An Tir Internal Letter of Intent

Free to all persons willing to comment on a regular basis

Commentary due on this letter May 8th for the May 1998 decision meeting

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13 March AS XXXII (1998 CE)

Greetings unto Black Lion, the College of Heralds and all to whom these words come, from Ciaran Cluana Ferta sometime Lion's Blood Herald. on the occasion of my final Internal Letter. I have enjoyed doing this job, but the time has come to leave it and I welcome the opportunity. I have discovered that I really dislike paperwork, and this position has more than enough of it for two people.

My successor, Maryn, will need your assistance as much as I did. PLEASE continue your comments, as this is the only way the system can continue to train book heralds as it has been doing these past several years. Remember, commentary need not be back-breaking, a little research yields great results. Even if you only comment on style (as opposed to rules-based arguments), you advance your skills and will get feedback in the Internal Letter. If you have questions, ask. We have nothing to lose by asking, and answers to gain.

Comments on this letter are due no later than Friday 8 May, so they may be included in the decisions made at the home of former Black Lion, Wilhelm von Messer (William Safford), 5220 66th Av. NW, Olympia, WA 98502. Directions: From I-5 take exit 105 (Hwy 101). then take the Shelton exit onto Hwy 101. then take the 1st exit onto Steamboat Island Rd.. and go three miles to 06th Av. turn left and then into the first driveway on the right.

Commentary on this letter is due no later than Friday April 3rd for inclusion in the decisions made at the Kingdom Heraldic Symposium to be held in Wilsonville, Oregon the weekend of April 4-5. The Lion's Blood meeting will be held on Sunday at the same site as the Symposium.

Old Submissions

The following have been sent to Laurel:

Eve de Lacy (Name only) (see returns for device)

Grecia Percival (Name only)

Jevan Garre (Name only)

Since both of these names are found in English we need not worry about the problems encountered with mixtures of Gaelic and English.

Landric of Ravensworth (Name only)

Margerie nic Kenneth mac Kenneth (Name only) (see returns for device)

Seth Foxley (Device only)

Azure, a fox salient argent and on a chief embattled Or a sword azure.

Tegan Conwy (Name & Device)

Per pale gules and azure, a horse passant to sinister in chief three horseshoes inverted argent.

Tegan Conwy (Badge only)

(Fieldless) A horse's head contourny conjoined within a horseshoe inverted argent

The following have been returned for further work:

Eve de Lacy (Device only)

Sable, on a lozenge Or a pomegranate gules slipped and leaved proper.

This conflicts with Konrad von Drachenruh (Sable, on a lozenge Or a dragon couchant sable). There is one CD for the changes to the tertiary, but nothing else.

Margerie nic Kenneth mac Kenneth (Device only)

Gules, on a pile inverted between two Celtic harps Or a phoenix gules.

This conflicts with Eirikr Sighurdharson (Per chevron gules and Or, three phoenixes counterchanged. There is a CD for changing the type of half of the primary charge group (phoenixes to harps), but no CD is allowed for the difference between the pile inverted and per chevron.)

New Submissions:

1) Avacal, Principality of (for the Order of the Gilded Griffin) new/name & badge

(Fieldless) A griffin segreant Or.

2) Coeur du Val, Shire of (Rivers Region) change/Device

Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert and a chief wavy azure goutty d'Eau.

The Shire's name was registered in November 1988 or earlier. Their current device (Or, a heart gules within a laurel wreath vert on a chief wavy azure a cloud distilling three gouttes argent) was registered in June 1982. They wish to retain the old device as a badge. A petition signed by 16 people (seven officers among them) is included.

3) Thomas Bowyer of Whiteparish (Couer du Val) new/Name & Device

Or, a bull passant sable on a chief gules an arrow Or.

Thomas is cited from Withycombe (sub Thomas). Bowyer is shown from Reaney's Dictionary of British Surnames (sub Bowyer). Ekwall's Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names (4th ed.) shows a Whiteparish in Wiltshire dated to 1319 in the spelling Wyteparosche, and in 1412 spelled La Whiteparisshe. Well, a short month, I guess. That's all for this time. Thanks, again for all your help. Ciaran

An Tir College of Heralds - Internal Letter - March 1998

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