An Tir Internal Letter of Intent

Free to all persons willing to comment on a regular basis

Commentary due on this letter by June 1st 2000

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April 2, 2000


Unto the An Tir College of Heralds, greetings from Zenobia Couronne Rouge.

Commentary on this Letter is due 1 June 2000

News: The Lions Blood office is trying a workload reallocation experiment, so I'm going to be assembling the IL for a while…

You Still Send EVERYTHING To Lions Blood. Forms, Comments, Everything.

Lions Blood's address is, as always, at the top of this letter. I'll be summarizing the new submissions, and including any information that Lions Blood sends me about previous month's meeting results and other information.

As for the contents of the new submissions, I can do no better than to quote Lions Blood from last month: "Documentation as listed on the Internal Letter is taken directly from information provided by submitters and the heralds that help them." This means that if you feel the blazon should be improved, or that you have some documentation that would help the submission at Laurel, please send that information to Lions Blood in your comments. If you think there was a mistake in the IL, please inform both me and Lions Blood immediately.

The May Lion's Blood meeting will be Sunday, 14 May 2000, 11:30 a.m., at the home of Senhora Rafaella d'Allemtejo, 9975 SW Walnut St. #2, Tigard, OR 97223. Phone # (503) 431-2316. Please bring a chair!

Upcoming Lion's Blood Meetings & Commentary Due Dates
9 Apr 2000 --
Heraldic Symposium,
St. Giles/Seagirt
comments due 4 Apr
14 May 2000 –
Senhora Rafaella’s,
Dragon’s Mist
comments due 11 May
4 June 2000 --
the lady Francesca’s, Dragon’s Mist
9 July 2000 –
Thank You!


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MARCH MEETING RESULTS from Lions Blood Herald

I'd like to thank the following individuals for contributing commentary at the March meeting: Frederic Badger,
Elisabeth de Rossignol, Moreach Nicmhaolain, Daimhi'n O'Ruaidh, Teceangl Bach with Sebastian (Sterne)
of Dragon's Mist, Francesca Testarossa de Martini, David of Moffat with Kathryn of Falconskeep and
Natasha Orionova Zateeva, Fionn Bˇn MacAoidh, Aethelfrith se hluda with Teresa, Ciaran Cluana Ferta,
Eric Ward of Winchester, Beatrice Domenici della Campana, and our gracious hostess Zenobia Naphtali.


Old Submissions

The following have been sent to Laurel:

Avacal, Principality of, for the Order of the Gilded Griffin Badge, Appeal to Laurel
(Fieldless) A griffin segreant Or.
The College did not support the appeal.

Elisabeth de BesanÁon Name and Device, New
Per fess wavy azure goutty d'eau and Or, in base an annulet vert.

Morgaine of Glastonbury Name, New

Salih al Hasan ibn Da'ud al Hashimi Name and Device, New
Per bend sinister embowed counterembowed azure and argent, in pale a natural salamander counterembowed Or conjoined to another inverted and embowed gules.

Werburg of Wenlock Device, New
Argent, five pavilions within a bordure embattled sable.
Her name is currently at Laurel.

The following items were returned for futher work at the March Lions Blood Meeting:

Avacal, Principality of, for the Order of the Griffin's Flame
Badge, New
Quarterly argent and Or, an eagle's claw fesswise couped cupping a flame gules.
The name was registered in Sept. 1993. Unfortunately this submission must be returned for two reasons:
1) The eagle's claw was deemed unidentifiable from a reasonable distance. It tended to look like an oddly drawn part of the flame.

2) The College could not find evidence of a sideways-and-cupping hand or claw position in period style. Please note the return of a similar design, a dexter hand fesswise reversed, palm to chief, maintaining a flame, from the Laurel Sovereign of Arms Letter of Acceptances and Returns dated 3/93, p.23. The device was returned for multiple reasons, one of which was the inability to identify the hand position.

Perrin del Bosc Device, Resub/Kingdom
Argent, a fess gules between three fir trees couped sable.
His name is currently at Laurel. Returned for conflict with the arms of Belarus, Argent, a fess gules. There is only one CD between them with the addition of a secondary charge group, the trees, upon the field.

Vingaard, Canton of [Incipient] Name and Device, New
Quarterly sable and gules, a goblet argent within a laurel wreath Or.
"Vingaard" is the name of a town, mountain, and river in the Dragonlance series of books. Per the Administrative Handbook frequent usage of a name in a series of well known fantasy novels prevents it from being registered to a group, III.a.6: "Names of Significant Geographical Locations from Literary Sources - Locations in period or modern literary works of all genres may be considered major if they play a significant role in the action of the work in which they appear or are peculiarly associated with a major character in that work. Locations that appear in more than one part of a series may be considered significant even if they do not play a critical role in any single volume or episode." We cannot forward a device to Laurel without a name to go with it so we must also returned the device.

New Submissions:

1. An Tir, Kingdom of, for Order of the White Scarf of An Tir

Order Name and Badge, New

Sable, a maunch argent, within a bordure counter compony or and argent.

The Kingdom's name was registered in December 1981. The submitters will not accept any changes. Both the name and badge forms have been signed by Her Majesty Signy. According to Black Lion, one Royal signature is sufficient for a Kingdom submission of this sort.

There is a question as to whether this submission conflicts with the registered Order of the White Scarf of Ansteorra (and … Caid, …Outlands and …Trimaris), and (if so) whether Laurel will require an explicit letter of permission to conflict from each of these existing White Scarf Kingdoms in order to register this name.

The primary submitter has been informed of these issues so that he may address them. He has also been advised of pertinent precedents, and what the format and signatories for a letter of permission to conflict would be.

In response to our email, he has provided email giving a web site for the White Scarf treaty of the Kingdom of Caid, and the text found on that page. This treaty wording has implications of permission to conflict, but does not contain explicit permission to conflict. His letter, with the treaty exerpt, is quoted below.
White Scarf Treaty of the Kingdom of Caid

We, the Crowns of the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, the Outlands, Trimaris, Atenveldt, An Tir, Atlantia, and Caid, do by these letters publish and proclaim our intent to create an order in our kingdoms to be known as the Order of the White Scarf. Further, we do mutually recognize that this order shall be chartered in our own kingdoms as custom allows. We pledge to honor the styles and precendence as shall be established by charter and to allow and encourage those of our royal cousins who may wish to establish this order in their own kingdoms.

By this document we command our heralds to present the title and badges of this order to the College of Arms that it may be registered to the titularies of our kingdoms. Done by our hands this 2nd day of November, anno societatis 31, being 1996 in the common era, at our Fall Coronation in the Barony of Lyondemere of Caid.

Edric Aaron Hartwood and Albra Katerine Marie Isabelle Bautiste
(Rex Caidus, Regina Caidus)

Solomon Spite and Alianore de Medici d'Astralis
(King and Queen of Trimaris)

Eric Stroud and Nichelle of Whitewolf
(Rex Atenveldt, Regina Atenveldt)

Mikael and Mikaela of Monmouthshire
(Rex Ansteorra, Regina Ansteorra)

Irel Krist of Star Inn and Ileana (Volgysegi Ilona)
(Righ Outlands, Ban Righ Outlands)

Skepti Ravensfuri and Onore Darkwulf
(Rex An Tir, Regina An Tir)

Logan Blackwoulfe and Arielle the Golden
(Rex Atlantia, Regina Atlantia)

2. Anne Lovelace (Stromgard) Name, New

She will allow changes (or more accurately, the form does not indicate that she will NOT allow changes.) She wants the language and/or culture to be English. Anne is stated to be in Withycombe 3rd ed. sub. Ann, which is said to reference Anne of Bohemia, the queen of Richard II. Lovelace is stated to be in Reaney and Wilson's DES (the usual abbreviation for Dictionary of English Surnames) revised 3rd edition, sub. Lovelace, dated to 1344.

3. Arontius of Bygelswade, for Monestery de Moneye (Dragon's Laire)

Household Name, New

His personal name was registered in November 1998. He does not desire changes for compatibility with any particular time period or culture. He will not accept major changes to the name. All documentation is taken from the Compact Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, 1991.

Under "monastery" there are the following similar dated forms: 15th c. "monastery", 16th c. "monnestarie", 15th c. "monestre", all under the meaning of "A place of residence of a community of persons living secluded from the world under religious vows."

Under "de" there is the definition "A Latin preposition, meaning 'down from, from, off, concerning' occurring in some Latin phrases more or less used in English." (Other meanings of 'de' are given but seem much less appropriate to the formation here, having to do with forming other words such as "defend", "deprecate" etc.) The examples given are Latin phrases that have made it into common or technical speech, such as "de facto".

Under "money" there is a dated spelling "moneye" from the 13th-16th c. Period meanings are given which mean about what one would think: coinage or, sometimes by extension, any objects or material serving the same purpose as coin.

4. GrĖmr inn svarti (False Isle) Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Sable, a dragon displayed Or langed & armed gules surmounted by a mullet of 5 azure.

His name was registered in September 1999. His previous submission, Per pale purpure and sable, a dragon displayed Or, langued and armed gules was returned in April 1999 for conflict with the Barony of Dragon's Laire: Per pale gules and sable, a two-headed dragon displayed Or, grasping in dexter forepaw a laurel wreath vert and in sinister forepaw a moneybag gules.  There was "one CD for the change of the field, but nothing for the change in the number of heads or the maintained wreath or moneybag."

5. Helevisa de Horsmonden (Three Mountains) Device, New

Per bend gules and azure, 3 hearts in bend bendwise Or.

Her name is pending on the An Tir Internal LoI of 3/00.

6. LĖ Ban ingen Eachthiarna (Geal Mathuin) Name and Device, New

Argent, three horses passant in annulo sable.

She will accept unspecified changes (or more accurately, will not reject changes). She is interested in having her name be authentic for 7th c. Ireland's time period and culture.

LĖ Ban is stated to be from p.122 of O Corrain and Maguire's Irish Names. Eachthiarna is cited stated to be in pps. 83-84 of that source. It is also cited from p.78 of Clans and Families of Ireland: The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families John Greenham, Gill and MacMillan Ltd., Goldenbridge, Dublin, 1993. This last source shows the family Aherne as being an angliciaztion of ˛ hEachthianna, from Eachthiarna, "a relatively common personal name in Gaelic society, borne by, for instance, a brother of Brian Boru."

7. Luciana Fleuriet (Wyewood) Name and Device, New

Per chevron inverted Gules and Or a sea lion Argent and two roses

She will not accept major changes to the name. If the name must be changed, she would like the language/culture to be French. Luciana is stated to be in The Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names, E.G. Withycombe, pps 199-200. It is said to be a derivative of Lucia, after St. Lucia, Curia Regis Rolls, 1201. Fleuriet is stated to be in Dictionnaire de noms de Famille et PrČnoms de France, by Albert Dauzat.

In the device, the roses have red petals, yellow seeds in the middle, and green sepals between the petals.

8. Michael the Big (Stromgard) Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Argent, a squirrel contourney within a bordure gules.

His name was registered in January 1991. This is a complete redesign from his previous device, which was returned in Kingdom in September 1990. In this device, the squirrel is blue, the bordure is red, the field is white.

9. Mikill ˛lˇfr Bjarnarson (Aquaterra) Device, Resubmission to Kingdom

Per fess azure and vert within an orle or a polar bear sejant erect maintaining in its dexter forepaw by the point a dagger proper.

His name was registered in December 1997. His previous device lacked the orle and was returned by Kingdom in August 1997 for conflict with Lachlan Bradoc: Per pale gules and vert, a bear rampant guardant argent. "One CD can be given for the field, but nothing for change of position and nothing for the small maintained charge, the dagger." The polar bear in both that and this submission is white.

10. Rycharde de Northewode (Three Mountains) Name and Device, New

Per pale sable and or, a fir tree counterchanged.

His name is male, and he would like it to be authentic for 14th-15th century England. He will not accept major changes to the name.

The documentation states that "'Rycharde' is found dated 1440 in this spelling in Withycombe, 3rd edition under the header 'Richard.' 'de' is a locative designator appropriate for a 14th-15th century byname, as found in the introduction to Reaney & Wilson, Rev. 3rd ed. 'Northewode' is found dated 1330 in this spelling (listed as Bynorthewode) in Reaney & Wilson, Rev. 3rd Ed., under the header 'Northwood.'"

11. Solveig Tryggvasdottir (Wastekeep) Badge, Resubmission to Kingdom

Per pale, Sable and Or, four ravens addorsed, conjoined at the beak, counterchanged.

Her name is pending Laurel's decision on the An Tir LoI of 12/99. This is a mjaor redesign from her previous badge, which was returned in December 1999 in Kingdom for multiple conflicts.

12. Tir Bannog, Shire of (Smithers BC) Device, Resubmission to Laurel

Per fess indented argent and sable, a bear statant and a laurel wreath counterchanged.

The previous submission was returned by Laurel in the September 1999 LoAR, because the Shire's petition did not include either a verbal description of, or picture of, the device on the petition.

Remember, a list of signatures is not a petition of support! It's only a petition of support if the proposal being supported is listed on the same page as the signatures. Quoting from Branch Requirements for Heraldic Submissions on the An Tir web page

Petitions: By Laurel policy, all Branch Names and Arms submissions must be accompanied by a petition of support. Other submissions (badges, household names, etc.) do not require such a petition. Each petition should clearly state its intent. The exact spelling of the branch name should be on the name petition and the submission form, and a picture of the arms as well as the blazon should be on the arms petition. The petitions should indicate the signatories' S.C.A. name, legal name, and any office they hold with the branch. The reason offices are requested is that, by Laurel policy, support may be shown by the signature of the seneschal and either by a majority of the of the active members of the branch, or by at least three-quarters of the other local officers. If the Branch Name or Arms submission is from a branch with Ruling Nobles, the support of all Ruling Nobles of that branch is required.

Principalities and Kingdoms have special requirements for their Branch Name and Arms. They must show support via the results of a poll conducted in the official newsletter and certified by the Branch Seneschal. This requirement applies to the Consort's arms as well as the Sovereign's Arms by a Laurel ruling.

This petition bears the name of the shire, a picture of the arms, a blazon of the arms, and signatures of 10 persons, including among them the Chronicler, Exchequer, Seneschal, Herald, Deputy Chronicler, Chatelaine and Constable.

13. Tadc ˛hAolˇin (Gael Mathuin) Name and Device, New

Vert a roundel between two wolves salient combattant tails nowed, in chief a stag courant argent.

He accepts unspecified changes to the name (or more accurately, does not reject changes). He is interested in the name being authentic for 7th c. Ireland's time period and culture. Tadc is stated to be from O Corrain and Maguire's Irish Names p.168. ˛hAolˇin is cited from Patrick Woulfe's Irish Names and Surnames p.104. It's a Gaelic header spelling with Englished forms "Heelan, Helen, Hillane, Hillan, Holian, Heyland, Hiland, Hylan, Hyland, Holland, Whelan, etc."

14. Tangwystyl verch Rhiwallon Ogwr (Dragons Mist) Badge, New

[Fieldless] a double rose per pale azure & or.

Her name was registered in October 1999.

In Service to Heraldry and AnTir,

Zenobia Naphtali

An Tir College of Heralds - Internal Letter - April 2000

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