An Tir Internal Letter of Intent

Free to all persons willing to comment on a regular basis

Commentary due on this letter by August 1999

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Greetings unto the An Tir College of Heralds from Maryn Lion's Blood!

Well, darn it, I thought I'd be caught up from moving by now. However, my father inconsiderately chose a really busy time to have a nasty stroke down in Texas, so I was out of town for a while. Thanks for the kindnesses from those of you who knew. Many things in the news this month. Huge thanks to Roger Roger of Beldan Abbey and Francesca Testarossa for their contributions of a computer and monitor for the Lion's Blood office! Most of you probably know that An Tir has a new Black Lion Herald, the beautiful and talented Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol. And again, as many of you know by now, Lion's Blood has moved; the new address and phone are shown above.

And the big news (at least from my point of view), Lady Rafaella d'Allemtejo, my drop-dead deputy, has graciously consented to take over the Lion's Blood office. Due to mundane familial obligations I may have to move out of Kingdom soon, and even if I am spared having to move away, the pressures that might make that necessary are demanding so much time and energy that I am not handling the Lion's Blood office well. Lady Rafaella will be sending out her first Internal Letter of Intent in September; therefore, send all submissions after August the 1st to her at:

Lion's Blood Herald
Lady Rafaella d'Allemtejo
c/o F. Valentine 9975 SW Walnut St. #2
Tigard, OR 97223

There will be no July meeting, due to lack of a May Internal Letter; however, there will be a July Internal Letter, hopefully hard on the heels of this One.

The August Lion's Blood meeting will take place in Dragon's Mist on the first Sunday in August, 12:00 noon at Dame Zenobia's house; both Lady Rafaella and I will be there. Directions are:

Take Interstate five, north or south to exit 289 in Oregon (Tualatin/Sherwood.).
Go West at the end of the offramp (a left from the northbound 5, a right from the southbound 5.) This puts you on Nyberg Rd.
You will soon reach a "y" intersection. Stay right (on Nyberg.)
Make a left at the next light (Martinazzi.)
Go through a few lights, then make a right at the 2nd stop sign (Avery).
The house is 8675 SW Avery St., a bit more than a block up, on your right. Phone # (503) 692-0177

With apologies to my hard-working commenters, I am not going to list all of your names this time; I am running so late, and time is so short. But remember that we have no College of Heralds and no decent Letters of Intent without those heralds willing to take the time and put forth the effort to write commentary on the submissions. I thank you all.

Here are the results of the April and May Lion's Blood meetings; please note that in many cases there has been 'blazon fu' worked, even if not remarked:

Old Submissions

The following have been sent to Laurel:

1. •elfr• se hluda, from thelfrith Hluda. Name Change.

Sent up with the discussion from the Internal Letter.

2. Diana MacLachlan. New Device.

Per pale purpure semy de lys Or and Or semy de lys purpure on a pile counterchanged Or and purpure two ounces salient addorsed counterchanged sable and Or.

We believe that there are far too many fleurs de lys; however, they remained clearly recognizable from across the meeting room, so we think that they may be all right if accompanied by an instruction to draw fewer of them in future.

3. Elizabeth Braidwood. Device Change.

Vert semy of holly leaves a bend Or

Here's what we said: Her name was registered in December 1990. If this device is registered, she wishes to release her previous device. She includes a letter of permission to conflict from Pecourt, known in the SCA as Ermina de Falaise, who has submitted Vert a bend between six oak leaves Or; the permission is in correct and recommended form. She has also sent a letter of permission to conflict from herself to Ermina, also in correct and recommended form.

4. Enoch Sutherland. Device Resubmission to Laurel.

Argent, two bendlets azure between two martlets gules

His name was registered in December 1998. His previous device was returned from Laurel for cotising multiple ordinaries - the bendlets - leaving a Precedent from 1991 standing. This resubmission addresses that issue.

5. Federigo del Giglio Nero di Cadice. New Name and Device.

Azure, a bear sejant erect contourny maintaining a drinking horn between three bees Or

This name is meant to be 16th century Italian, and to mean Federigo of the Black Lily of Cadiz. He will permit unspecified changes, so we made some to make the name more registerable.

Submitted as "Federigo da Giglio Nero da Cadiz", we made some small changes at Kingdom to make it mean what he stated he thought it meant (he didn't say he wanted to BE the Black Lily..) and to keep it all in one language. <Federigo> is found on p. 166 of De Felice's Dizionario dei nomi italiani s.n. Federico, and is stated to have been found in Italy from the Middle Ages to the present. The byname is formed from elements in The Concise Cambridge Italian Dictionary.

6. Grim the Black, change from Rupert of Runnymede. Name Change and New Badge.

(Fieldless) A dragon's jambe inverted conjoined to a dragon's wing Or

Both <Grim> and <the Black> are referenced from Egil's Saga, the Glossary of Proper Names, on pages 243 and 244. He will accept unspecified changes to the name, which he would like to be authentic as 9th to 11th century Norse. Ordinarily, considering his checking off the boxes for "authentic 9th to 11th century Norse", I would call the submitter and see if he preferred the "same" name in Norse. However, time constraints forced me to choose between calling him to confer, and sending up his submission next month, or sending the name along as submitted. I have chosen to do the latter.

We reblazoned the badge in Kingdom from a 'dragon's foot' to a 'dragon's jambe'. The wing issues from the foot's attached lower leg. The point was brought up that the emblazon would be better if drawn in a more Period style, showing the wing attaching all along the back of the leg/ankle, like a bat's wing attaches to its body. However, we believe that the current drawing is 'legal' as a monstrous assembly. We have also added 'inverted' to the blazon, since per the PicDic a dragon's foot is claws to chief by default. We believe that his badge may be in conflict with the device of Inman MacMoore, Sable a winged eagle's claw maintaining to dexter a broadaxe palewise Or, which was registered in 1982. However, since some of us have seen that device, and remember the axe as being pretty large, we believe that if it were registered today the axe might be blazoned 'sustained' - which might constitute enough Difference. We ask Laurel to make visual comparison.

7. Larisa Andriushkina zhena Ivanova doch. New Name and Device.

Argent two annulets conjoined in fess within a bordure vert

This went up, pretty much as on the ILoI. We are advising the client to draw the annulets MUCH larger.

8. Magdalen de Feo. Device, Resubmission to Laurel.

Per bend embattled vert and sable, a sprig of four holly leaves bendwise sinister within a bordure argent

Her name was registered in January 1997. Her previous device was returned for conflict with Alice of Kent's Vert, a sprig of linden fructed bendwise sinister argent. Normally, linden and holly are very different, but Alice's leaves were apparently very toothy. The addition of a bordure addresses the conflict. Also, there was no mention of a problem with this charge overlying a complex line of division in the return; since it does not obscure the line of division, we believe that it is thereby 'okay'.

9. Mora of Lincolnshire. New Device.

Vert, a tyger rampant to sinister and on a chief argent three moons in their plenitude azure

Her name is currently before Laurel.

10. Rhiannon Annsachd. Device Change.

Gules, a saltire cotised Or

This name was registered in 1995. This submission came in under the name <Maris Shee> which is listed in the on-line search material as having been both registered and changed in April of 1995, so I am unsure as to whether or not it is still a registered name. However, the submitter doesn't mind if we deal with this device change under her primary registered name. She wishes to release her old device, Per bend sinister Or and azure, a sun in its glory counterchanged, should this one be registered.

11. Rhiannon of Pembroke Castle. New Name and Device.

Or, a tower gules between two cats sejant respectant reguardant sable

The name is meant to be 13th century Welsh; she will accept unspecified changes. <Rhiannon> is an SCA compatible name since the LoAR Cover Letter of 6/96, and documentation from Castles by Charles Oman discussing Pembroke Castle is included by the submitter. We believe this name to be registerable, if not 13th century Welsh. :)

We believe that the streams in the device of GrÌmr UÌthfari's Or atop a bridge of three arches throughout a tower the streams transfluent gules are probably a CD, and that plus the cats makes her clear. Laurel may need to make visual comparison, however.

We do feel that the kitties should be fed a little more often...

12. Robert William MacArthur. Name and Device, Resubmission to Laurel.

Per pale azure and gules, two dolphins haurient respectant, in chief three roundels argent

His name and device were returned from Laurel in January 1998 with the following comments: "This conflicts with the already registered Raibert MacArthur. The armory is being returned for not using correct heraldic tinctures. The gules used was not red, but pink."

This resubmission addresses those issues.

13. Seamus Ruadh. Device, Resubmission to Laurel.

Gules ermined Or, a label argent

His Highness of Avacal's name was registered on the October 1998 LoAR. His previous device submission, Gules ermined Or, was returned on the same letter because it was judged to be a plain tincture, and unregisterable. This submission adds a label.

14. Seamus Ruadh. New Badge.

Quarterly gules ermined Or and pean

His name was registered on the October 1998 LoAR.

15. Shadhra Aliya. New Device.

Per bend sinister Or and purpure two camels statant counterchanged

Her name was registered in February 1995. Her previous submission utilized two different types of camels, which has been remedied here. The colour submission forms for this device are quite, um, striking!

16. Sonnet Manon. New Device.

Argent, a dragonfly azure winged sable and on a chief engrailed azure three estoiles argent

Her name is presently before Laurel.

17. Teceangl Bach. New Name and Device.

Sable, seven mascles conjoined three, three and one, argent

Sent up with the documents that you have seen before. :)

18. Tegan ThorbergsdÛttir. New Device.

Argent, a horse rampant azure, on a chief invected gules two fleams argent

Her name is before Laurel. This was submitted with the beast described as a 'stallion'; we reblazoned it a 'horse' at Kingdom, since there was no evidence of the most distinguishing characteristic of a stallion.

19. Tir Bannog, Incipient Shire of. New Branch Name and Device.

Per fess indented argent and sable a bear statant and a laurel wreath counterchanged

We have sent it up with docs; a petition has been received and is being sent up to Laurel. We advise the group to use fewer "indents" in future.

20. Vladimir Andreivich Aleksandrov. New Badge.

(Fieldless) An orthodox cross per pale sable and argent

His name was registered on the July 1996 LoAR. We believe him to be clear of Thomas Langland's Per pale argent and sable a cross crosslet counterchanged, with one for the field and one for the change of type of primary (although not an X.2 difference). We do have a query regarding the form of this cross, however; although it is clearly taken from the PicDic, a member of the An Tir College of Heralds is familiar with the type of cross depicted. He maintains that the podesta should be bendwise, rather than bend sinisterwise, and considers that the cross should be blazoned a 'Russian orthodox cross'.

And the following:

1. thelfrith Hluda. New Badge

(Fieldless) Two ragged staves in saltire azure

His name was registered in September 1998; a name change is currently before Laurel.

2. Blatha an Oir, L'Ordre du Guant d'Or. New Order Name.

This name is for an existing baronial award, and the submission paperwork has been signed by the Baroness of Blatha an Oir. Submitted as 'L'Ordre du Gaunt d'Or', the word 'Gaunt' was changed in Kingdom. 'Guant' (glove) is found in Dauzat's Dictionnaire Etymologique et Historique du FranÁais, dated to the 11th century.

3. Blatha an Oir, L'Ordre du Lis Vert. New Order Name.

This name is also for an existing baronial award, and the submission paperwork has been signed by the Baroness of Blatha an Oir. The name is intended to mean 'The Order of the Green Lily'.

4. Clarice de Grisdale. New Name and Device.

Per saltire azure and sable, a domestic cat sejant contourny argent within a bordure ermine

<Clarice> can be found on page 384 of Reaney and Wilson's 3rd edition, sub 'Rout', as Clarice atte Rout 1296. It is also in Withycombe, sub 'Clarice', dated to 1279. <de Grisdale> can be found, also in R & W 3rd, page 207, sub 'Grisdale', as Simon de Grisdale 1332. She is willing to accept unspecified changes, and is interested in having her name be authentic for 14th century England. We believe the device to be clear of that of Patri du Chat Gris' Sable, a domestic cat sejant to sinister within a bordure argent, with one CD for the field and one CD for the change of tincture of the bordure. We are advising the client to draw her bordure narrower in future.

5. Effric Campbell. New Badge.

(FÔeldless) A butterfly sable winged per fess wavy Or and vert

Her name was registered in January 1997. We consider her clear of Gunnar Mulcha of Odin's Seat's Counter-ermine, a butterfly Or, and Aryana Silknfyre's Gules chapÈ ployÈ argent a butterfly Or, with one CD for the field vs. fieldlessness, and one CD for the sable body and vert half-wings, making up at least half the tincture of the charge.

6. Ekaterina Filippiia. New Name.

<Ekaterina> is found in Wickenden, Version 1.3, page 58; <Filippiia>, "lover of horses", can be found in the same source, page 63. Regarding the construction, the client offers, from the same source, page 5: "Russian names started only as given name adding patronymic around the 10th century. Surnames were not used widely until the 18th century. Nicknames complimented Baptismal names so that a person might have two given names. It was therefore not necessary for Russian names to follow modern given name- patronymic-surname construction. Many other constructions were possible." Her primary concern is to retain the meaning, 'lover of horses'.

7. Šogan MacMuirinn. New Name.

<Šogan> can be found in O'Corrain and Maguire, on page 87, and in Woulfe's Irish Names and Surnames on page 183. The surname was chosen to honor his mother, whose name, Muirinn nic She·in, was registered in May 1998. We are aware that matronymic bynames were vanishingly rare in medieval Ireland, but are unsure as to whether or not they may be registered in the SCA. We ask for a 'Laurel call' on this one.

8. Ian MacEanruig. New Name.

<Ian> can be found in Withycombe, page 179, third edition. <MacEanruig>, is found in Black's The Surnames of Scotland, p. 509, s.n. MacHendrie. The name was submitted as 'Mac Enuig', but no documentation was furnished other than 'Black's Book of Scottish Surnames' written on the name form. We have changed it in Kingdom to the nearest form that we could document (thanks to Dame Zenobia's steering us to the right place to look!). The combination appears to be legitimate, especially in light of the recent Precedent.

9. Natasha Orionova Zateeva. New Badge.

Azure, an amphora Or

Her name was registered in 1995. We consider her submission to be most likely clear of the West, Kingdom of (for the College of Scribes), Sable, an ink flask Or. As ordinarily drawn, an ink flask is a bottle, wide at the bottom, without handles, unlike an amphora, narrow at the base and equipped with handles. A visual comparison may be warranted. Also, visual comparison may be needed against Nabila bint Najm's (Fieldless) A lidded ewer Or. We consider that the outline may be very different between an amphora and a lidded ewer; it seems that it would depend somewhat on how the spout and lid are depicted. If the lid is drawn as some lidded cups from period are drawn, that would, coupled with the added difference of the spout instead of a handle, make a very different outline indeed. I consider it probable enough that these differences in shape will warrant a CD to put the question before Laurel and the College.

10. Richard de Grisdale. New Name and Device.

Quarterly vert and purpure, a natural tiger passant Or marked sable, a bordure erminois

He is interested in the name being accurate for 14th century England. From A Dictionary of English Surnames, sub 'Gubb', is found Richard Gubbe, which dates the name <Richard> for 1296. The same source offers <de Grisdale>, sub 'Grisdale', as Simon de Grisdale 1332.

11. Sciath ingen Chaennaig. New Name.

The lady accepts no changes, and is interested in authenticity of 12-13th century Scotland. Her documentation was sent up as presented in Kingdom.

12. Silviana de Zara. New Name.

She wishes the name to be Italian. <Silviana> can be found on page 333 of de Felice's Dizionano de Nomi Italiani and <de Zara> comes from page 270 of de Felice's Dizionano de Cognomi Italiani.

13. Sterling de Seincler. New Badge.

(Fieldless) A panther courant facing dexter argent

Her name was registered in October 1998. We have blazoned the head position, as the English panther is guardant by default.

14. Sveinn Harœfari. New Name and Badge.

(Fieldless) A python erect gules sustaining with its tail a sword bendwise sinister proper

<Sveinn> is found in Geirr Bassi, page 15; < Harœfari> is found on page 22 of the same source. He is most concerned with the sound and the language/culture.

The following were withdrawn and resubmitted


•elfri• se hluda, from thelfrith Hluda Badge Resub/Kingdom

(Fieldless) Two sticks in saltire argent (Three Mountains, m. Matthew Hewitt)

His name was registered in September 1998. This was resubmitted and sent to Laurel as (FÔeldless) Two ragged staves in saltire azure in May.

Blatha an Oir, La Gaunt d'Ory and La Lis Vert Order Names, New

These also were resubmitted and sent up in May, see above. (Blatha an Oir, by Ruadhan O Faolain)

The following have been returned for further work:


Aethelred of Andredesleage Device Resub/Kingdom after lapse

Vert in pale Or a fess wreathed three stags attire Or (Madrone)

His name was registered in 1991. Reblazoned as "Vert, a fess wreathed between three pairs of stags' attires conjoined Or." Unhappily, this nice design had some fatal errors. First, a wreathed ordinary must, by the Rules for Submission and the LoAR of 2/85, be composed of two tinctures which have good contrast. This one is not. Secondly, a fess wreathed is a version of a fess invected, so may have only five to seven "bumps". This one has approximately 26... I'm afraid that we need a redraw.

Denis de Loyer Badge New

Sable, four ermine tails in a cross Or (Madrone)

His name was registered in June 1994 in the West Kingdom. This is another nice design that had to be returned, this one for conflict with Ivan Geronivich's (Fieldless) A cross of four ermine spots conjoined Or, with only one CD for the field.

Grim the Black, change from Rupert of Runnymede Device New

Per pale purpure and sable, a dragon displayed Or, langued and armed gules (False Isle)

The very fine dragon had to be returned for conflict with Dragon's Laire, Per pale gules and sable, a two-headed dragon displayed Or, grasping in dexter forepaw a laurel wreath vert and in sinister forepaw a moneybag gules, with one CD for the change of the field, but nothing for the change in the number of heads or the maintained wreath and moneybag.


Ekaterina Filippiia Name and Device New

(Dragon's Mist)

Per bend sinister azure and argent a monster with the forequarters of a Pegasus and hindquarters of a dragon sejant countercharged

This had to be returned for conflict with Sabine Berard's Per bend sinister azure and argent a dragon segreant counterchanged maintaining in its sinister claw a bezant, with only one CD for change of type of primary beast. This is not an X2 difference (a lion does not conflict with a roundel) since Ekaterina's beast is half dragon. Blazon fu: counterchanged is the word we would choose over countercharged.

Gareth of Eastbrook Device New

(Blatha an Oir)

Azure, on a chevron Or three trefoils vert, in chief two harps Or, in base a sword argent hilted and pommeled Or

Returned for conflict with Hieronyma Holvoet van Dadizele's - Azure on a chevron Or three crosses couped vert. There is one CD for adding the secondary charge group around the chevron. There is, however, no difference for changing the type only of the group of charges on charges. There can only be a CD given for this when the armory is simple (rule X.4.j.ii.) This does not count as simple under this rule because the group of charges around the primary charge is not identical in type, but of two types (harp and sword). Therefore, two changes are required.

Lorn Stark Badge New

(FÔeldless) A wolf courant contourny argent (Glymm Mere)

Unfortunately, this conflicts with Runolfr Audsson's Per chevron sable and gules papelonne argent in chief a wolf courant to sinister argent. There is one CD for the field. Papellony is a field treatment, and not a charge or semy, so no difference there. Change of position on the field is not good for a CD on a fieldless badge.

Sciath ingen Chaennaig Device New

Purpure fretty engrailed on a pile Or a thistle proper (CrÌckstow-on-Sea)

This was returned for a redraw, as there are so many little 'engrails' on the fretty that I considered return at Laurel level very possible. The thistle, by the way, is gules, not proper; heraldically, a thistle proper would need to be purpure.

Sveinn Harœfari Name and Device New

Argent, a mouthless demon's head affronty gules, orbs and coronet Or (Veraquilon)

In SCA heraldry, you only get to use a coronet in your arms in any way or position if your rank entitles you to one; the submitter enclosed no evidence of his entitlement to the use of a coronet.

And here are the new submissions from April and May:

New Submissions:

1. thelstan of Carlisle Name and Device New

Per pale gules and sable, a winged stag rampant Or (Borealis)

He is willing to accept unspecified changes. He is interested in both the meaning (Glorious Stone of Carlisle) and the language/ culture of the name; he favors correctness for 9th-10th century Saxon naming practices. He includes documentation from An Anthology of Old English Poetry translated by Charles W. Kennedy, p.159, The Battle of Brunanburh, which begins "thelstan..." He also includes pages from Carlisle, the Border City, a Pitkin Guide, which dates Carlisle to before the 7th century. He has very correctly included both cover pages and publication data pages.

2. Ada Cormack Name and Device New

Vert, in saltire a sewing needle and a rapier, on a chief argent three trees proper (Lion's March)

Well, someone was messing about with the forms here. No proposed blazon and no miniature. Bah.

She will accept unspecified changes and cares most about the sound of the name. <Ada> is said to be found at , Talan showing it documented c. 1200 in Renigod, page 688 and c. 1250 in Rosyth page 701. She also cites Black's Surnames of Scotland. The submitter shows <Cormac> as found at, and anglicized by the submitter to fit with her desired persona of a mid 16th century Scottish townswoman.

3. Alasdair MÛr MacLeod Name and Device New

(Dragon's Mist)

Sable a bear's head couped close contourny and on a chief argent three crosses of Calatrava vert

The submitter will not accept major changes to the name submitted; he will accept minor changes. The documentation submitted is as follows: <Alasdair> is in Withycombe as a Gaelic variant of 'Alexander', with 'Alexander' dated from 1189. <MacLeod> is a header spelling in Black. It is also the submitter's mundane last name. Perhaps 'modern' last name would be a more appropriate designation. :) The name is submitted in block capitals, so if <MÛr> is meant to be in lower case, I apologize.

4. Alisaundre nÌ Feidhlimidh Badge New

(Fieldless) A triquetra within and conjoined to a mascle argent (Wyewood)

The submitter lists her name as 'already registered'. She conscientiously included the 'colour' copies.

5. Arianwen verch Kynwcaidd ap Aeddan Badge New

Vert bendwise a garden hoe inverted Or (Wastekeep)

Her name was registered in March 1994.

6. Arnulf of Cilli Name and Device New

Per bend Or and vert, in base a garb Or, in chief a scythe [sable] (False Isle)

The submitter includes a polite letter indicating that he favors the sound of the name. He would appreciate assistance in making the name correct for Germany/Austria in the 1300's, but leaving the sound the same if possible. Included are pages from what appears to be an encyclopedia, citing 'Arnulf of Carinthia' as the last of the Carolingian emperors, who received Carinthia from his father, the king of Bavaria, in the 9th century. Also cited is 'Cilli, Ulrich, Count of' from the 15th century.

7. Borealis, Barony of Order Names and Badges New

Azure, a wolf couchant with two heads addorsed argent

This badge is to be associated with the Barony as a whole. Borealis is a venerable group, whose name was registered in 1981. The Barony of Borealis has submitted quite a few Order Names and Badges; properly, they should all be listed separately. However, I am going to cheat a little on this letter and list all of the Order Names together, 'though I will be listing the armories separately in the following entries. None of the Order Names submissions include documentation, so if it can be supplied and/or demonstrated by commenters, that would be a Good Thing™. They are as follows:

Silverwolf. No changes of any sort are permitted.
Decorated Letter. No changes of any sort are permitted.
Wolf's Paw. No changes of any sort are permitted.
Golden Spoon. No changes of any sort are permitted.
Cup of Borealis. No changes of any sort are permitted.
Brewmeister of Borealis. Unspecified changes are permitted; the meaning 'Brewmaster of Borealis' is the most important aspect of the
name for the group.
Baron & Baroness' Favor. Unspecified changes are permitted; the sound is the most important to the group.

8. Borealis, Barony of, for Silverwolf (Lights) Order Badge New

Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck argent, in base two arrows crossed Or

9. Borealis, Barony of, for Silverwolf (Rapier) Order Badge New

Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck argent, in base two crossed rapiers Or

10. Borealis, Barony of, for Silverwolf (Arts and Sciences) Order Badge New

Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined al the neck argent, in base two calipers crossed Or

11. Borealis, Barony of, for Silverwolf (Heavy) Order Badge New

Azure, two wolf's heads erased addorsed and conjoined at the neck argent, in base two swords crossed Or

12. Caressa de Marchena, from Caressa the Chased Name Change, Badge New

Sable, on a fess Or, a wolf ambulant gules

Her name was registered in 1979. The lady declines to accept major changes to her name. She would prefer <de la Marchena>, but all of her documentation supports <de Marchena>. I must query the College as to whether or not we may even send up her paperwork as submitted, since she submits "Caressa de la Marchena (or 2nd choice: Caressa de Marchena)", and then declines major changes. It is my inclination to accept the submission as <Caressa de Marchena> even though we do NOT accept alternates, since it is the name that all of her documentation supports - but if it will not be acceptable to send the paperwork in this form to Laurel, it would be best to know that before we do so (assuming we can). Her documentation includes: "..Fray Antonio de Marchena.." from page 230 and "..1450 a converso youth name Diego de Marchena..." from page 187 of Isabella of Castile by Nancy Rubin, "..met Fray Antonio de Marchena.." from page 78 of Ferdinand and Isabella by Melveena McKendrick, plus several further references to Marchena as an island, extant and so named, in the time of Columbus.

13. Fingall McKetterick Badge New

Or a triskelion of armored human legs vert (Adiantum)

His name was registered in 1996. As a note to artist, he suggests that for the time period of his persona, chain mail might be more appropriate (13th c).

14. James the Obscure Badge Resub/Kingdom

(Druim Doineann)

(FÔeldless)Atop and conjoined to an open scroll fesswise a badger statant contourny argent

His name was just returned from Laurel for lack of proper paperwork, but will be going back up in August (accompanied by the proper forms). His original submission was withdrawn/returned for forms issues, as the submitter wished to replace an already submitted device with a fieldless badge, and the forms needed to be filled out correctly.

15. John Dougal MacAndrew Name and Device New

Azure a raguly cross argent, on a chief Or three annulets gules (Lion's Gate)

He declines to accept major changes to the name, and favors the language/culture of 16th century Scotland. <MacAndrew> is a header spelling in Black's The Surnames of Scotland; both <John> and <Dougal> are header spellings in Withycombe.

16. Salah al Hassan Name and Device New

(Dragon's Mist)

Per bend sinister embowed counterembowed azure and argent, in pale a natural salamander counterembowed Or conjoined to another inverted and embowed gules

The submitter will accept unspecified changes, and favors the sound of the name. <Salah> is referenced from The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades, Riley-Smith, Oxford Univ. Press, as "Saladin or Salah al Din" on page 231. "Salah al Din Yusuf bin Ayub 1138-1193" is referenced by the submitter as being from the same source, but its page copy is not included. Also listed on the form as a reference for <al Hassan> is:

"Futuwwah or The Book of Sufi Chivalry, Muhamed ibn al-Husayn al Sulami, trans. Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi al-Halveti, pub. Inner Traditions International Inc., NY 1983

Also,: This was published in the Herald's Proceedings of the Caidan Heraldic Symposium (SCA Inc., 1989), under the title Arabic Personal Names from the Futuwwah."

17. Sean de la Mare Name and Device New

Or a horse's head contourny issuant from fess Sable, a Heart voided abased Sable (Lion's Gate)

The submitter declines to accept major changes to the name. <Sean> is cited from Hanks and Hodges, from Coghlan and from Withycombe, who states that the name is "Irish for John (q.v.) through Norman-French Jean". <de la Mare> is supported by the Harvard Law School Deeds Project - Oxfordshire, found at, showing "William de la Mare" as a witness in 1236. Also from, is "William de la Mare, O.F.M. Paris 1274-5" who became Master Regent in Paris. Further, at, in the Descendants of Maenarch we find "Geoffrey de la Mare" and "William de la Mare" as a man and his great-grandson in the 15th century. Further citations are included, but are not for the exact form desired, so I have not included them here. He states that he wishes to retain the spelling 'Sean' and 'Mare', but leaves unchecked the Name processing criteria selection that allows minor changes.

18. Sebastian Sterne Name and Device New

Azure a bend sinister and in dexter chief a compass star argent pierced azure (Dragon's Mist)

He accepts unspecified changes, and would like to retain the meaning "star" for his surname. <Sebastian> is cited from page 467 of Bahlow's Deutchesnamenlexikon; <Sterne> is cited from page 490 of the same source, sub 'Stern'.

19. Veraquilon, Canton of Branch Name and Device New

Azure, two boreas heads blowing erased and addorsed and conjoined al the neck argent, in base a laurel wreath Or

A substantial petition is enclosed, for both name and device; each person has designated her/himself as citizen or officer. Included are the Minister of Arts and Sciences, the Herald, the Seneschale, the Herald of Avacal, the Baronial Scribe, the Constable (pending), the Exchequer, a Peer, the Chronicler, another Peer, a Scribe-to-be, the Deputy Minister of A&S, the past Baronial Chatelaine Extrordinaire, a Sgt., a Dance Troop Veteran, and several Citizens. The name <Veraquilon> is compiled from the Latin-English Dictionary, to mean 'Aquilon' - North Wind, 'Ver' - true, for "True North Wind". They will accept unspecified changes, and favor the meaning.

An Tir College of Heralds - Internal Letter - June 1999

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