh. <Tangwen> was found in Gruffudd's Welsh Names for Children p. 87. <Tonwen> with the "o", is documented from A Welsh Miscellany by Heather Rose Jones (Complete Anachronist #66, p. 32). <Glyn> and <Helfarch> are shown from a Welsh language course found on line at ; meaning respectively, ‘glen’ and ‘hunter’.

Tanwen Glyn Helfarch, Badge New

Per fess purpure and vert, a chess pawn Or

Her name is submitted above.

Teresa la Roja, Name and Device New

Gules, a zebra rampant proper within a bordure rayonny Or.

Submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a feminine name appropriate for language and culture being 13th c. Flanders. <Teresa> is found in p. 276 of Withycombe and <la Roja> on p. 206 of Burt’s Spanish-English Dictionary.

Turpin Akraspillir, Name and Device New

Argent, a vanilla leaf inverted proper, a chief azure.

She accepts unspecified changes, and wishes to retain the sound of the name for 10th century Norse. The submitter is aware that <Turpin> is a male name and agrees to a masculine name construction. <Turpin> is found on p. 458 of Reaney & Wilson sub. Turpin. <Akraspillir> is from p. 19 of Geirr Bassi and means "destroyer of fields". The leaf is a vanilla leaf, indigenous to Vancouver Island, and especially significant to the submitter. The leaf caused much discussion in Kingdom and although it was probably not known to Europeans in period it is a basic broad leaf. Other New World flora and fauna have been previously registered and we hope this will be considered as a single weirdness and not a fatal flaw.

Vernacci Armellini de Alario, Name and Device New

Sable, a bar gemel, in base five roundels in cross, in chief three ermine spots Or.

The submitter will accept name changes and wishes to retain the meaning and be authentic for language/culture, which we assumed to be Italian. [LB: remember to fill in those boxes, please!]


The following have been Returned for Further Work:

Brennan LÚchrann, Name and Device New

Azure, two herons in their vigilance, addorsed, argent

The name was returned for lack of documentation and construction difficulties. We cannot forward a device to Laurel without a name to go with it.

David Visdelu le Wrothe, Device Resubmission to Kingdom

Argent, a wolf’s head cabossed sable issuant flames from the ears and mouth within an orle vert

Unfortunately returned as it was found to conflict with Katharine Wulfesege, 4/92, Argent, a wolf’s head cabossed sable within an orle of vines vert. There is only one clear difference between the devices with difference in type of orle. There is no difference given for the flames.

Hrollaug Nj·lson Device New

Argent scaly azure a serpent nowed gules

Returned for conflict with Aldonza Pandora, (Fieldless) A serpent nowed in a Stafford knot gules. There is only one clear difference (or CD) between devices with the addition of a field (Argent scaly azure vs. fieldless). Since August of 1993, the Laurel Queen of Arms has ruled there is no difference between serpents nowed in slightly different knots: "In the cases of charges nowed (e.g. serpents nowed, or lions with nowed tails), we've held that 'knots is knots' and granted no difference for the exact form of knotwork."

Isabeau du Lis Noir, Badge New

(Fieldless) Three fleur de lis sable conjoined at base.

Returned for a redraw. For a fieldless badge to consist of more than one charge on the non-existent field, the charges must be conjoined (actually touching), the fleur-de-lis were not touching each other in the emblazon.

Mevanuy verch Kenan, Name and Device New

Azure, fretty engrailed ermine

After discussion with Lions Blood, the submitter decided to do further name research rather than submit to Laurel at this time with our recommended spelling. The device was returnedfor a redraw as the consensus was the engrailing should be deepended in order to provide more room at the junctures for larger ermine spots (which has identifiability problems at a distance).

Perrin del Bosc, Device New

Argent, a fess bendy sinister gules and sable between three fir trees sable

The device was returned for insufficient contrast on the fess. According to the Rules for Submissions VIII.2.b.iv. "Elements evenly divided into multiple parts of two different tinctures must have good contrast between their parts. For example, checky argent and gules is acceptable, but checky azure and gules is not."

Ravensweir, Shire of, Branch Device New

Argent, above a base wavy azure and argent, a bridge embattled and masoned proper, in chief a raven’s head erased sable within a laurel wreath

The proposed device was returned for insufficient documentation. By Laurel policy, all Branch Names and Arms submissions must be accompanied by a petition of support. We included a number of redraw suggestions since we had to return the device for administrative purposes.

Stephan Schwarzpferd, for House Darkwolf, Name and Badge

The Household Name was returned for the following: In period, "Dark" is found by itself as a byname, not in conjunction with an animal. Color+animal constructions are common found, so a more period formation would be "Black" or the more period spelling "Blak" being found, for "Blackwolf" or "Blakwolf". The Badge was returned for conflict with Wolfram Faust 5/96, (Fieldless) A wolf's head erased sable attired of ram's horns Or and with Leidhr™n LeidÛlfsdÛttir 9/92, Per fess paly azure and argent, and argent, in base a wolf’s head couped sable. There is no difference given for placement on the field vs. fieldless, or for couped vs. erased.

Sveinn rau•skegger Einarsson, Device New

Azure chief or a jelling beast nowed to sinister in chief an chain sable

Returned as Jelling beasts are not an allowable charge. See the Laurel ruling of May 1998: "Finally, after the October 1998 Laurel meeting we will no longer register zoomorphic beasts of any kind."

Sveinn rau•skegger Einarsson, Badge New

Azure a jelling beast nowed to sinister Or

Badge returned for same reason as device, see above.

Tanis McFloggen, Name New

We were unable to find anything closely approaching either of the name elements in a culture in Western Europe where a patronymic might easily be found (i.e. England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Old Norse). The name of an ancient city in Egypt does not constitute documentation for use of a name by a real person in period. The closest period equivalents found for the given name were the Irish "Tana" (O Corrain & Maguire, p. 170 (sub Tanaide), and the Norse "Tanni" and "Tannr" (Geirr Bassi, p. 15). No documentation could be found for either Floggen or McFloggen.

Tanis McFloggen, for Rogues of Avalon, Household Name and Badge New

Perbend vert and sable, a bendlet argent, a sword inverted Or

We could find no period examples of a formation like this to justify a household name, and by the submitter’s own documentation "Avalon" is a mythical place (and household groups cannot be from a mythical place). According to the Rules for Submissions 2.b.iv. "Household names must follow the patterns of period names of organized groups of people. Possible models include Scottish clans (Clan Stewart), ruling dynasties (House of Anjou), professional guilds (Baker's Guild of Augsburg, Worshipful Company of Coopers), military units (The White Company), and inns (House of the White Hart)."

Tuirrean ni Chaoilte, Name and Device New

The College was unable to document <Tuirrean> as anything other than a mythological female name except for one instance where it is used a man’s name. <Caoilte> is correctly lenited as <Chaoilte> but if you prefer an earlier construction we also found <ingen Chailte>. As we cannot forward a device to Laurel without a name to go with it, the device submission was also returned.

New Submissions:

1. Angus MacDougall    (Cragmere)

Name and Device, New

Argent, on a chevron throughout gules, two rapiers hilts to base proper, and in base an anchor sable.

Submitter will accept minor changes and wishes a masculine name retaining the sound and appropriate for 16th century Scotland. He cites Withycombe p. 25 for <Angus> and Black’s The Surnames of Scotland p. 217 under the header "Dougall" for the byname.

2. C”sarea von Zwickau    (Ramsgaard)

Name and Device, New

Gules, above an issuant from chief chevron inverted, and below a Tau cross argent, three drops two and one argent.

She will accept unspecified changes and wants a feminine name (presumably German). Included are copies from Talan Gwynek’s article "Medieval German Names from Silesia" found on the web at which shows <C”sarea> dated to 1405. For the locative she includes a photocopy from Collier’s Encyclopedia under the header <Zwickau> which has the text dating the city from at least 1471.

3. Cecilia Wildsmith    (Madrone)

Name, New

Submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a feminine English name which retains the sound. Documentation is from Reaney & Wilson citing p. 411 sub. "Sisley, Sicely" for <Cecilia> and p. 492 for <Wildsmith> under that spelling.

 4. Demetrios Misthophoros   (Henry Marks, Adiantum)

Name, Resubmission to Kingdom

Submitter will accept minor changes and wishes a 15th century Byzantine masculine name meaning "Demetrios the mercenary". He includes copies from The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium listing <Demetrios> as "personal name... a priest Demetrios was active in Carthage ca. 393 ... St. Demetrios the savior of Thessalonike in the 7th c.", and from The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Greek under the definition for "mercenary" a word in Greek alphabet which transliterates to "misthophoros".

5. Dun na Laoich an Oir, Stronghold of   (Dun na Laoich an Oir)

Name, Resubmission to Kingdom and Device, New

Per pale vert and azure, a laurel wreath argent, a chief embattled Or, in base two daffodils in saltire Or.

The name <Na Laoich an Oir> was previously returned for administrative purposes. They will accept unspecified changes and wish a name meaning "the fortress of the golden warriors" in Gaelic and include an excerpt from The School Gaelic Dictionary by Malcolm MacFarlane found on the Web at listing the meanings of the words used.

6. Frederick of Zwickau, for Haushalt von Zwickau (Ramsgaard)

Household Name and Household Badge, New

Quarterly, gules and Or, a tau cross argent.

His name was registered in July of 1986. He will accept minor changes to the household name and wishes it to be German meaning "Household of Zwickau". He lists "haushalt" as "German for Household", "von" for "German for of" and for the placename he includes a photocopy from Collier’s Encyclopedia under the header <Zwickau> dating the city from at least 1471.

7. Iason Vorax (Dragon’s Mist)

Badge, New

(Fieldless) A bulb of garlic sable.

His name was registered in November of 1994.

8. Kirstin Macbeath (Borealis)

Name and Device, Rebsubmission to Kingdom

Sable, a phoenix emergent from flames proper, on a chief triangular, argent, three compass stars gules.

Previous return of the name <Kirstin Macbeath> was for lack of documentation of the name <Kirstin> in period. At the time, submitter would accept no changes and so the name was returned. In this submission, the submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a feminine name retaining the sound. For documentation she includes the return letter sent by Maryn Lion’s Blood which states, "we have found <Kyrstyan> dated to 1450 as a Scandanavian name in a very reliable source (English Christian Names by Withycombe)." The surname was stated to be "just fine". The College had offered to try and submit "Kirstin" as a variant of "Kyrstyan" and that is what the submitter wishes to do as well as tThe Norse+Scottish contruction.

The previous device submission, Sable, a pile argent, a phoenix overall counterchanged emergent from flames proper and in chief three compass stars gules, was returned for counterchanging a complex charge over an ordinary which has been disallowed by Laurel precedent. The flames were fimbriated and placed beneath the point of a pile, which is again disallowed by Laurel precedent. This submission removes the pile entirely as well as having the flames properly proper, as tongues as alternating Or and gules. In the current emblazon the phoenix is argent.

9. Lucian MacCrimmon (Adiantum)

Name and Device, New

Per fess enarched gules and argent, two owls close respectant guardant argent and a monkey statant vert.

The submitter will not accept major changes and cares about the sound of the name. He wishes a masculine name of the 16th century. <Lucian> is cited from Withycombe, 3rd ed. sub. Lucian, p. 200. <MacCrimmon> is cited from Black’s Surnames of Scotland, 1st ed. sub. MacCrimmon, p. 480. The submitter includes emails from various heraldic discussion lists where his name was discussed; and he has switched from the French <Lucien> to the Latin <Lucian> and attaches a note saying that is his wish.

10. Rhiannon MacReadie(Wealdsmere)

Name, Resubmission to Kingdom, Device, New

Quarterly azure and vert, a heart Or.

The lady’s previous name submission of <Rhiannon Makreury> was returned on the Oct. 1998 LoAR for conflict with Rhiannon ny Rory: "The change in the format of the patronymic is not worth any difference." The submitter has changed her byname to <MacReadie> which is cited from Black’s Surnames of Scotland, 1st ed. sub. MacRiada, p. 561. Rhiannon was previously submitted as being SCA compatible, as per the June 1996 LoAR Cover Letter. She cares more about the sound of the name and will accept the spelling of <Macredie> if needed.

11. Sofia Augusta di Livorno (Aquaterra)

Name and Device, New

Or, on a pile inverted engrailed azure, a dragon rampant Or in chief two dolphins haurient embowed respectant azure.

The submitter will not accept major changes and wishes a female name for 14th-15th Italy. <Sofia> is found in Alfred J. Kolatch’s Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names, p. 423, sub. Sofia which says "An Italian form of Sophia." It is undated. <Augusta> is from the same source, p. 284 "from the Latin, meaning ‘revered, sacred.’ Copies from National Geographic Society’s Historical Italy showing a map of ‘The Plague 1347-48’ shows Livorno in 1348 (apparently that’s when the plague hit the town).

12. Stephen of Ropsley (Dennis Nichol)

Name and Device, New

Sable, a duck naiant argent.

The submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a masculine name for 12th century England. The name is documented from Edmund King’s Medieval England, 1066-1485. On p. 49 <Stephen> is documented from "The Conqueror’s daughter Adela had married Stephen count of Blois, whose flight from Antioch in 1098 earned him notoriety throughout the western world." <of Ropsley> is documented from p. 34 of the same text which has "Hugh of Ropsley in Lincolnshire was sent a writ of Henry’s..." and the general discussion on the page is for the years 1108-10.

13. Susannah of Craven (Dragon’s Mist)

Name, New

The submitter will accept unspecified changes and wishes a feminine name for 13th century Wales. <Susannah> is cited from Withycombe, 3rd ed. p. 273 as a header spelling, and says "found occasionally in the 13th c., became common in the 17th c.". <Craven> is found in Reaney & Wilson, rev. 3rd ed., sub. Craven, "Agnes Craven 1332 Srcu from the Distric of Craven."


In Service to Heraldry and An Tir,

Rafaella d’Allemtejo

An Tir College of Heralds - Internal Letter - November 1999

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